Always Been Yours Chapter 994

“Second young master, I don’t know who the boss behind this is, we are just following orders.”

The man didn’t dare to conceal it all and said it all.

However, Feng Shenjin did not believe it and felt that the man was lying.

“If you don’t know who it is, how did you collect the money? Do you really think that little master is good-natured?”

As he spoke, he once again increased the force of his foot.

In a flash, the man let out an even more miserable sound than just now and begged for mercy, “Second young master, I really don’t know, the man was contacted online and only said that he wanted to kidnap you away but couldn’t hurt.”

After hearing the man’s cries, Feng Shenjin was immediately puzzled.

What kind of kidnapping was this playing if he was not to be harmed?

He looked down at the man who was so abashed that he didn’t dare to lie to himself, so he didn’t bother to press the issue at that moment.

“You take these men back and investigate them, make sure you find out who is behind this.”

He handed the men over to the police.

The officer in charge nodded his head and a*sured, “Second young master, don’t worry, we will definitely pursue this matter to the end.”

Feng Shenjin nodded and took his a*sistant to rejoin his father.

Looking at his son who had returned intact, Feng Tianyi was very relieved.

Although he did not feel that his son would suffer, he was still worried.

In the old Feng family residence, Pei Xin Yi was also terrified, so as soon as she saw Feng Shen Jin return in one piece, she excitedly jumped over and hugged him.

“I was scared to death, thank goodness you’re okay.”

She hugged Feng Shenjin and burst into tears.

Whenever Feng Shenjin saw his mother like this, he was at a loss for words to comfort her, “Don’t cry, I’m fine.”

“You’re a deadly child, why are you so uncomfortable?”

A little later, Pei Xingyi, who had calmed down, slapped Feng Shenjin again, her eyes still covered in tears, with a bit of annoyance.

Feng Shenjin grimaced as he was hit, and his heart was cold.

“What happened to comforting, how did it turn into a beating, at least I just came back from the dead, am I still your own?”

He looked at his own mother with sorrow.

Pei Xin Yi slapped him again, “I still want to know if I’m your own, your brother is so smart, how come he’s so stupid when it comes to you, he was even kidnapped, your brother has never been in this kind of trouble!”

“How can I compare to my brother?”

Feng Shenjin felt very depressed and turned to his old father for help, “Dad, please say something for me.”

At his words, Feng Tianyi gave him a look, and the dislike in his eyes was very obvious.

Feng Shenjin looked at him and was heartbroken.

He really wasn’t his own son, was he?

As if hearing Feng Shenjin’s heart, Feng Tianyi also said with disgust, “I also doubt if you are born, how can you be so stupid?”

After saying that, he stopped paying attention to this son and turned around and took out his mobile phone to call Feng Shenye.

At the other end, Feng Shenye was already at the airport when he received the call.

Although his father had told him not to go back, he was still not at ease after all.

He also confessed to Wen Shiyu about this matter.

Wen Shiyu naturally supported Feng Shenye’s return.

In her words, he was Feng Shen Ye’s brother no matter what, so how could he not care if something happened?

As for her and Bao’er, they chose to stay in Vienna.

After all, the situation in the country is not clear, so they won’t go there to cause trouble.

When the phone call was answered, without waiting for Feng Shenye to ask about the situation there, Feng Tianyi’s voice came over the phone.

“Your brother, he’s been found, don’t worry.”

He said the situation in general.

At the same time, Pei Xin Yi’s vicious, preaching voice and Feng Shen Jin’s voice begging for mercy came over the phone.

“In the future, see if you still dare to drink so drunk, this time it’s lucky that others are not hurting you, if it were that kind of vicious person, I’ll see if you still have life to live whether your father finds you or not.”

“Ouch, mum, please, don’t hit, I’m wrong, okay?”

“Oh, it’s not okay to know you’re wrong, I have to teach you a deep lesson today!”

With those words, there was another sound of living and breathing.

When Feng Shenye heard the sound, his heart, which was originally worried, immediately dropped.


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