Always Been Yours Chapter 952

As she finished her sentence, she shot a dark look at Eunice, a warning in her eyes.

Eunice clenched her fists, but in the end she didn’t dare to make any more rash moves.

Wen Shiyu pretended not to hear the targeting in their words.

Because she didn’t want to help Yunis out.

It was Feng Shenye who spoke up at this time, “Two lovers are compatible, it’s not about background and family, and ……”

He paused and his cold voice took on a bit more tenderness than just now, “In the past, Shiyu was a dusty pearl, but now, she has gradually shone brightly, and in the future, she will shine brightly, even surpa*sing me, and by then, I think someone will say that I am not good enough for her.”

When these words came out, Wen Shiyu froze.

She didn’t expect Feng Shenye to say such words, and was inwardly moved.

The two of them gazed at each other with deep affection, and even though they didn’t say anything, the genuine affection that radiated from them was very enviable.

All those present, except Eunice, genuinely wished them well.

And with those words just now, it could be said that Feng Shenye had held Wen Shiyu very high.

Xu Yan even looked at his own president with a shocked expression.

He had never known that his CEO had such thoughts.

The others, on the contrary, felt that Feng Shenye was very good.

After all, Feng Shenye’s status, which they all knew, was incomparably noble, while Wen Shiyu’s family background was indeed inferior.

But this man was not dumbfounded by the world’s eyes.

For a while, everyone was praising Feng Shenye.

“The fact that you can think so transparently is proof enough of your heart, be well with Shiyu.”

This was what Sofia said.

Feng Shenye nodded his head.

At this time, several other older musicians also praised.

Louis was even more pleased with Feng Shenye and laughed teasingly, “You, boy, are good at pleasing people, no wonder Shiyu is always thinking of you and talking to me about you.”

“Teacher Louis!”

Wen Shiyu blushed a little at the teasing.

Seeing this, Feng Shenye’s heart was soft and he couldn’t help but hold Wen Shiyu’s hand that was under the table.

When the others saw this, especially a few of the senior brothers, they were naughty and coaxed.

Although Wen Shiyu was shy, she did not break Feng Shenye’s hand.

Louis looked at the two of them and was very pleased, half-smiling and smiling, “Mr Feng, tonight is a rare opportunity, we must have a few good drinks later.”

“That’s natural.”

Feng Shenye did not push back, and then chatted with the other seniors again.

And Mo Na looked at Wen Shiyu who had a sweet smile on her face and teased, “I don’t think I’m here for dinner today, I’m here for dog food, you’re practically forcing me to die as a single dog.”


Wen Shiyu raised her eyebrows, her almond eyes glittering with laughter.

Mo Na didn’t deny it and nodded, “I’m jealous.”

“Then hurry up and find a date.”

“Then you have to have someone to choose from, and having seen such an outstanding person like Mr Feng, I think I have high vision, Shiyu, you have to be responsible, I’ll leave my lifelong happiness in your hands from now on.”

“OK, I have quite a few good single men on my side, I’ll introduce you later.”

Wen Shiyu also knew that Mona was joking, and nodded her head without caring.

At this time, Xu Yan, who was sitting next to her, also heard some of it and hurriedly self-promoted, “Young lady, I want to fall in love sweetly too.”

In the middle of the conversation and laughter, the dinner party had officially started.

Many of the dishes tonight were specialties of this side of Vienna, but some of them were also Chinese food cooked by Wen Shiyu herself.

Xu Yan had been lucky enough to have eaten Wen Shiyu’s cooking before, so he tasted it right away, “Young Madam, these Chinese dishes are your cooking, right?”

“You tasted it?”

Wen Shiyu was a little surprised.

Xu Yan nodded, “Young Madam’s cooking tastes different from others, it tastes very good anyway.”

“That’s right, my mummy’s cooking, it’s the best.”

Little Bao’er tilted her little head proudly and ate with her mouth full of oil.

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