Am I A Gigolo Chapter 135-136

Chapter 135

“Wait a minute.” Hearing that the media was to be notified, Feng Qianxue’s face immediately changed, “Just call the police, why should the media be notified?”

“Isn’t it my freedom to inform the media or not?” Bai Qiuyu asked back with a cold smile.

“You ……”

“Lawyer Jin.” Bai Qiuyu ordered, “Contact all the famous media in China to publish the stolen information, if someone finds it and is willing to return it, a reward of five million will be offered, but if the black market acquires it, we will sue.”

“Yes, Madam Bai.” That lawyer did as he was told.

“By the way, send out those forensic photos and videos you took just now ……”

Hearing this, Feng Qianxue’s heart was burning, if the media was notified, the children’s identities would be exposed ……

“How about a private settlement!” Feng Qianxue immediately said, “What do you want, you can say it straight!”

“Private?” Bai Qiuyu hooked his lips in a smile.

“You’ll slap yourself two hundred times first!” Bai Lu gritted her teeth and glared at her.

Feng Qianxue frowned, she had known for a long time that this mother and daughter were deliberately coming for revenge.

“LuLu ……” Bai Qiuyu had a reproachful look on her face, “How can you do this when you are at least a relative?”

“Mom ……”

“Besides, she’s one of Mr. Night’s people, we can’t afford to offend her.” Bai Qiuyu looked at Feng Qianxue with a smirk, “Why don’t you say it yourself, how can you be private?”

“I ……” Feng Qianxue couldn’t really say it, thirty million, she simply couldn’t afford to pay.

“You see, you don’t have a solution at all.” Bai Qiuyu spread her hands with a helpless face, “And refused to let me call the police to find the media, and no compensation, you can’t let us lose thirty million for nothing, right? It doesn’t make sense.”

“Principal Liu, teacher Chen, you judge, how can there be such bullying.”

“Yes, yes ……” Principal Liu smiled dryly and nodded his head.

Teacher Chen was a truthful person and said softly, “San Bao’s mother, this bracelet was lost by Yue Yue, I personally think, do you want to compensate them?”

“Hey, Teacher Chen has said something fair.” Bai Qiuyu looked aggrieved, “Since you can’t offer a solution, we’ll just have to do things in a fair manner.”

With that, Bai Qiuyu stood up ……

“Wait a minute.” Feng Qianxue suddenly thought of something and hastily took it out of her bag, “I’ll pledge this to you guys ……”

Bai Qiuyu stared at the ruby necklace in her hand, it didn’t even have a box, it was just wrapped in a ball of tissue paper, but even so, the ruby still emitted a dazzling sunlight.

“Isn’t this the ruby from the last auction?” Bai Lu’s eyes were glowing at the sight of the ruby necklace, “It can’t be a fake, can it?”

“Let’s see.” Bai Qiu Yu took it over for a closer look and quickly confirmed, “It’s real!”

“This ruby necklace is worth one hundred million.” Feng Qianxue was reluctant to give up, “It’s more than enough to mortgage it to you, so when I find your bracelet, I’ll exchange it back.”

“What if you can’t find it back?” Bai Lu questioned, “The necklace will be considered as a loss to me!”

“How will that work? Both things are worth different amounts.” Feng Qianxue was anxious, “If I can’t get it back, I’ll find a way to compensate you, but this necklace, I still have to redeem it, you can’t lose it.”

“There has to be a deadline.” Bai Qiuyu raised an eyebrow and smiled, “Within seven days, if you retrieve the bracelet, I will return this to you.”

“If you can’t find it, take thirty-eight million in compensation and I’ll give it back to you, if you have neither the bracelet nor the compensation, then this necklace is mine!”

“This ……” Feng Qianxue was a little hesitant.

“If you don’t agree, then it’s public, call the police and get the media ……”

“I agree.” Feng Qianxue didn’t have to talk at all.

“OK, then sign an agreement, Principal Liu and Teacher Chen testify.”


