Am I A Gigolo Chapter 147-148

Chapter 147

Feng Qianxue walked into the company building with a shy face, only to see all her colleagues lined up in two neat and orderly rows, bowing to her in greeting, “President!”

She was stunned and froze in her place.

Only when Green next to her kept winking at her did she react as an afterthought and look back at ……

The slender and upright body of Night Zhen Ting walked in with the early morning sunlight, giving people a breathtaking sense of intimidation!

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

Without glancing at her, Night Zhen Ting walked forward with broad steps, and when he reached her, he suddenly stopped and coldly reminded, “Thirty-five seconds late, you will be punished for cleaning the swimming pool!”

“I ……” Feng Qianxue wanted to explain, but nodded humbly, “Yes, President!”

As the footsteps faded away, Feng Qianxue slowly lifted her head and angrily glared at the overbearing back, how annoying it was to look at, despite the resemblance to her boyfriend.

I really wanted to kick him in the face!

Night Zhen Ting walked into the lift, and as he turned around, he raised his eyes to look over ……

The angry, disgusted expression just now instantly turned into an earnest and respectful smile, a fake one!

The lift door slowly closed, Feng Qianxue finally breathed a sigh of relief ……

“Qianxue, Qianxue ……”

A voice came, interrupting Feng Qianxue’s thoughts.

Feng Qianxue came back to her senses and raised a smile in greeting, “Ah Lu!”

“Are you alright?” Ah Lu pulled her to squeeze the lift, “I see you don’t look well.”

“No.” Feng Qianxue shook her head, “Maybe I didn’t sleep well last night.”

“No wonder you’re so distracted, you didn’t even know you were in the president’s way.” Ah Lu smiled and joked, “Luckily it was you, the president only punished you for cleaning the pool, if it was someone else it would have been a disaster.”

“Don’t joke ……” Feng Qianxue clarified in a low voice, “There’s nothing between me and the president.”

“No way, the president hugged you tightly that day, don’t mention how nervous he was ……”

“You misread it ……”

“The lift is here, get in.”

Feng Qianxue arrived at the 68th floor with apprehension and was about to go to her post to work when Wen Li came to inform, “Don’t do it yet, leave it to Xi Xi, you go clean the infinity pool and report back when you’re done.”

“Oh.” Feng Qianxue commiserated and went to the infinity pool.

Although the sun was shining today, the temperature was not high and it would still be cold when they went down to the pool.

Feng Qianxue took off her shoes and socks, pulled up her trouser legs and started to clean the pool.

With the experience from last time, she was much more skilled this time.

Even when she turned around and there was suddenly another person beside her, she was not frightened as she was last time.

She just froze for a moment, and then greeted respectfully, “Good day, President!”

Night Zhen Ting sat on the recliner, his palm turning his ultra-thin mobile phone.

Feng Qianxue cleaned silently on the side, not daring to provoke him.

“How much is your monthly salary now?” Night Zhen Ting suddenly asked her.

Feng Qianxue was mopping the floor, and when she heard this, she immediately stopped moving, turned back, and looked at him timidly: “It was eight thousand in the administration and security department, and after transferring to the president’s office it was twenty thousand ……”

“Do you want to make money?” Night Zhen Ting had a beneficent look on his face.

“Want to.” Feng Qianxue nodded her head.

Night Zhen Ting hooked his finger.

Feng Qianxue cautiously walked over.

Night Zhen Ting handed her an X-ray report, “Go to the hospital, persuade Mr Jiang to take the laxative and pull out the chip, and give you a million dollars!”

Feng Qianxue was dumbfounded, she had almost forgotten about it and hurriedly asked, “The chip, it hasn’t been pulled out yet?”

“No, the medicine I took twice didn’t work.” Night Zhen Ting frowned slightly, “The old man is stubborn and refuses to take any more. Tomorrow Friday, as long as you deliver the chip to me today, one million dollars will be on the account immediately.”

“Fine, fine.” Feng Qianxue was excited, “I’ll go as soon as I finish cleaning.”

“No need to clean up, go now.” Night Zhen Ting made a quick gesture of rolling, “Your task today is to get the chip!”


Chapter 148

“Understood, I’ll get right on it.”

Feng Qianxue, barefoot, hurriedly ran outside, and after two steps, she came back and lifted up her shoes, smiling at Night Zhen Ting with a giggle.

I was so happy to have money!

The woman was so greedy for money!

Feng Qianxue reported to Wen Li, put on her shoes and hurried back home.

