Am I A Gigolo Chapter 113-114

Chapter 113

“Coming to pick me up today won’t affect your work, right?” Feng Qianxue lowered her voice and asked implicitly, “Was it your boss who called just now?”

“My boss?” The “debt repayment duck’s” eyes rolled for a moment and he nodded, “Yes, it’s him.”

“Is she angry because she knows you drove here to pick me up?” Feng Qianxue suddenly became nervous, “Why are you so stupid to let her know? It will affect your work.”

“You know who the person I’m talking to on the phone is?” The “debt repayment duck” asked suspiciously.

Feng Qianxue glanced at the backseat and asked in a low voice, “Isn’t it the rich woman who has adopted you?”

“Pfft… hahahahaha…”

The “debt repayment duck” burst out laughing, as if he had heard some particularly funny joke.

“Watch your flirting, there are people behind you!”

The colleague in the back seat laughed jokingly.

“Sorry, sorry!” Feng Qianxue hastily apologised and slapped the “debt repaying duck”, “Drive properly, stop it.”

The “debt repaying duck” was still laughing, he couldn’t help but laugh. Remember the website

Feng Qianxue pinched his arm and glared at him fiercely, before he slowly stopped laughing.

In a short while, the group arrived at the night.

Feng Qianxue took the coupon given by Shen Yun and was about to go for a group purchase of beer when the “debt repayment duck” pulled her straight to the VIP box area.

“What are you doing?” Feng Qianxue stopped anxiously, “It costs a lot of money to go over here.”

“It’s okay, I’ll pay for it tonight, you don’t need to reimburse me.”

The “debt repayment duck” said generously, “How can you invite your colleagues out to play and still have a group buy, how humiliating.”

“But ……” Feng Qianxue still wanted to say something, the group of colleagues had already followed, “Are we going to the VIP box today? I haven’t been over here yet.”

“I’ve never been here either, Chixue your boyfriend is too posh!”

“Thank you, Chixue, for showing us the ropes.”

“Thank you, Chisetsu.”

The colleagues eagerly complimented.

Feng Qianxue could only smile stiffly, but in her heart she secretly cried out in anger, pinching the “debt repayment duck” and cursing through clenched teeth, “You work hard every day to sell yourself to a rich woman to earn a little money, and this is how you squander it? Do you still want to go back to shore?”


The “debt repayment duck” couldn’t help but laugh again, and put his arm around Feng Qianxue’s shoulder, and came up to her ear and said, “As long as I have you, I don’t want to go ashore for the rest of my life.”

“You ……”

“Here it is!”

Feng Qianxue was about to say something when the “debt repayment duck” walked into the box with his arm around her.

Night’s manager had already prepared all kinds of good foreign wine, snacks and fruit plates.

Feng Qianxue looked up and saw that this was the same box where they met every time.

The wine on the table was worth several tens of thousands of dollars, God, this table was worth several hundred thousand dollars, was he going crazy?

Feng Qianxue hurriedly pulled the “debt repayment duck” aside and questioned in a low voice: “Are you crazy? Where did you get the money to pay for such an expensive drink?”

“These are all left over from my boss, I don’t have to pay for them.” The “debt repayment duck” said with a smile, “Of course, it doesn’t cost you either.”

“Won’t he scold you?” Feng Qianxue was a bit apprehensive, “If you spend her money to entertain my colleague, she will not be happy, right?”

“No, it’s already been agreed, so don’t worry.”

The “debt repayment duck” pinched her cheek and then went to greet her colleagues.

Feng Qianxue was still a bit uneasy, but now that the wood had been laid to rest, she couldn’t say anything more.

The colleagues poured in with cheers and shouted happily –

“Wow, it’s so beautiful here.”

“Oh my God, all the fine foreign wine!”

“Chixue, thank you, and your boyfriend.” Shen Yun greeted with a gla*s of wine, “Colleagues, let’s toast them!”

“Fine, fine!”

A group of colleagues all gathered around with their gla*ses of wine to toast.

“I don’t know how to drink ……”

Feng Qianxue wanted to push back, but couldn’t resist everyone’s enthusiasm, so she could only follow and drink.

