Am I A Gigolo Chapter 105-106

Chapter 105

“The old man gladly accepts what the Night Chief gives.”

Jiang Dong smiled as he took the coffee and drank it straight away.

Feng Qianxue was so shocked that she was dumbfounded, how she wanted to tell this old man that there was a chip in the coffee, don’t drink it, don’t drink it ……

However, the words choked in her throat, she couldn’t say a word.

“Gulp gulp ……”

Jiang Dong poured the coffee in one gulp, and when the last sip was finished, he suddenly felt something stuck in his throat and could not help but “vomit”, but immediately covered his mouth and did not dare to vomit out.

Because this was the coffee that Night Thunder had rewarded him with!

Night Timothy leaned back in the president’s leather chair in a haughty posture, looking at Jiang Dong in a relaxed manner.

It was like he was watching a good show!

When the other shareholders saw Jiang Dong in such an uncomfortable state, they could not bear it, yet they did not dare to speak.

“You, just spit it out if you want to ……” Only Feng Qianxue had the guts to say this, and even brought a bin in a panic, “Spit it out here ……”

Everyone was dumbfounded ……

Who recruited this secretary, so insensitive !!!!

This kind of stupid brain, how can you be on the 68th floor?

Night Zhen Ting narrowed his eyes, and the blue veins on his forehead burst out.

What was wrong with him, why did he get this brainless ingrate to the 68th floor to P*ss himself off?


Jiang Dong kept vomiting into the bin, vomiting out all the coffee he had just drunk.

This time, the face of Night Zhen Ting became even more gloomy, like the sky on the eve of a rainstorm, with dark clouds.

Everyone was sweating nervously, and a few people were already wiping their sweat with handkerchiefs, looking at the face of Nicholas Night and then at the poor Jiang Dong ……

“Yes, yes, yes, spit it out, just spit it out.”

Feng Qianxue held the bin in one hand and patted Jiang Dong’s back with the other hand, hoping that he would spit out the chip.

However, Jiang Dong vomited for half a day, all of it was coffee, no chip at all ……

“Feng Qianxue, what are you doing?” At this time, Xiong Min, who walked into the conference room, saw this scene and held his voice and shouted angrily, “Don’t get off yet!”

“I ……”

“Get out.”

Feng Qianxue was about to say something else when Wen Li hurriedly winked at her and she just had to head out ……

But just a few steps away, there was a sudden “thud” behind her, followed by a group of people exclaiming: “Oh my God, Jiang Dong ……”

Feng Qianxue looked back, Jiang Dong fell to the ground, hands around his throat, face purple, eyes wide, tongue out ……

This situation is exactly the same as when Little Four Treasures swallowed the chip!

It’s over, the chip is stuck in his throat ……

Feng Qianxue was remorseful, if anything happened to this old man, how could she not forgive herself.

“Call an ambulance, call an ambulance.”

At once, the conference room was in a mess.

Although Night Zhen Ting looked grave, he remained calm: “Call Lei Yu over immediately!”


“How could this happen?” The directors were horrified.

“Mr. Night, although Jiang Dong is stubborn, you can’t be like this.” An old director trembled and said, “These are old timers who have been with your grandfather for decades, we’ve put our whole lives on Night’s, how can you poison him just because he disagrees with you?”

“Yes, Mr. Night, you can’t do this to Jiang Dong, it’s too cruel ……” The other two old directors also complained with tears in their eyes, “It’s fine if you usually act ruthlessly, you can’t do this to your own people? ”

“I want to call the old chairman, call ……”

An old director called excitedly.

He was only rewarding Jiang Dong with a cup of coffee, and they actually suspected him of poisoning him?

“Who made the coffee?” Night Thunder shouted coldly.

“It was her, she made it.” Xiong Min immediately pointed at Feng Qianxue.


Chapter 106

“Me?” Feng Qianxue was about to explain, but Jiang Dong had already started rolling his eyes and foaming, so she couldn’t care less and hurriedly pounced over to rescue him.

“What are you doing again? Get lost!”

Xiong Min tried to push Feng Qianxue away, but was stopped by Wen Li.