Just as she entered the door, she called out, “Zhu Ma, is there any more of that medicine that you gave to Little Four Treasures last time?”

“What medicine?” Zhu Ma didn’t respond for a moment.

“No medicine, no medicine.” Little Four Treasures shouted from inside the cage.

“Shut up.”

Feng Qianxue yelled at it and said to Zhu Ma, “It’s the green medicine …… that last time, Little Four Treasures pulled the chip out as soon as it finished drinking it.”

“There’s still a small half bottle, what? You’re constipated?”

“No, the company has an old-timer who needs to use it. You help me find the medicine, and make a pot of beef bone congee, some veggie buns, crystal shrimp dumplings, wild vegetable pot stickers, and buy a fruit basket that I’m going to take to the hospital to visit the patient.”


Feng Qianxue went back to her room to stay with the sick Yue Yue for a while.

At 1:30 pm, Zhu’s mother’s things were ready and the medicine was found.

Feng Qianxue immediately took the things and rushed to the hospital.

In the car, she saw the name of the medicine written on the bottle, “One Drink, One Pa*s”.

When she arrived at her destination, Feng Qianxue realised that this was the place where Yue Yue had been treated last night, the Sacred Heart Hospital!

Sacred Heart Hospital is the best private hospital in Haicheng, all treatments are provided in a one-stop service, no need for patients and their families to run up and down for procedures, each patient has a dedicated nurse and doctor.

The service was quite good, the medical standard was quite good, but of course, the charges were quite expensive too!

Lei Yu waited for Feng Qianxue at the entrance and took her to Jiang Dong.

The poor old man was lying alone in the luxurious ward, his eyes staring blankly at the ceiling.

In just two days, Jiang Dong had already lost weight to skin and bones and was very resistant to any medication.

When the nurse tried to approach with the medicine, he immediately lost his temper: “Go away, I won’t drink it …… I’d rather die than drink laxatives ……”

The nurse retired helplessly and shook her head and said to Lei Yu, “President Lei, we really have no choice, Jiang Dong refused to drink anything he said.”

“It’s no wonder, Mr. Jiang has already drunk the laxative five times, he’s deflated, so naturally he refuses to continue drinking it.” Lei Yu frowned and sighed, “Besides, even if we drink it again, there is no guarantee that it can be excreted in a short time.”

“I have a medicine here, if you drink it, you will definitely be able to poop it out.” Feng Qianxue took out the bottle of “One Drink” and shook it, smiling mysteriously, “It’s personally tested to work!”

“Uh…” Lei Yu blinked, “From my professional point of view, this medicine should not be any serious medicine …… but, the Night King asked you to try it, so go ahead and try it.”

“Mm.” Feng Qianxue walked into the ward carrying his things.

“Get lost-” Jiang Dong was about to lose his temper when he saw Feng Qianxue and froze, “It’s you?”

“You still remember me?” Feng Qianxue was a little embarra*sed, “That incident last time ……”

“Thank you last time, if it wasn’t for you, my old life would have been lost.”

Jiang Dong’s attitude became cordial.

“You’re welcome, this is the lunch I brought for you, try it.”

Feng Qianxue placed the delicacies made by Zhu’s mother on the table.

When Jiang Dong saw the food, he couldn’t help but burst into old tears, “I haven’t eaten properly for two days, those beasts, instead of giving me food, they made me drink laxatives.”

“Come on and taste it.” Feng Qianxue scooped him a bowl of beef bone congee, “This is handmade by my mother Zhu, I’ve loved it since I was a child.”

“Thanks.” Jiang Dong tasted a bite and tears almost fell out of his eyes, “Delicious, it’s so delicious.”

“Take your time and eat, there’s more.”

Feng Qianxue took care of Jiang Dong’s meal, got close to Jiang Dong and even helped his old man with his leg.

In one afternoon, the two became good friends who could talk about anything.

Jiang Dong greeted him affectionately, “Little Feng, don’t stand, sit down.”

“No more sitting.” Feng Qianxue didn’t want to beat around the bush anymore and took out the bottle of medicine directly, “Jiang Dong, in fact, I came with a mission. I know you are very reluctant to drink the medicine, but I guarantee that as long as you drink this bottle of medicine, the chip will definitely be drained out, and this is the last time.”

Jiang Dong’s brow furrowed, “Did Chief Night send you here?”

“Yes.” Feng Qianxue nodded honestly, “But this medicine is something I brought from home, personally tested to be useful, really.”

“Alright, I’ll drink it!”

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