Always Been Yours Chapter 999

“Okay, you go too.”

Wen Shiyu looked at the little one dotingly.


Meanwhile, in the domestic Feng Group, in the vice president’s office.

Feng Shenjin looked serious as he listened to his a*sistant’s report.

“News came from the police side, those people’s bank remittances were all made from abroad, it will take some time to trace them clearly, as for the car that took you away that night, we found out that it belonged to a car rental agency, but the information registered was false.”

The a*sistant finished speaking and looked at Feng Shenjin with some unease.

Without surprise, Feng Shenjin’s face was very bad.

This amounted to, all the clues he had on hand were broken.

“What about the person who took me away from the lounge? Have you found him yet?”

“This person has not been traced yet.”

The a*sistant shook his head.

Seeing this, Feng Shenjin’s face became even more sullen.

He waved his hand for the a*sistant to go down, and then picked up the phone on his desk to call his brother.

“What is it?”

Feng Shenye’s clear, cold voice came out of the phone.

Feng Shen Jin said glumly, “I followed your instructions to investigate, but now I’m at an impa*se.”

He relayed all the information that the a*sistant had just said to Feng Shenye, and finally sighed, “The person behind this is really dripping with caution.”

Feng Shenye agreed with these words.

Therefore, he took this kidnapping more seriously.

The other party had a premeditated plan, and there was no guarantee that they would come back a second time if they failed once.

“You give me the bank accounts of those few crimes, as well as the photo of the one who escaped, I’ll have someone investigate from my side.”

Feng Shen Jin immediately agreed and instantly offered those information with both hands.

After the phone call hung up, Feng Shenye called for Xu Yan and left the matter to him to investigate.

The next morning, after having breakfast, Wen Shiyu took Little Treasure to the orchestra.

After she finished her training routine, she went to look for Sofia.


She knocked on the door and walked in, not expecting Karen to be there, and instantly called out politely, “Little Master.”

Sofia saw her with a faint smile on her face and enquired, “What brings you here?”

Just before Wen Shiyu could answer, she was preempted by Karen next to her.

“Little Sister should be here to see you to determine the theme song.”

When Wen Shiyu saw that Little Sister had spoken for her, she also asked along, “Teacher, which of these songs of mine do you think would be good as the theme song?”

“These five songs of yours, there are three styles in total, since they are to be the main song, they must be more dignified, so remove the childish ones, the remaining two styles, do you think you are more inclined with that one?”

Sofia helped Wen Shiyu to eliminate a choice and threw the question back to Wen Shiyu again.

Of course, this was actually a test she was giving Wen Shiyu.

After all, the path Wen Shiyu would follow in the future was a creative one, and she had to have her own appreciation.

Then again, her words just now had given a hint.

Wen Shiyu also guessed that the teacher wanted to test her mind, and bowed her head in thought.

Within a few moments, she seemed to have made up her mind and raised her eyes, “Then let’s take the song ‘The Full Moon of the Pale Night’.”

The tune ‘Pale Night Full Moon’ was composed by her once when she was fooling around at night and looking at the ancient architecture of Vienna, the style of the tune was very atmospheric and dignified, and it also met the requirements of her teacher.

Hearing Wen Shiyu’s choice, Sofia nodded her head in satisfaction.

She then gave a few more instructions about the performance and let the two leave.

After walking out, Karen called out to Wen Shiyu.

“Is there something wrong, Little Brother?”

Wen Shiyu looked over in confusion.

Karen smiled, “Nothing much, just want to ask if you have any friends you want to invite to the show, I still have a few internal tickets here.”

“…… Then Little Brother will give me two tickets.”

These two tickets, Wen Shiyu intended to give one to Mona and one to Pei Shixi.

The two hadn’t helped her a lot with her creation some time ago.

That afternoon, when Wen Shiyu sent Xiao Bao’er home, she planned to ask Mona out first and give her the tickets for the show.

Unfortunately, Mona had to train and didn’t have time to come out.

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