Always Been Yours Chapter 945

Because he had to go to the orchestra, Wen Shiyu got up early.

The three members of the family sat down to a cosy meal in the dining room.

During the meal, Wen Shiyu and Feng Shenye reconfirmed the guest list.

“I’ve invited Mona on my side, as well as a few teachers and three senior brothers and sisters.”

It wasn’t that Wen Shiyu didn’t want to call the other brothers and sisters, but the others all had performances and were no longer in Vienna.

Feng Shenye nodded his head and said in a warm voice, “I’ll come back with a few friends I can talk to on my side then.”

After the words, he seemed to think of something and asked, “You didn’t invite your second senior sister, did you?”

Wen Shiyu naturally understood Feng Shenye’s meaning and could not help but sigh.

“I didn’t want to invite her, but I didn’t expect this person to be so shameless.”

“What’s going on?”

Feng Shenye wrinkled his brows and looked at Wen Shiyu.

Wen Shiyu’s thoughts went back to two days ago and explained, “At that time, when I was inviting my teacher, I happened to be bumped into by her, originally I didn’t want to pay attention to her, but as a result, this person heard that it was for your birthday party and took the initiative to bring it up, because my teacher was also there, I couldn’t refuse.”

After hearing this, Feng Shenye was very disgusted, “This woman is really a shady woman.”

“It can’t be helped, we’ll just stay away from her a bit tomorrow night.”

Wen Shiyu could only persuade.

Although Feng Shenye was diabolical in his heart, he still nodded his head.

After all, his own wife had already promised.

At this time, little Bao’er patted his chest and promised, “Don’t worry, mommy, tomorrow night Bao’er will protect daddy and won’t let that bad aunt pester daddy.”

Originally the little one did not know about this, but as Eunice had pestered Feng Shenye a few times, there were some whispers in the orchestra, and naturally the little one had heard about it.

Wen Shiyu looked at his serious little face and was immediately amused, “Then you must protect your daddy well tomorrow night.”

“I will definitely protect daddy from bad women.”

Little Bao’er nodded her head vigorously.

Feng Shenye also curled his lips into a light smile.

The picture of the family talking and laughing was very warm.

After dinner later in the evening, Wen Shiyu took Little Treasure to the branch office.

Unexpectedly, not long after she tried to enter the practice room, Sofia walked over with a serious expression.

“Grandma Master.”

Little Bao’er greeted enthusiastically.

Wen Shiyu also called out in a good manner.

But Sofia had something on her mind, and after nodding her head to Xiao Bao’er, she sent the person off to practice her violin.

Wen Shiyu could see the problem and took the initiative to ask, “Teacher, is something wrong?”

Sofia gave Wen Shiyu a look and said in a deep voice, “You come with me.”

After saying that, she turned around and left the practice room.

Wen Shiyu followed behind her, feeling a little uneasy in her heart.

She had never seen her teacher look so serious before.

Did it have something to do with her?

She couldn’t help thinking about it.

The two of them then went into the office.

Wen Shiyu couldn’t help but ask, “Teacher, what’s going on?”

“Come listen to this this song, if I remember correctly, this should be the one you composed.”

As she spoke, Sofia manipulated the computer and a familiar melody rang out in the office.

Listening to the whole tune, Wen Shiyu was shocked and her whole body froze in place.

Because this tune, and the original she was working on in her hand had many melodies that matched exactly and repeated.

“How can this be?!”

She looked to Sofia in disbelief.

Sofia said in a deep voice, “This is the latest new tune released by musician Vincent this morning.”

“Impossible, this tune is my own original, every single note in it, I worked hard to come up with it myself!”

Wen Shiyu’s face turned ugly for a moment, “Teacher, it’s this Vincent who stole my score! I want to call the police!”

As she spoke, she had already taken out her mobile phone, intending to call the police.

But it was stopped by Sofia.

“It’s useless for you to call the police now, you have no evidence to prove that he stole your work.”


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