Always Been Yours Chapter 997

And so, the next day, she did not contact anyone in the Feng family, nor did she go to the Feng family, staying at the office all day.

It was just that the more she thought about Feng Shen Jin being rescued, the more she felt that the plan could not be delayed, lest there be another change of heart, so she immediately took out her mobile phone and contacted Eunice.

“Has Feng Shenye left Vienna on your side?”

“Left, yesterday afternoon Wen Shiyu said so herself.”

Eunice said it truthfully.

Mu Wanxian hooked her lips in satisfaction, “Very good, the next step is up to you, do it as soon as possible, Feng Shenye’s ability towards the crowd, I’m afraid it won’t last long.”

“Got it, I’ll start the layout tomorrow.”

Eunice yawned and asked again, “Is there anything else? Nothing I’ll hang up.”

After all, it was still the middle of the night over here in Vienna.

Mu Wanxian was originally going to say that there was nothing, but a thought suddenly came to her mind, “There’s one more thing, I hope that this time it’s best to deal with the b*tchy seed in Wen Shiyu’s stomach as well.”

The last sentence she said was a bit gloomy.

She didn’t want to be a stepmother to someone, and as for Little Treasure, she would find a way to get rid of it as well when she married into the Feng family.

Eunice didn’t know these thoughts of hers, but felt that this person was really ruthless and didn’t even spare the child.

“Okay, I know.”

With the words out of her mouth, Eunice simply hung up the phone.

As for why she agreed, it was also because she had guessed what Mu Wanxian was thinking.

And if she got Feng Shenye in the future and still had fresh feelings and wanted to marry this man, this child in Wen Shiyu’s belly was indeed a bit of an eyesore.


The next day at noon, the Sophia Orchestra.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

During the meal, there was a lot of laughter and a harmonious atmosphere because of Little Treasure, a happy girl.

Later in the evening, the conversation unknowingly turned to the Sixth Regiment’s performance.

The others were concerned about Karen.

“How are the preparations for your orchestra’s performance coming along?”

“It seems like it’s leaving in a few days, right?”

Karen patiently answered each one, “It’s all pretty much ready to go when the day comes.”

“In that case, then I’m here to wish Little Brother a good performance.”

Wen Shiyu said and made a toasting gesture.

At this time, Eunice suddenly spoke up and corrected herself, “Little Sister, that’s not the right thing to say, it should be wishing you all good luck in your performances, speaking of which, you should do well in this performance, don’t let down your Little Brother, and it’s also a good opportunity to promote your album.”

“What gig?”

Wen Shiyu was confused as she listened to her words.

Since when did she have a gig?

Looking at the confused Wen Shiyu, a glint of light swept across the bottom of Eunice’s eyes.

She then said in mock surprise, “What, hasn’t Karen told you yet?”

“Tell me what, Little Brother?”

Wen Shiyu became even more puzzled, her eyes glancing towards Karen.

Just without waiting for Karen to answer, Eunice jumped in and said, “Your little senior brother wants to invite you to be a special guest at the show, and play the title track from your album to promote the album then.”

After she finished, she didn’t give the others a chance to speak up and turned back to lecturing Karen.

“Little brother, when did you become such a procrastinator, you’re going to perform in a few days, why haven’t you told your sister? Are you going to wait until the show is about to start before you tell her, without giving her time to prepare? How can you be such a junior brother?”

Karen listened to the abrupt questioning, her brows furrowed in some displeasure, and she was also a little puzzled.

Second Sister had not always been at odds with Little Sister, so why was she suddenly concerned about Little Sister’s affairs?

Then again, although he had the idea of inviting Little Sister to be the guest of honour for the performance, but now that Little Sister is busy all day long and her belly is getting bigger by the month, he was worried that Little Sister’s health would not be able to cope with it, so he hesitated again and again.

Wen Shiyu did not know these thoughts of his, but was a little surprised to hear that junior sister was going to invite herself to be the guest of honour for the performance.

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