Always Been Yours Chapter 940

I just don’t know if it was because she had particularly high demands and expectations for this tune, but Wen Shiyu had pondered over it for two days and still hadn’t decided how to compose it.

This evening, Simon came over to care about the progress of her new tune.

Wen Shiyu scratched her head in some shame, “I haven’t made it yet.”

“It’s not done?”

Simon was a little surprised.

After all, according to Wen Shiyu’s current ability, it was not difficult to make a rough piano score, the difficulty was only the refinement part.

He frowned and asked, “Did you encounter any problems?”

Wen Shiyu didn’t hide anything and told him the problem she had been struggling with for the past two days.

After Simon listened, he knew that this girl had reached a bottleneck and nudged her, “Think about this piece, what is the overall mood you want to express.”

Feng Shenye’s birthday was no small matter, after all, he was the one in charge of the Feng family.

In previous years, when they were in the country, the Feng family would hold a grand banquet.

It was just that this year Feng Shenye had been staying abroad, which left the Feng family elders unsure of what to arrange.

On this day, Feng Shen Zhen was forced by his parents to call his brother.

“Brother, mum and dad asked me to ask you when you’re coming back, and it’s your birthday soon, what are you planning to arrange?”

“I’m not going back for now, as for my birthday, I’ll just spend it with your sister-in-law and Bao’er abroad this year.”

“I understand, then I’ll tell mum and dad that you’re not coming back.”

Feng Shenye gave a hint.

The two brothers then chatted some more about company matters before hanging up the phone.

That evening, when Feng Shen Jin went back to the old mansion for dinner, he told them about the phone call during the day.

“My brother said that he wouldn’t be coming back for the birth this year, and that he would be spending time with his sister-in-law and Bao’er over there.”

Hearing this, Feng Tianyi did not feel much.

However, Pei Xin Yi was disappointed and frowned unhappily, “He didn’t come back for New Year’s Eve, and he won’t come back for his birthday either, is he planning to stay over there for a long time and not care about the company?”

“It’s not as serious as you say, my brother just wants to spend more time with his sister-in-law, after all, my brother and sister-in-law are still newlyweds.”

When Feng Shenjin saw that the situation was not right, he quickly smiled and said something nice for his brother, “Even though my brother is in Vienna, the company’s business has not been left behind, recently our branch in Vienna, the revenue is growing day by day, that is all because of my brother.”

Pei Xin Yi didn’t know what he was thinking, so she glared at him, “You’re only helping your brother!”

Feng Shenjin rubbed the tip of his nose sarcastically.

He thought to himself, “If you don’t help his brother, you’ll be the one unlucky in the end.

At this time, the old man also coldly snorted in dissatisfaction, “I think he has his own little family now, where he still takes the elders of the family seriously!”

Looking at the obviously angry old man, Feng Shenjin was a head full of two big heads.

“Grandpa, how come you still can’t get over it?”

He spat out, while not forgetting to say something nice for his brother, “My brother is definitely not such a person as you say, he has always thought of you in his heart, and a few days ago he even told me to keep an eye out for the latest spring tea from Jade Tea House, and asked me to send it over to you at the first opportunity.”

When these words came out, the old man’s face eased up.

“It’s a good thing this kid has some eyesight.”

He hummed lightly, but there was a faint smile at the corner of his mouth.

Feng Shenjin looked at his squirming grandfather and lost his smile a little, but it was quickly curbed by him.

After all, if his grandfather knew he was laughing at him, he would die a horrible death.

At that moment he changed the subject and inquired, “Since my brother isn’t coming back, should we go over for my brother’s birthday this year, or not?”

“Go over for what, didn’t you just say that your brother only wanted to spend his birthday with your sister-in-law?”

The old man disliked Feng Shenjin’s words.

Feng Shenjin was instantly choked.

When the old man saw that he had nothing to say, he suddenly looked him up and down as if he had thought of something, “Speaking of which, you’re not even a few years younger than your brother, and your brother has almost two children, isn’t it time for you to get married?”

Faced with this sudden urge to get married, Feng Shenjin was a bit confused.


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