Chapter 136

The agreement was signed, and the Bai mother and daughter walked away smugly with the ruby necklace.

Headmaster Liu and Teacher Chen also went to the monitoring room to inquire about the situation.

Feng Qianxue was about to go look for the children when a familiar voice suddenly came from behind her, “Why don’t you look for me?”

Feng Qianxue was shaken and turned around to see Si Hao Xuan’s handsome face, he had lost a lot of weight recently and his face was also a bit haggard.

He had been smashed in the head by Night Zhen Ting in Shengtian in the afternoon, and now he was re-bandaged and had new clothes, but the heartache still lingered ……

“You know, I can solve the problem for you, so why do you have to fight it hard yourself every time?” Si Hao Xuan asked her with a frown.

“People always have to rely on themselves.” Feng Qianxue smiled bitterly.

Si Haoxuan was heartbroken and reached out to hug her.

She subconsciously stepped back and his hand froze there, then he withdrew it with loss and laughed bitterly to himself, “I forgot again, you don’t belong to me anymore ……”

Such a sad sentence, such a poignant gesture, deeply touched Feng Qianxue’s heart.

If he still approached her and pestered her like before, she would have resisted would have resented it.

But his such restraint and forbearance and loss, on the contrary, made her heart sink.

The past came flooding back to her, and she remembered the first time they embraced when she was sixteen, and he was the same way, wanting to get close, but carefully restraining himself ……

It was like a fated but unrequited relationship between them that was ultimately only an empty one.

“I’ll take care of my own business.” Feng Qianxue said softly, “It’s you, why make things difficult for yourself like that? The business world is so big, apart from Shengtian, there are still a large number of clients.”

“You should leave this alone ……” Si Hao Xuan did not want to talk about this topic, “Don’t contradict Night Zhen Ting for me, don’t create danger for yourself.”

“You’re thinking too much, I won’t.” Feng Qianxue deliberately kept her distance and took half a step back, “Mr. Si, your wife and mother-in-law shouldn’t be far away yet, go now, don’t make a misunderstanding.”

“The bracelet was given to Yue Yue by Mu Feng, there is no need to compensate at all, I will handle this matter ……”

“The best way for you to deal with it is to keep your distance from me.” Feng Qianxue interrupted him and solemnly reminded, “The more you act like you’re attached to me, the more the two of them will pursue me ……”

Hearing these words, Si Hao Xuan was silent, for a long time, he said nothing and turned to leave.

Feng Qianxue looked at his back and let out a deep sigh ……

She also felt regretful, but the things that make people regretful can’t come back after all ……


Just as she was about to leave, the voices of the three babies suddenly came ……

Feng Qianxue had just turned around when Yue Yue jumped into her arms, her fleshy little face buried in her chest, her eyes tearful as she asked, “Mommy, we didn’t find the bracelet, what should we do?”

“Mummy, Simu Feng’s mother said that the bracelet was worth more than thirty million, is that true?”

Chen Chen asked with a small frown and a serious face.

“How much is thirty million plus?” Yue Yue tilted her little head and looked at her brother with an uneasy expression.

“Fool, that’s money that Mommy won’t make in her lifetime.” Long Long blurted out, and after he finished, he covered his little mouth and looked at Feng Qianxue guiltily, “Mommy, don’t worry, Long Long will be able to earn money when he grows up.”

“Silly boy.” Feng Qianxue rubbed Longlong’s hair and then touched Chen Chen’s face, hugged Yue Yue and said, “Don’t worry, Mommy has already paid them back, things are perfectly resolved!”

“Really?” The three children were very surprised.

“Really, Mommy has been working brilliantly lately and earned a lot of money, so she paid them back the money for the bracelet first!” Feng Qianxue pretended to be relaxed.

“Yeah, great!” The three children cheered loudly.

“Okay, you guys go back with Granny first, Mummy has things to do and will be home later!”

“Mmmmmm, Big Boy, Two Boy, Three Boy, will be good!”

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