Am I A Gigolo Chapter 109-110

Chapter 109

The chip was finally returned smoothly, and the lie was also rounded off.

The boulder in Feng Qianxue’s heart finally dropped a piece, next, she has to completely cut off the thoughts of Night Zhen Ting and clear the relationship between the two ……

This way, in the future, the identity of the children is exposed, also has no relationship with him.

When she saw Night Thunder walking over with his men, Feng Qianxue immediately called the “debt repayment duck”, ready to show affection in front of him to anger him ……

The actual phone call went out, but the ringing tone actually rang on the other side of the night.

Feng Qianxue was stunned and looked at him in dismay, is this a coincidence or ……

The hand in his pocket silently hung up the phone ……

The private number was given to Feng Qianxue as a “duck”, so why did she call in front of him?

It’s not a deliberate test, is it?

“Hello!” The night Hui, who knew everything, took out his phone and answered the call, “What is it?”

“Yes, yes, yes, the chip has been retrieved ……”

Feng Qianxue listened to the instructional tone of being hung up from the phone on this side, while on the other side, Night Fai was talking on the phone, with less suspicion in her heart.

It seems to be just a coincidence that at the same time she dialed the phone, Night Fai’s phone received an incoming call, but why did his phone ring the same as the “debt repayment duck”?

Is it possible that Night Fai is the “debt repayment duck”?

Feng Qianxue stared at Night Fai carefully, but quickly disproved the idea.

Night Fai’s height was half a head shorter than the “debt repayment duck”, and his entire body shape was not quite the same, so it was definitely not him ……

However, the more she looked at him, the more she felt that he was very similar to the “debt repaying duck”, almost identical in size and body, even his eyes were similar.

The more she looked at the night, the more she realized that he had already stepped into the lift, followed by night Hui and two other attendants.

Feng Qianxue dialed the number of the debt repayment duck again, and even padded over to the lift to listen to the sound, if the phone rang in sync again this time, there was definitely something wrong with Night Zhen Ting!

In the lift, Night Zhen Ting had just turned the ringing off when the call came.

He didn’t rush to answer the phone and waited until the lift was a few floors down before answering, “Hello!”

“What are you doing? Why didn’t you answer my call just now?”

Feng Qianxue didn’t hear the phone ring and wondered if she was being paranoid again.

“What is it, say.” Night Zhen Ting knew she already had some suspicions.

“Nonsense, didn’t we have a date? You’re going to pretend to be my boyfriend.”

“How do you want to pretend?” Nightquake asked.

“Drive to pick me up after work.” Feng Qianxue thought to herself, “Buy a bouquet of roses and I’ll reimburse you!”

If he didn’t dare to come, something was definitely wrong.

“What if your boss beats me up?” Night Zhen Ting asked deliberately.

“It won’t happen, my boss is very qualified and won’t just hit people.” Feng Qianxue deliberately said, “I asked you to come over just to prove that I have a boyfriend, so that he would die of that, someone as arrogant as him would be put off once he sees you!”

“Okay, I’ll come over after work and you can send me the address.”

“I’ll send it right away.”

The “debt repaying duck” actually agreed, which means he really isn’t Night Zhen Ting, no, maybe Night Zhen Ting did this on purpose to dispel her suspicions?

If they don’t run into each other then, that still doesn’t mean anything.

If the two met, then it would really prove that they were not the same person.

“Night King, Miss Feng seems to have already started to suspect you.” Night Fai reminded in a soft voice.

“Has Little Break come to Sea City?” Night Zhen Ting suddenly asked, “Tell him to come see me.”

“Yes ……” Night Hui took out his mobile phone, yet he was a bit apprehensive and gently reminded, “Young Broken looks like you, it’s fine for him to impersonate you, but, he’s so flirtatious, will he ……”

“He dares?” Night Zhen Ting raised his eyebrows.



Chapter 110

During lunch, Feng Qianxue kept thinking, “Is Timothy Night a “debt repayment duck” or not?

