Always Been Yours Chapter 933

Walter saw this and began to introduce his own product on the side.

“Although it is still a half-finished product, it possesses effects that are not currently available on the market, and it can be developed twice and upgraded continuously at a later stage, so its growth value is very great.”

Feng Shenye listened without making any comments.

Although Walter wanted to make this cooperation happen, he knew that he could not eat tofu in a hurry, and he did not want to arouse Feng Shenye’s disgust.

So he sat quietly on the sofa after introducing the functions and values of the product.

When Feng Shenye saw that he had such good eyes, he was more than satisfied.

After a few moments, he closed the project and said in a cool voice, “I’ll leave this information behind, and when I return, I’ll have a professional team evaluate it.

“Okay, then I’ll wait for news from Mr Feng.”

Walter was overjoyed and nodded his head repeatedly.

If he was willing to a*sess it, then there was a chance.

And he was confident that his product would definitely pa*s Feng’s a*sessment in the end.

Leaving the conference room, Addison was also congratulating Walter.

“As long as you pa*s the evaluation, with the Feng Group’s investment, when the product is put into the market, in the second half of the year, your value will probably rise by several hundred million dollars, don’t forget to give us old friends a mouthful of soup when the time comes.”

“As long as the project goes well, I won’t forget about you.”

Walter responded with a smile, and his mood was evidently good.

The two men spoke a few more words before parting ways.

Back at his home office, the smile on Walter’s face didn’t dissipate.

Taking the direct lift, he went straight back to his office.

To his surprise, he found his daughter there just as he entered.

He was surprised, “What are you doing here, haven’t you been to the orchestra?”

“I’ve been there, and I came after giving the people below me an explanation of their tasks.”

Eunice lazily sat back on the sofa, but soon she spotted something wrong in her own father.

“Daddy, where did you just go?”

As she spoke, she had sat upright from the couch, her original lazy air all but collected and serious.

It was really because the smile on her father’s face was so swanky that she couldn’t help but think the wrong way, “Although Mummy is not at home this time, I’m still here, so don’t do anything wrong to my Mummy.”

Hearing this, Walter burst out laughing and scolding, “What nonsense are you talking about, think your daddy I am the same as those men you are looking for?”

“If you’re not looking for a woman, then what did you do?”

Eunice pressed again.

Walter didn’t hide anything and said, “I just went to the Feng Group with your Uncle Addison to seek cooperation.

Eunice was a bit surprised, she didn’t expect her father to decide to cooperate with Feng Shenye on that project.

She was aware of that project, and if it was done well, she heard that the return profit was very large, and it was also long-term.

It was only that she had not been able to find a suitable partner last year, which had delayed the project until now.

While she was happy for her father, her heart immediately rose.

Although she had suffered defeat at Feng Shenye’s hands several times in a row, the desire to conquer in her heart was only greater.

She had to take this man, and when the time came, Wen Shiyu’s face would definitely be wonderful.

Thinking of this, she smiled delicately and said, “Daddy, if the cooperation goes well, let me deliver all your documents with Feng’s group in the future.”

Hearing his daughter’s words, the smile on Walter’s face tightened for a moment, “You don’t know those things, what kind of documents are you going to deliver.”

Obviously, he did not want to agree.

After all, he still knew clearly in his heart what his daughter had in mind.

Obviously this was a case of not giving up on Feng Shenye yet.

Eunice didn’t think so and said with a smile, “Anyway, I haven’t performed recently, I’ll come to the company to help you run your errands, isn’t that good?”

“No!” Walter refused without thinking, saying unhappily, “Don’t think I don’t know what you’re up to, I told you to stay away from married men, especially this Feng Shenye, he’s not something you can mess with.”

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