The “debt repayment duck” is not even a problem, a sip of a cup, and soon with colleagues to mingle.

Feng Qianxue had only drunk two gla*ses of foreign wine and was already drowsy. Moreover, she had a strange feeling of dryness ……


Chapter 114

Feng Qianxue felt very hot and feverish and wanted to take off her clothes. She thought she might have drunk too much and hurriedly put down her gla*s of wine and went to the bathroom.

“Are you alright?” The debt repayment duck wanted to follow, but Shen Yun beat him to it, “I’ll go check.”

At the same time, several other people were pulling the “debt repayment duck” into a conversation.

The “debt repaying duck” didn’t care too much and continued to drink with his colleagues.

“Qianxue, are you alright?”

Shen Yun walked into the bathroom and looked at Feng Qianxue who was trying to wash her face.

“Maybe I drank too much, it’s so hot ……”

Feng Qianxue washed her face with cold water, trying to relieve this dry and hot feeling.

“I brought you a bottle of mineral water.” Shen Yun took out a bottle of mineral water, and carefully opened the lid before handing it to her, “Take a sip of water to slow down!”

“Thanks!” Feng Qianxue was feeling dry in the mouth, so she took it and finished it in one gulp.

“Feeling better?” Shen Yun narrowed his eyes and asked grimly, “Still feel hot?”

“Better.” Feng Qianxue touched her burning face, for some reason, she seemed even thirstier after drinking the water, “I’ll rest here, you go out first, don’t worry about me.”

“How can you rest here, the colleagues need to go to the washroom later too.” Shen Yun said with a smile, “Besides, there are male colleagues here, it’s not convenient.”

“Then ……”

“There’s no one in the next compartment, let me take you there to rest.” Shen Yun helped Feng Qianxue to walk outside and said in her ear, “Let’s go out through this door next door, or else the colleagues will see you and come to toast again.”

“Well, I can’t drink any more.”

Feng Qianxue’s consciousness had already started to blur up and she was not able to think wisely at all, allowing Shen Yun to lead her away.

“Hey, Qianxue ……” A female colleague, Green, saw the two of them and shouted, “Shen Yun where are you taking Qianxue?”

Unfortunately the compartment was too noisy, the sound of heavy metal music and the noise of everyone drowned out her voice.

Ah Lu turned back to look at Feng Qianxue’s boyfriend.

He was paddling with some male colleagues, having a good time.

Ah Lu thought that with Shen Yun around, he would be fine, so she didn’t say much.

Shen Yun did not take Feng Qianxue to the next compartment, but went around a few corridors and came to an abandoned compartment in a remote corner.

This box had long been closed and out of use due to problems with the facilities.

Inside the box was dark, there were no lights or music, only coloured lights seeping in from the corridor, illuminating Feng Qianxue’s beautiful face in a bright and dim way.

“Water ……” Feng Qianxue was thrown on the sofa by Shen Yun, wriggling her body and whispering with lustful red lips, “Water, I want to drink water ……”

“You want to drink water, right?” Shen Yun picked up a bottle of expired beer on the table next to him and poured it directly onto Feng Qianxue’s face, “Drink enough!”

“Ooooo ……” Feng Qianxue shook her head in panic and tried to avoid it, but her body was too limp to move.

At this point, she was completely unconscious and had no idea what was happening, she just felt like someone was pouring water on her.

“b*tch!” Shen Yun finished pouring the wine and pinched Feng Qianxue’s cheek again fiercely, gritting her teeth and shouting angrily –

“It was you who caused Manager He, he had a bright future, it was you who caused him to lose his job and be sentenced to jail, it was all because of you!”

“Manager He was such an outstanding person, he was the first person in our village to get into a prestigious university and the first person to have a future, he was the person I admired and looked up to the most ……”

“I followed his footsteps to Shengtian, I worked hard and performed with all my heart in the hope that one day I could get his attention, but his attention was all on you ……”

“That’s all. If you love him and cherish him, I wish you both well, but why did you harm him? You’ve ruined his future and lost my hope, I won’t let you off the hook ……”

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