Am I A Gigolo Chapter 157-158

Chapter 157

“It’ll cause a scene.” Feng Qianxue reacted as an afterthought, scrambling to pull on Night Zhen Ting’s arm, “Let go of him!”

Broken Sky’s eyes were already starting to turn white, and his struggling hands hung down weakly ……

Finally, the hostility in Night Zhen Ting’s eyes gradually receded and he let go of his right hand.

Broken Heavenly Clouds fell limply to his knees and collapsed immediately afterwards.

Night Zhen Ting carried Feng Qian Xue into the car and sped away in his car.

Behind him, Night Fai appeared with his men and packed up the back order, “Take Young Broken to the hospital.”



In the car, Night Zhen Ting took off his jacket and threw it on Feng Qian Xue, his eyebrows knitted together, the anger in his eyes not yet gone.

Feng Qianxue’s skirt was torn, half of her breasts were exposed and her thighs were showing, all in a mess, yet with a D*mned seductive look ……

She lowered her head, biting her lower lip, not daring to say a word, and even wanting to find a crack in the ground.

She felt that she was really the ultimate in stupidity, that she would actually identify the wrong person and almost make a big mistake.

Night Zhen Ting drove straight to the Windy Cloud Hotel.

“What did you bring me here for?” Feng Qianxue asked in fear and anxiety, “You shouldn’t want to ……”

“Shut up!” Night Zhen Ting stopped the car.

The manager greeted him like last time and opened the car door, greeting him respectfully, “The room has been packed, and everything you ordered is ready for you.”

Night Zhen Ting carried Feng Qian Xue out of the car and walked straight into the lift.

“I want to go home!”

Feng Qianxue whispered, but when she caught the cold look in Night Zhending’s eyes, she immediately shut up.

She came to the presidential suite where they had stayed four years ago.

Night Zhen Ting still threw her into the bathtub just like last time.

Feng Qianxue still choked on a few mouthfuls of water like before, sitting up in a mess, wiping the water off her face and gasping for air.

“Get yourself clean.”

Night Zhen Ting left these words and turned to go out.

Feng Qianxue let out a breath and sat down aggressively in the bathtub, waiting for her mood to calm down and began to take a bath.

I don’t know why, but with a real duck and duck, she couldn’t help but become obedient and submissive ……

Every time she resisted it ended badly anyway, and he wasn’t going to hurt her, so she might as well be obedient.

When I came out of the shower, it was dark outside and only the emergency light was on.

Feng Qianxue reached out to turn on the light, the light actually wouldn’t open, she was a little scared and called out softly, “Duck Duck ……”

“I’m here.” A low voice came from the floor-to-ceiling window.

Feng Qianxue was startled and turned around to see him sitting against the sofa wrapped in a bath towel, holding a tall gla*s of wine and drinking.

“Why is the light not on anymore? Is it broken?”

She reached out and walked over to him in the dark, but accidentally bumped into the table, her knee aching until it went numb.

“Are you a pig?” Night Zhen Ting shouted lowly.

Feng Qianxue deflated and groped, finally walking next to him.

He wasn’t wearing a mask, and the outline of his face was faintly visible in the faint light, with an inexplicable sense of familiarity ……

He casually pressed the remote control, and with it, the emergency lights in the room were switched off.

It was pitch black, except for his shining eyes, the whole room was devoid of any light.

Feng Qianxue’s heart was in a panic and she subconsciously moved towards him, her calves hit the sofa and her whole body fell off balance, flopping down on top of him ……

His chest burned like fire, ironing her petite body.

She scrambled to brace herself to get up, only to trip over him again, her arms propped up on his shoulders, her forehead bumping into his chin, tingling with pain.

She was still trying to fidget when he suddenly wrapped his arms around her waist and gave an icy warning, “Don’t move!”

“Oh ……”

Feng Qianxue lifted her head and looked at him weakly.

In the darkness, she couldn’t see his face, but there was always a familiar feeling of déjà vu.

Moreover, that familiar smell of his body made her feel inexplicably at ease.

The body, actually obediently willing to be close ……


Chapter 158

“Your brain, what is it made of?”

Night Zhen Ting knocked Feng Qianxue’s head with his knuckles, just like knocking an unripe watermelon.

Feng Qianxue came back to her senses and scrambled to explain, “That man looks like you, moreover, he was driving your car and wearing the same mask as you, so I ……”

Thinking about it, she immediately questioned, “Why was he driving your car? The license plate numbers are the same, what the hell is going on here? Even if the mask can be imitated, the license plate number can’t be ……”

“So you’re mistaken for someone else?” Night Zhen Ting frowned and drank coldly, “And almost got banged!”

“No, no ……” Feng Qianxue shook her head in a panic, “He hadn’t touched me yet ……”

“If I hadn’t gotten there in time ……”

Night Zhen Ting became furious at the thought of this, fiercely cupping her cheeks and kissing her fiercely ……

“Ooooo ……” Feng Qianxue struggled a few times before her body honestly complied.

His kiss was as fierce as a storm, with a vengeful punishment.

It seemed to want to remove all the scent of others from her …… Remember the website

He also wanted to brand her with a mark that belonged exclusively to him.

The first time I saw him, I was so happy to see him.

After a long time, his breath became ragged and his body reacted in other ways.

Her heart beat in panic and she pushed against him in fear.

He reluctantly released her, cupping her face in one hand, his thumb gently rubbing her red, swollen lips, a dark fire of desire welling up in his eyes, his voice a husky whisper-

“Just this once, for the last time. Make this stupid mistake again, and I’ll really leave you alone!”

“Mmmmmm.” Feng Qianxue nodded her head repeatedly and said in a resigned voice, “I will never, never mistake anyone again.”

She didn’t know until now that he was actually different from others, even though he looked similar, but that unique scent and smell of his body, as well as his eyes and the tone of his voice, were all different ……

He was just unique.


Nightquake Timbers rubbed her hair and pushed her face into his chest.

He even found it strange that he obviously disliked her to death, yet he couldn’t help but care for her and care about her ……

What the hell is going on here?


At this moment, the atmosphere is warm and romantic, both people’s hearts are surging with strange feelings ……

The hand of Night Zhen Ting gently caressed her bare and flawless shoulder, desire was stirring.

“Duck Duck ……” Feng Qianxue suddenly asked, “Are you really a duck?”

Night Zhen Ting paused in his movements and frowned, “What the hell?”

“Ugh, how great it would be if you weren’t a duck ……”

Feng Qianxue sighed in her heart, if he wasn’t a duck, if he liked children, then their family of seven would be able to identify and reunite, how happy would that be ……

“What do you wish I was?” Nightquake had never formally discussed this with her before.

“Whatever, as long as there is a proper occupation.” Feng Qianxue longed, “Even if it’s a drop driver, a delivery person, a security guard, a company employee, it’s all fine ……”


Night Zhen Ting frowned, it seemed that she didn’t a*sociate him with his own original identity at all.

That was good too, at least this game could still be played ……

“Alright, sleep.”

Night Zhen Ting suddenly rolled over and got up, hugging Feng Qianxue and lying down on the bed.

When Feng Qianxue pulled the quilt, she accidentally ripped off his bath towel and found him completely naked, she turned red with shame and moved to the side in a panic ……

Night Zhen Ting directly dragged her into his arms, his long slender arms confining her like a cage: “Don’t move, it’s under my control now, provoke it again and you’re dead!”

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