Feng Qianxue pulled Jiang Dong’s hand away and clasped his jaw, sticking her long, thin fingers into his mouth to pick at the chip ……

“Hey, what are you doing? Don’t mess around.” Several of the older directors were terrified, “Quickly pull her away!”

A few of the bodyguards looked at Night Zhen Ting.

“Let her try.” Night Zhen Ting stared at Feng Qian Xue.

“Hold back a little, hold back a little ……”

Feng Qianxue’s finger was already touching the chip, but she didn’t dare to pick it hard for fear of cutting Jiang Dong’s throat.

Jiang Dong kept struggling and pushing because of the difficulty, hitting Feng Qianxue’s injured shoulder.

Feng Qianxue bit her lower lip, forcing herself to endure the pain and continue to pick ……

At this time, Jiang Dong’s flailing arm hit Feng Qianxue’s injured neck, and Feng Qianxue’s hand shook with pain, accidentally pushing the chip down ……


Jiang Dong vomited dryly and quickly calmed down, only panting slightly, no longer as uncomfortable as just now, his eyes and face were gradually returning to normal.

“Jiang Dong, are you alright?” The two old directors gathered around excitedly.

“Much better.” Jiang Dong gasped for breath and said weakly, “Just now …… something …… got stuck in my throat and almost killed me ……! ”

“Thanks …… to …… this little girl …… saved me!”

He pointed at Feng Qianxue, “Thank you!”

“No, you’re welcome ……” Feng Qianxue stiffly pulled the corner of her mouth, “Jiang Dong, how are you, feeling now? Is there anywhere else that is uncomfortable?”

She knew that Jiang Dong had just ghosted the chip and swallowed it, next, it was the same fate as Little Four Treasures ……

Night Zhen Ting looked deeply at Feng Qian Xue, his gaze was complicated and hard to say.

“No, it’s already much better.” Jiang Dong shook his head.

“How can there be something in the coffee? What exactly is it?” A director raised a question.

“Directors, I will definitely investigate this matter clearly and give everyone an explanation!” Night Zhen Ting announced, “Night Hui, immediately lock down the company and pull out the CCTV footage, you must give me an answer within one hour!”

“Yes!” Night Fai immediately went to do it.

Feng Qianxue secretly screamed, there were security cameras, would they catch her putting the chip into the coffee?

At this moment, Lei Yu also arrived with the medical staff and examined Jiang Dong under the instruction of Night Zhen Ting, and then reported –

“Jiang Dong should have drunk a sharp object while drinking coffee, which got stuck in his throat and later swallowed it, we won’t know exactly what it is until we take a film.”

“Take Jiang Dong to the hospital to have the film taken and treated properly.” Night Zhen Ting ordered.

“Yes.” Lei Yu nodded his head.

The medical nurse pushed in a wheelchair and helped Jiang Dong to sit on it.

The two old directors were uneasy and wanted to follow along.

Before Jiang Dong left the conference room, he turned back to Night Zhen Ting and said, “Mr. Night, this little girl ……”

He pointed at Feng Qianxue, “It’s my life-saver, please don’t make things difficult for her.”

“Don’t worry!” Night Zhen Ting hooked his lips and smiled coldly.

Feng Qianxue shivered, she felt that this smile of his was so scary.


An hour later, Night Hui opened the surveillance video on the conference room computer and announced in public, “We’ve found out, the coffee was made by Xiong Min, and afterwards, because he was worried that Mr. Night’s tantrum would implicate her, he had Feng Qianxue send it in ……”

“And what was in the coffee?” The directors asked afterwards.

“This ……”

“It’s the missing X-chip!” Night Zhen Ting raised the X-ray of Jiang Dong’s intestines that Lei Yu had sent in and announced, “I told you, the X-chip will definitely be back today!”

“Ah…” The whole room was dumbfounded, this was, well, hell.


In the hospital, the nurse took a laxative and coaxed Jiang Dong to take it, “Jiang Dong, listen, after you drink it, you’ll be able to pull the chip out.”

“Old Jiang, just drink it, the whole Shengtian, and even the whole Night’s, is waiting for this sh*t from you!”

Jiang Dong’s lips twitched and he wanted to cry ……

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