Always Been Yours Chapter 989

At the other end, Mu Wanxian frowned.

She heard Eunice’s meaning, which was that she was not going to target Wen Shiyu anymore.

This would not do.

What she wanted was not just for Wen Shiyu to have no way to become famous, what she wanted was for the woman to lose her reputation and no longer have the face to stay by Feng Shenye’s side.

“What, are you going to let Wen Shiyu go? You should know that with the existence of this woman, it is impossible for you to get close to Feng Shenye. Again, although your band is on fire, it will only delay the release of Wen Shiyu’s album, once your band is well, that teacher of yours will definitely help Wen Shiyu again.”

Mu Wanxian deliberately irritated Eunice.

Eunice was silent for a moment, feeling that the woman was right.

“What do you want to do?”

“Still go ahead with the original plan.”

And all this, Wen Shiyu didn’t know at all.

When she came out after putting little Bao’er to bed, she saw that the light was still on in the study and turned to go downstairs.

After a while, she only saw her coming up with a cup of stew.

“Shen Ye.”

She knocked on the door and walked in.

When Feng Shenye saw her, he immediately walked out from his desk, went up and took the stew in her hand, and said with concern, “Why haven’t you gone to rest?”

“Seeing that you’re still busy so late, I was afraid you’d be hungry, so I wanted to make you some midnight snacks.”

Wen Shiyu said, gesturing for Feng Shenye to drink it while it was still hot.

Feng Shenye’s heart warmed up as he carried the stew and shared it with Wen Shiyu.

Under the light, the two of them were feeding each other, and the picture was very warm.

After finishing the soup, Wen Shiyu urged, “Go to work, I’ll wait for you here.”

Feng Shenye originally did not want Wen Shiyu to wait for him, but he could not argue and finally had to agree.

However, he sped up the efficiency of his work, thinking that he would finish it sooner and take Wen Shiyu back to her room to rest sooner.

Even so, it was an hour later when he had finished all the work.

At that moment, Wen Shiyu was already asleep against the sofa, her little head pecking and pecking, which was very cute.

As Feng Shenye watched, he was a little amused and a little distressed, and secretly decided that he would try not to bring work home with him in the future, and even if he did, he would have to deal with it as soon as possible.

As he thought, he carefully picked up Wen Shiyu.

And Wen Shiyu woke up when Feng Shenye was hugging herself.

She just didn’t want to move, so she let Feng Shenye carry her.

When she returned to her room, she suddenly remembered something and said, “Right, there’s something I want to discuss with you, this time the orchestra can’t get it right for a while, so I thought we should take this opportunity to take Bao’er back to see her parents.”

Feng Shenye naturally agreed and smiled, “Then I’ll go back once I’ve arranged the work at the branch.”

Meanwhile, at home, the Feng family compound.

It was just after eight o’clock when Feng Shen Jin got up from the warmth of his blanket in misery.

Since his brother was away from the company, he had to shoulder all the big and small things of the company.

When he arrived at the company and entered the office, it didn’t take long for the a*sistant to come to Feng Shenjin to report on his schedule for the day.

“Vice President, there is a high-level meeting that you need to chair when you run the office at ten in the morning …… at two in the afternoon, there is a meeting with the old president of Shengke, and at six in the evening there is a lounge dinner with the old president of Wanxin.”

A whole day was arranged plainly, Feng Shenjin had the breath to wave his hand, “I know, you go down.”

The a*sistant nodded and retreated.

On the other hand, Mu Wanxian had also inquired about Feng Shenjin’s schedule and knew that he was meeting a client tonight, so she called her beloved a*sistant into her office.

“This evening Feng Shenjin will go to the lounge, you go and make the arrangements, follow the plan and don’t leave any problems.”

The a*sistant was a little hesitant, “Miss, do you really want to do this? In case the family finds out, there will be a rift in the relationship between the two families.”

“So you have to do it without fail.”

Mu Wanxian ordered without being allowed to make a comment.

The a*sistant had no choice but to take orders and go down to prepare.

And all this, Feng Shen Jin did not know at all.

At six o’clock in the evening, as agreed, he went to the lounge to have dinner with Wanxin’s old boss.

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