Always Been Yours Chapter 955

Because she noticed that this woman was looking at Feng Shenye a little differently.

Thinking about it, her eyes rolled and an idea rose in her heart.

“Is Miss Mu from X country?”

She took the initiative to speak to Mu Wanxian.

Although Mu Wanxian was a little surprised, she nevertheless nodded with a light smile, “Yes, I came here today.”

Eunice blinked and continued, “It seems that you and Mr Feng are very familiar with each other, are you family friends?”

At those words, Mu Wanxian half-smiled at the curious woman across the table, a dark light flashed under her eyes, but her face remained harmless.

“More or less, my grandfather and grandfather Feng have been friends for many years, and I used to play in the Feng family when I was young, and I was also a cla*smate with Shenye.”

She deliberately made her relationship with Feng Shenye sound closer.

Of course Eunice heard it.

Sure enough, this woman also had a different heart for Feng Shenye.

Thinking about it, she couldn’t help but curl her lips, suddenly finding it interesting.

“So it’s a childhood friend.”

She deliberately teased Mu Wanxian.

Mu Wanxian feigned a blush, “Not really, when I was in high school, I left the country and only recently returned to develop.”

“Then what does Miss Mu do now?”

“Thanks to Shen Ye’s help, I have started a company in China.”

Mu Wanxian was saying three words about Feng Shenye.

She was also a smart person, and she could see through what Eunice was thinking almost at a glance.

Truthfully, if it weren’t for the fact that the enemy of her enemy was her friend, she wouldn’t have wanted to pay any attention to this old woman.

In this way, the two chatted together with their own thoughts.

Before long, they stood up arm in arm as if they were good sisters.

“Junior sister, Miss Mu and I will go for a walk in the garden and come back later.”

The two greeted Wen Shiyu and walked towards the garden.

Since Wen Shiyu hadn’t paid attention to these two before, she froze at this moment when she saw how familiar they were.

After she reacted, she frowned slightly and was puzzled in her heart.

Why were they chatting together?

Mo Na also looked at the two’s backs, then came over to Wen Shiyu and asked, “What’s going on with that Miss Mu? I vaguely heard some of the conversation between the two just now, that woman really doesn’t leave your family’s General Manager Feng in three sentences.”

“No matter, she’s just a family friend of the Feng family.”

Wen Shiyu didn’t take it to heart.

Mo Na saw how she didn’t worry at all and was really anxious for her.

“Don’t worry, nothing good will come out of those two together.”

“Don’t worry, I know what’s going on in my heart, and I also trust Shen Ye.”

Wen Shiyu lost her smile, but she knew that her friend was concerned about her.

She then changed the subject and asked about her friend’s practice in Hathaway’s orchestra, “Although I’m not in Hathaway’s orchestra now, but you can come to me if you have any problems in the future, and if I don’t know how to do it, I’ll help you ask my teacher.”

“Shiyu, you’re simply wonderful.”

Mona hugged Wen Shiyu happily, “If you were a guy, I’d chase you even if I was upside down.”

This happened to be overheard by little Bao’er, who immediately became anxious.

“Mona godmother, mommy is a woman, you can’t chase mommy, and mommy is daddy’s, you can’t steal it from my daddy, otherwise Bao’er won’t like you.”

At these words, both Wen Shiyu and Mona were amused by him.

Later in the evening, the feast was almost finished.

Sofia turned her head to look at Wen Shiyu and smiled, “Don’t you have a gift for Mr. Feng?”

When the others heard this, they looked at Wen Shiyu with curiosity.

“Junior sister, what kind of gift have you prepared?”

Wen Shiyu stood up with a smile, “I composed a song, I’m going to present it.”

After saying that, she walked to the middle of the dining room.

The butler who was waiting next to her handed over the violin with great tact.

In a short while, the restaurant was filled with the lingering and loving sound of the violin.

Everyone was captivated by the richness of the melody and was delighted by it.

At the end of the song, there was thunderous applause and everyone was complimenting.

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