Always Been Yours Chapter 967

The text was immediately seen by the internet.

Most were in disbelief and others asked Vincent to name who had sent him the tune.

Seeing that the momentum was almost built, Vincent posted again.

“The person who sent me the tune was no other than someone from within the band Sophia.”

At these words, the internet once again erupted.

“What the hell, one of Sofia Orchestra’s own stealing one of their own tunes?”

“No way, this must be a Vincent smear, if the Sofia Orchestra was stealing from their own people, there’s no way they would have made such a big deal out of it.”

“There’s a point upstairs, and then there’s another discredited person saying something that has no credibility at all.”

Watching the netizens not believe him, Vincent was prepared for this.

He posted the video of his meeting with Rebecca and the tide of online opinion immediately shifted.

“My God, it’s true that Sofia’s band supervised the theft, what’s the situation?”

“What else could it be? It must be an internal fight.”

“We don’t know what’s going on, so let’s not talk nonsense.”

“I think it’s better for Sofia Orchestra to come out and give an explanation.”

When these words came out, many netizens aired the official website of Sofia Band.

After all, Sofia Orchestra had never been in such a scandal before, and everyone wanted an explanation, especially Sofia Orchestra fans.

Wen Shiyu had been paying attention to what was happening online.

At this moment, seeing that everyone was questioning the orchestra and the teacher, he immediately went up to voice out using his own authenticated account.

“I am the original author of the tune, thank you all for your attention to this matter, but this matter, the teacher she is completely unaware of, I hope that everyone will not implicate the rest of the orchestra as well.”

As soon as this message was sent out, it was immediately retweeted by the teachers and sisters who were following the matter, and as a result, it quickly gained the attention of netizens.

“Isn’t this the ‘Heavenly Girl’ from a while ago, she’s actually the original creator.”

“I just want to know, what is going on here?”

“Seeking to know plus one, after all, Sofia Orchestra is a notoriously harmonious band and there has never been a scandal like this.”

However, no matter how much the netizens aired out Wen Shiyu, there was no follow up.

Rebecca was also aware of the turmoil online, and when she saw that Wen Shiyu was all vocal, she gritted her teeth and went online to apologise as well.

“I’m sorry for letting everyone down, I was deluded to do such a stupid thing, I regret it so much now and I’m grateful to Senior Sofia and Miss Wen for their generosity in not taking it personally with me.”

She was already a veteran member of the band and had quite a few fans, so the comments were mixed.

Fans who are fans of her feel that their idol is brave enough to come forward and admit her mistake, and is not bad in nature and deserves forgiveness.

However, Wen Shiyu’s fans disagreed.

Although Wen Shiyu had not performed many shows in total, she still had a group of hardcore fans.

Not to mention the fans of other bands.

They felt that Rebecca had ruined Sofia’s reputation and were crusading online.

“Is it useful to regret? What did you do long ago?”

“People like you are a disgrace to Sofia’s band and don’t deserve to stay in Sofia’s band.”

“Although we idols don’t bother with you, it doesn’t mean we don’t.”

Seeing these comments, Rebecca was unbearable and kept apologising.

I don’t know if it was because she was so nice to admit her mistake, but gradually the netizens who had scolded her went back to scolding Vincent.

After all, compared to Rebecca, Vincent was not the least bit wrong and had a very bad attitude.

“You’re no good when you take someone else’s stuff and use it.”

“It’s disgusting to be so old and have no shame at all.”

“If you don’t have talent, don’t hang out in the music industry, do you think we netizens are stupid?”

The netizens scolded Vincent badly.

On the contrary, it was a different phenomenon on Wen Shiyu’s side.

Under the comments are all kinds of rainbow farts.

Her fans were praising her out of their minds.

“Idol is so awesome.”

“The students I teach are naturally excellent.”

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