Always Been Yours Chapter 969

Now that the lesson had not yet begun, many people inquired with Susan about what had happened during the day.

“How does Sophia-senpai plan to punish that culprit?”

“How come Senior Sofia doesn’t even arrange for her to perform now that Tokiya has become so good?”

“I didn’t expect that in such a short period of time, Tokiya could even compose music, that’s awesome.”

Listening to these people saying Wen Shiyu left and right, and then saying that Wen Shiyu was awesome, Susan was inwardly fuming with anger.

Luckily, she always remembered her persona and said without showing it on the surface, “I’m not sure about Senior Sofia’s decision, perhaps she thinks that Miss Wen is not capable enough to perform right now?”

“My God, this isn’t even competent enough, Senior Sofia’s demands are really high.”

“Yeah, quite high.”

With a chorus of agreement, Susan changed the subject.

She really didn’t want to discuss Wen Shiyu for fear that she wouldn’t be able to suppress her temper later.

Luckily, it didn’t take long for Hathaway to arrive.

When she saw Susan, she gave a kind smile and greeted her, “Here you are.”

Susan’s eyes twinkled and she nodded obediently.

The lesson then began.

Originally Susan was just thinking of going through the motions and listening casually, but she found what Hathaway said very helpful and gradually became more serious.

Two hours later, the cla*s ended, but Hathaway left Susan alone.

When the others saw this, they gave Susan envious looks.

Susan pretended not to see and followed Hathaway to her office.

After sitting down, Hathaway said with concern, “Is there anything you didn’t understand in the lesson just now?”

“No, the seniors spoke in great detail, I understood everything.”

Susan replied meekly.

Hathaway nodded her head and praised, “You have a good talent, if you are willing to work hard, your future achievements will definitely not be low.”


Susan disdained in her heart, but on the surface she still looked like a good student, “I know, I will work hard.”

Hathaway was satisfied, then the conversation turned, “I saw what happened to your band today on the internet, it was a big deal, and that Vincent is not a simple person either, did Wen Shiyu her …… suffer anything because of it?”

Hearing this, Susan froze, then her anger soared, she nearly couldn’t even disguise it.

Why, why at this time, this woman still care about that b*tch Wen Shiyu!

She clenched her gums and clenched her fists so tightly that her nails snapped into her flesh, and it took a burst of stabbing pain to keep her sanity from being drowned out by her anger.

“Isn’t she the one responsible for your daughter’s death? You still care so much about her, you can see that you are truly kind.”

“After all, teacher and student.”

Hathaway didn’t even hear the sarcasm and questioning in Susan’s words, and asked again, “Is she alright, Wen Shiyu? What is your orchestra going to do about this?”

“I don’t know what the band is going to do about it, but as for Wen Shiyu, not only is she fine, she’s even more famous now, and it’s a good thing you still remember her, I think she probably forgot about you.”

Susan was on the verge of suppressing the hostility that was not within her and her tone was a little barbed.

Hathaway, though she heard it, thought Susan was really upset with herself and shook her head, relieved, “That’s all in the past ……”

Back home, Susan’s anger, which she had suppressed all the way home, finally exploded.

“Good one it’s all past, but you’re past it and I’m not past it here!”

She gritted her teeth, hysterical, and her face was even more gloomy and frightening.

Lauryn was in her room and heard the commotion and came over.

“Baby girl, who’s upset you, tell daddy and he’ll help you teach a lesson.”

He looked at his angry looking daughter and immediately stepped forward to cajole her.

Susan said indignantly, “Who else could it be but my good mummy? I really don’t get it, now that she has nothing to do with Wen Shiyu, she still cares about that b*tch and says that everything is in the past! I think she’s forgotten about me as her daughter now.”

After listening to her daughter’s venting, Laurie was also upset with Hathaway.

What do you mean, it’s all in the past?

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