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Am I A Gigolo Chapter 181-182

Chapter 181

Thinking about this, Night Zhen Ting’s brow furrowed up, and the hand holding the wine gla*s was tightening slightly.

Hesitating for a moment, he drained his gla*s of wine in one go, put it down, put on his bathrobe and walked quickly outside ……

In the guest room next door, Feng Qianxue was covering her mouth with her hand and whispering on the phone ……

“Fine, fine, mommy will pick you up right after she finishes her business.”

“Don’t worry, Mommy is safe now, and so is Little Four Treasures, you have to be good and listen to your mother-in-law, safety first.”

“Tatsun Longlong take care of your sister oh, mummy loves you ……”

The last two words had just been said when the door to the room was suddenly pushed open and a figure walked in ……

Feng Qianxue was startled, the word “we” was swallowed back, hurriedly changed her mouth: “Let’s not talk about it, go home and rest, bye.”

“Who are you talking to on the phone?”

The slender, upright body looked somewhat gloomy in the dim light.

“I ……” Feng Qianxue wanted to lie, but his aura made her feel nervous and naturally she told the truth, “Zhu Ma!”

“Hmm?” Night Zhen Ting raised his eyebrows.

“It’s the old maid in my house, she has been taking care of me since I was very young ……” Feng Qianxue gave an honest account, “Today I received a horrible delivery, I felt that it was not safe at home, so I let her go back to the countryside, she just arrived at her old home in the countryside and gave I called to report peace.”

Except for hiding the matter of the child, everything else was true.

Seeing her like that, it didn’t look like she was faking, so he didn’t ask any more questions, “Rest early.”

“Good night.” Feng Qianxue said.

Night Zhen Ting left slowly, and when he reached the door, he still didn’t see her open her mouth to stay him, so he couldn’t help but feel a little unhappy, and looked back at her, pretending to be cool and asking, “Is there nothing you want to say?”

“Huh?” Feng Qianxue was stunned for a moment and asked cautiously, “Is there anything to eat? I didn’t eat tonight.”


Night Zhen Ting was speechless.

This woman, her brain circuit was really abnormal.

Half an hour later ……

The maid brought some exquisite Canton style dim sum and set up a table full of them.

Feng Qianxue could not help but swallow, first reserved for a moment, and then began to wolf down the food.

Night Zhen Ting crossed his legs and sat on the sofa chair, looking at her coldly: “No one would believe you when you say you used to be the daughter of a wealthy family and a lady of the house. You look like you’ve never eaten in your last life.”

“You’ve never been hungry, how would you know how hard it is to be hungry.” Feng Qianxue gave him a blank look, “If you’ve never suffered, you don’t know what it’s like to suffer.”

“So you’re usually so poor that you can’t even afford to eat?” Night Zhen Ting was curious about her life all these years, “Even a rotten boat has three pounds of iron, even if your father is bankrupt, those remaining personal properties are still enough to clothe and feed you.”

“When my father had his accident, I had nothing but a dress and a piece of jewellery on myself ……”

Feng Qianxue became depressed when she remembered what happened to her father back then –

“I sold my jewellery for some money to get through the years, and two months ago, the money from selling the jewellery ran out, that’s why I was desperate to find a job ……”

“No way.” Night Zhen Ting felt puzzled, “Although your father’s company was bankrupt at that time, it did not seize personal property, the properties, funds and cars under his name added up to at least one or two hundred million, how could you be penniless and have to live by selling jewellery?”

Hearing these words, Feng Qianxue froze and looked up at him, “Really? Then why did Second Uncle say that all of my father’s personal properties were seized?”

“Who is your second uncle?” Night Zhen Ting asked.

“Feng Shiyuan …… Bai Lu’s father.” Feng Qianxue blurted out, and after she finished, her face changed drastically, “Could it be that they swallowed my dad’s property?”


Chapter 182

“Obviously.” Night Zhen Ting looked at her with a sympathetic face, “Your father is a character of sorts, how dare you not inherit half of his abilities and not even understand such a simple thing?”

