Always Been Yours Chapter 958

Hearing this sudden voice, Wen Shiyu looked over in confusion, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I’m just happy to receive an extra gift.”

Feng Shenye did not intend to tell the truth, he was worried that his little wife would be anxious with him if he said that.

Wen Shiyu also didn’t think Feng Shenye would fool himself and said with a smile, “Originally, I didn’t want to prepare other gifts, but after that song was stolen, although you didn’t care, I did, and I felt that there were still flaws in that song, so I bought this as an extra.”

After listening to Wen Shiyu’s explanation, Feng Shenye moved to embrace the person in his arms, “Thank you, I like it a lot.”

“It’s good that you like it.”

Wen Shiyu hugged Feng Shenye back and rubbed her cheek against the man’s chest.

The atmosphere was just right when Little Treasure’s startled voice came through the doorway.

“Oops, it’s going to grow a needle’s eye, daddy and mommy are bad, they don’t even close the door for kisses.”

Even though he said that, he didn’t look the least bit shy, and even looked straight at Wen Shiyu and the others with big black and white eyes, with a strange glow under his eyes.

It was Wen Shiyu and Feng Shenye who were startled by the sudden appearance of his voice.

After seeing that it was the little one, Wen Shiyu was crying and laughing.

Feng Shenye, on the other hand, was a little dark-faced and a little helpless.

This kid was really good at picking the right time to come.

“Aren’t you sleeping? Why are you running over here?”

As he spoke, he stopped his little wife who was about to go over.

Now he just wanted to get rid of this brat early so that he could continue the world of the two of them just now.

Little Bao’er didn’t hear the dislike in Daddy’s tone at all, and remembered the main reason he had come over, and put an innocent smile on his face.

“Bao’er was sleeping, but halfway through his sleep, he remembered that Bao’er hadn’t given daddy his present yet, and then he woke up.”

With that, he trotted to Feng Shenye with his carefully prepared gift in his arms, “Daddy, this is one of Bao’er’s favourite and favorite robots, now it’s for you, wishing daddy a happy birthday.”

When he heard these words, and then looked at the little one’s adoring eyes, Feng Shenye’s original disgusted eyes immediately ceased to exist, and his heart was soft.

“Thank you, daddy likes it a lot.”

He reached out to take the little robot and rubbed the little one’s soft black hair again.

Sensing daddy’s delighted mood, little Bao’er also smiled happily, “I knew daddy would like it.”

Wen Shiyu’s heart was melting as she watched the father and son interact.

On the other hand, Xu Yan settled Mu Wanxian at the hotel and left straight away.

It was not known whether it was because he had closed the door too loudly or what, Mu Wanxian, who had originally been knocked unconscious, woke up.

She rubbed her sore neck and sat up from the bed, then looked around at the decoration of the hotel room, how could she not know what was going on?

It was outrageous that she had been knocked unconscious and left at the hotel.

Although she was angry with Feng Shenye for not caring about herself, she put the blame on Wen Shiyu.

Because she felt that it must be because of this woman that Shen Ye had left her alone.

Otherwise, with their friendship, it would have been normal for them to stay overnight.

As for her being knocked unconscious by Feng Shenye, it was obvious that she had automatically ignored it.

“Wen Shiyu, one day sooner or later, I will make you disappear from Shenye’s side!”

She cursed through clenched teeth.

It was also at this time that a knock suddenly sounded outside the door.

Mu Wanxian suppressed her anger and went to open the door, but froze when she saw the person who came.

Outside the door, Eunice looked Mu Wanxian up and down, hooked her lips and smiled delicately, “You are really pretending to be drunk.”

Mu Wanxian met the woman’s sly gaze and her eyes flickered slightly.

Pretending not to hear what she had just said, she inquired, “Why is Miss Eunice coming over, is there something wrong?”

“Won’t you invite me in for a seat? I thought we could talk.”

Eunice didn’t care about her playing dumb, ruffling her hair in style and gesturing towards the room inside.

Mu Wanxian frowned slightly, but sidled away and let the man into the room.

After taking her seat, Eunice looked around and laughed lightly, “I thought that based on Miss Mu’s friendship with Mr. Feng as a childhood friend, she should be able to stay tonight, but I didn’t expect that, tsk.”

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