If so, why did he play this role-playing game with me? He even agreed to pick me up? Wasn’t this an attempt to reveal himself?

If not, why do they both look, look and sound so much alike?

As I was thinking, a petite voice suddenly came over, “Little Feng, I heard you’ve been transferred to the 68th floor? Congratulations.”

“Thanks.” Feng Qianxue looked up and saw that it was Shen Yun.

Feng Qianxue remembered the last time He Wenzhe stabbed her, although she couldn’t find anything wrong, but she always felt that there was something strange about Shen Yun that time ……

So long after the incident, Feng Qianxue had long since faded away some of the details, but now when she saw Shen Yun, she still felt a little wary in her heart.

“I’m really sorry about last time.” Shen Yun sat opposite Feng Qianxue with a dinner plate and said guiltily, “When Manager He stabbed you, I really wanted to rush up and save you, but I was all scared and blinded, I was so useless!”

“Don’t say that, it’s nothing to do with you.” Feng Qianxue said in a hurry.

“It’s good that you don’t hold a grudge against me.” Shen Yun asked softly, “Qianxue, are we still friends from now on?”

“Of course.” Feng Qianxue smiled and nodded, in fact, from a rational analysis, she did not have any evidence to prove that there was something wrong with Shen Yun, it was just an intuition, she could not blame good people wrongly because of this intuition. Remember the website

“That’s good.” Shen Yun smiled, “I took two cups of juice, here’s one for you!”

With that, Shen Yun handed a cup of orange juice from the dinner plate to Feng Qianxue, and carefully put a straw in it for her.

“Thanks.” Seeing that Shen Yun also had a cup, Feng Qianxue didn’t think much of it and took a few sips of the juice, then lowered her head to eat, not noticing the cold light that pa*sed by in Shen Yun’s eyes ……

In the afternoon, Feng Qianxue has been busy with work, after Jiang Dong’s affair, Xiong Min was fired.

Now Wen Li replaced her as the new head secretary and had to readjust work matters in the afternoon.

Feng Qianxue studied carefully to make herself skilled as soon as possible.

In the blink of an eye, it was time to leave work and Feng Qianxue packed up her things and prepared to leave work.

For some reason, she always felt particularly hot and thirsty this afternoon, drank a lot of water and now went to the pantry to get mineral water.

The lift stopped at the 13th floor and several old colleagues from the administration department came in and greeted Feng Qianxue warmly, congratulating her on her promotion to the 68th floor.

Feng Qianxue smiled and said “thank you”, but in her heart she was thinking that when she was demoted and transferred to the security department, all her colleagues, except Shen Yun, avoided her.

Now that she had been promoted, she had come over to them again.

It was really realistic.

As she was thinking, there was an incoming call on Feng Qianxue’s mobile phone and she immediately answered it, “Hey, Duck Duck, are you here?”

“Coming right up to your office door.”

“Well, I’m in the lift.” Feng Qianxue deliberately showed affection in front of her colleagues and said in a coy voice, “You drive safely oh, I’ll be down in a minute.”

“Got it.”

When she hung up the phone, several female colleagues gathered around excitedly, “Qianxue, who was that just now? Boyfriend?”

“Yes, my boyfriend came to pick me up.” Feng Qianxue had a shy face.

“Aiya, then we have to see what it looks like, Qianxue is so beautiful, her boyfriend must be a rich and handsome man ……” the colleagues gossiped excitedly.

In the corner of the lift, Shen Yun looked deeply at Feng Qianxue and suddenly asked, “Qianxue, when did you have a boyfriend?”

“A while ago.” Feng Qianxue said with a smile.

“You should treat your boyfriend, don’t you think so?” Shen Yun joked.

“Yes, yes, yes, you should treat.” A few female colleagues followed suit, “Last time Yan Yan’s boyfriend ordered a lot of Japanese food for everyone.”

“My boyfriend gave everyone chocolates last time too oh.”

“Haha, Chixue, you can’t get away with it.”

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