“I must get to the bottom of this matter ……”

Feng Qianxue clenched her fist, being screwed for money was one thing, the key was that she doubted her father’s death, could there be any other hidden agenda.

“Cheer up.” Night Zhen Ting got up to leave.

“Hey!” Feng Qianxue called out to him, “Can’t you help me?”

“You are not one of my people, why should I help you?” Night Zhen Ting was very cold, “If you were one of my people, a thousand armies, I would have taken care of it for you!”

“Cut!” Feng Qianxue gave him a blank look, “I’ll find a lawyer to check it out myself.”

“As you wish.” Night Zhen Ting turned to leave and said without looking back, “Anyway, tomorrow night at 9:30, if you don’t get the necklace back, you’ll still have to become mine!”


Feng Qianxue then remembered that the agreement to offset the debt, tomorrow night at 9:30 will be the time limit.

What to do, the necklace was taken to Bordeaux by Bai Lu, definitely can’t get it back …… Remember the website

This night, Feng Qianxue tossed and turned, difficult to sleep, one moment thinking about the horror express, another moment thinking about the identity of the night Zhen Ting and Duck Duck, another moment thinking about the father ……

Her mind was about to explode.

She shook her head and reminded herself to stop thinking about it and take it one step at a time now ……

It was almost dawn before Feng Qianxue drifted off to sleep, but not long after she fell asleep, her mobile phone rang, she answered the phone in a daze, and Bai Lu’s agitated and angry curses came through –

“Feng Qianxue, you b*tch, you’re really something, Haoxuan is actually divorcing me for you!!!”

Feng Qianxue had not slept all night and had just squinted her eyes when she heard this splattering of angry curses and did not look back for a moment.

“It’s obvious that it’s your kid who lost my bracelet, you don’t have the money to pay for it yourself, you have to take the necklace as collateral, and now you’re running to my husband to pretend to be pitiful? My husband just called and forcibly ordered me to send the necklace back or divorce me ……”

“Let me talk.”

Immediately afterwards, the sound of Bai Qiuyu’s angry scolding came from the other end of the phone–

“Feng Qianxue, that agreement, in black and white, but you signed it yourself in front of the two teachers, we didn’t force you to do it, and you actually ran to Hao Xuan to talk nonsense.”

“You’re good, it’s true that the heartthrob white lotus is powerful, pretending to look harmless, but in fact, inside you are nastier and filthier than anyone else, I’m telling you, you don’t want to seduce Haoxuan while Lulu is away, just a lowly b*tch like you, Haoxuan won’t be serious with you ……”

“Have you scolded enough?” Feng Qianxue couldn’t listen to this and shouted lowly in annoyance, “It was agreed to get the bracelet for the necklace within seven days, you actually left the country wearing the necklace, clearly you are deliberately delaying.”

“I can go wherever I want, how dare you restrict my personal freedom ……”

“Then you should not come back.” Feng Qianxue interrupted Bai Lu’s words and deliberately stimulated her, “Haoxuan has asked me to meet tonight, we will catch up ……”

“You, you dare ……”

“Don’t worry, in your absence, I will keep Hao Xuan company properly.”

Feng Qianxue hung up the phone straight after saying this.

That pair of despicable and shameless mother and daughter, if they didn’t give them some colour, they all thought that she was something that they could just take advantage of.

As she was thinking, she suddenly received an incoming call on her phone, it was from Si Haoxuan ……


“Qianxue, I have informed Bai Lu to return to Hai Cheng immediately and return the necklace to you.”

“Didn’t you say that they were going to play in Bordeaux for ten days? Why is there such a sudden rush?”

“I’m worried that Chief Night is giving you a hard time, so I specifically asked Chief Night to explain this matter, he said, you have a three day deadline, and it’s time at nine o’clock tonight ……”

Si Hao Xuan’s voice was very anxious, “Don’t worry, Bai Lu has booked a return ticket, arriving in Haicheng at eight o’clock in the evening, I’ll be waiting at the airport and will definitely bring the necklace back to you.”

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