Am I A Gigolo Chapter 249-250

Chapter 249

“My father wrote a letter to you?” Feng Qianxue asked excitedly, “What did the letter say?”

Chu Zi Mo hesitated for a moment and said evasively, “It was probably just an exhortation for me to protect you well, nothing else …… Besides, he told me that he had left something for you, and if you hadn’t gone to Zhu Jian Shan in five years, let me take it out and deliver it to you. ”

Hearing these words, Feng Qianxue’s heart was like five seas tumbling, complicated beyond words ……

How could she not have imagined that before her father pa*sed away, he also wrote a letter to Chu Zi Mo.

Father was probably worried that she, after five years was still unable to step out of the past and start a new life, so he asked Chu Zimo ……

From what Chu Jianshan said last time, it was certain that the things contained in the box had nothing to do with her father’s unexpected death.

So, what exactly did her father leave for her?

“Qianxue ……” Chu Zimo’s voice interrupted Feng Qianxue’s thoughts, Feng Qianxue came back to her senses and looked up at him, “Thank you, Zimo, you should go back and take care of yourself!”

“Mm, bye.”

Chu Zi Mo gave her a deep look and turned to leave.

Feng Qianxue looked at his fading back and blamed herself very much in her heart, she really shouldn’t have gotten him involved ……

I hope that Night Zhen Ting is true to his word and will not make things difficult for him.

“Mummy mummy mummy mummy ……”

Yue Yue ran out of the box with her little four treasures, holding the cupcake high in her hand,, “Mommy, this cupcake is so delicious, try it.”

“Wow, it’s so pretty.” Feng Qianxue squatted down and picked up Yue Yue and tasted the cupcake, “It’s so delicious!”

“Mummy, this banana milkshake is also delicious.”

Dragon brought his own banana milkshake and fed it to Feng Qianxue.

“Mmm, it’s good, Mommy likes it.” Feng Qianxue tasted Longlong’s banana milkshake again.

“Mummy, has Uncle Chu left?” Chen Chen came out with his ice cream, his big handsome eyes looking around, “He likes vanilla flavoured ice cream, I was planning to share it with him.”

“I saved mango pudding for Uncle Chu too.” Longlong immediately raised his hand to indicate.

“I want to introduce Little Four Treasures to Uncle Chu.” Yue Yue held Little Four Treasures and raised her little eyebrows in triumph, “I told him that Little Four Treasures could sing, and he didn’t believe me.”

“Uncle Chu has something else to do, so he’s leaving first.” Feng Qianxue explained, “These few days Uncle Chu has taken care of you, have you thanked him?”

“Yes, we have all thanked him properly.” The three children immediately stated, “We even agreed to go to the amus*ment park together on the weekend.”

“Uncle Chu is very busy and may not have time to go to the amus*ment park with you, can Mommy go with you?”

“Good ……”

“Mummy, let’s go and eat together, the steak is getting cold!”


Feng Qianxue led the three children towards the box, Tenzin was a gentleman and pulled out the chair for her, she took his handsome face and kissed it, praising, “Thank you, Big Boy!”

“Mummy, Second Treasure wants a kiss too.”

“Mommy, third baby wants one too, third baby wants one too ……”

“Mummy Mummy, the fourth baby wants one too!”

From the box came the laughter of the family, like a clear sky after rain, full of sunshine!

Feng Qianxue twisted her head to look out the window, the Chu family’s car drove away, and the Night family’s car disappeared ……

Her lips curled up in a helpless bitter smile, Night Zhen Ting’s people, they really do things in a drip!

While the three children went off to the side to play, Zhu Ma sat over and asked Feng Qianxue in a low voice, “Miss, Chu Shao has left?”

“Mm, gone.” Feng Qianxue nodded her head.

“Young Chu is really a good man.” Chu’s mother sighed, “He personally drove to the countryside to pick us up and settled us in his house, at first the children were a bit wary of him because they were frightened, he took care of them with care and slowly won their trust, he has become close to the children in the past few days.”

“I know ……” Feng Qianxue sighed, she felt that the best way to repay Chu Zimo was to stay away from him and not cause him any more trouble ……


Chapter 250

After the meal, Feng Qianxue took Zhu’s mother and the children home.

As soon as the family reached the entrance of the community, they were greeted by the developer and property staff, who were eager and enthusiastic, as well as the security guards who helped Zhu’s mother carry the large bags.

Zhu’s mother praised their service, and then asked Feng Qianxue in a low voice, “Miss, the property fees in this community must be very expensive, right?”

“It’s a bit expensive, but it’s okay, I got a pay rise.”

Feng Qianxue didn’t want to make Zhu Ma worry.

“Even if you increase your salary, you can’t spend it like this, the rent and the property fees add up to a lot of money a month, right?” Zhu Ma was full of worry.

“The house has been bought and the formalities are all ready, just ask Miss Feng to sign it later.” The staff of the developer said with a smile.

“Bought it?” Zhu Ma’s eyes widened in surprise and she hurriedly asked, “Miss, where did you get the money?”

“I made a big achievement for the company, and the boss rewarded me.” Feng Qianxue said in a low voice, “Zhu Ma, don’t think too much, let’s live in peace as a family of five.”

Zhu’s mother didn’t say any more, but her face was very heavy.

When they walked into the house, the family froze, this home was completely different from the one they had lived in before, it was stylish and exquisite, bright and spacious, romantic and warm!

Every piece of furniture and decorations had been carefully chosen and it was clear that a lot of thought had gone into it.

The staff showed the family around the rooms. The master bedroom was spacious, with a cloakroom and desk, and a separate bathroom.

There are two children’s rooms, a princess room and a prince’s room.

The princess room was beautifully decorated, just like the room where the princesses in fairy tales live, with pink and white colours, lots of floating veils and various dolls.

“Wow, it’s beautiful!!!”

Yue Yue pushed open the room and immediately cheered, jumping up and down on the bed in excitement.

“Come and see our room.”

Tatsu and Long Long couldn’t wait to run next door to the Prince’s room.

The prince’s room had two beds in a sci-fi themed setting, one bed made in the mode of a plane and one in the mode of a car.

The room also had lots of toys, all of which they had been looking forward to for a long time but couldn’t afford.

“Wow, I love this room so much.”

“Me too!”

The two children excitedly ran in and opened each toy to try it out, then climbed onto the bed with their toys in their arms and frolicked.

“Auntie, this is your room, come and have a look.”

The staff showed Zhu’s mother around her room.

Feng Qianxue hurriedly followed.

Zhu Ma’s room was equipped with a hard-paneled bed for the elderly and a ma*sage chair.

Zhu’s mother tried it out and exclaimed, “It’s so comfortable. I usually have a sore back when I work, but it’s expensive and time-consuming to go out to a blind ma*sage parlour.

“This is specially configured for you.” The staff said with a smile.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.” Zhu’s mother was touched.

The property housekeeper taught Zhu’s mother how to use the latest household appliances and gave them the central air conditioning and fresh air system before leaving.

Feng Qianxue felt very relieved to see Zhu’s mother and the children so happy.

At the same time, there were mixed feelings.

Everything about this was impeccably perfect.

She knew that the details were all arranged by Lei Yu ……

But in reality, it was all given by Night Zhen Ting, would he take it back at the slightest displeasure?

When the time comes, the children’s moods will fall short again, right ……

Feng Qianxue shook her head to stop herself from thinking nonsense.

Feng Qianxue played with the children for a while and waited until they were all tired and napping, then immediately changed her clothes and took her bag and prepared to go out.

“Miss, you’re going out?” Zhu Ma just came back from buying vegetables and said with a smile, “There are vegetable sellers right in the neighbourhood, I’ve bought vegetables and will cook something delicious for you guys tonight to celebrate our move!”

“Don’t cook for me, I’m going on a trip to the mausoleum garden and I don’t know when I’ll be back.”

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