Am I A Gigolo Chapter 271-272

Chapter 271

“Is that so?” Ling Long smiled and joked, “Zhen Ting is too majestic, isn’t he?”

Night ZhenTing gave her a faint smile and said lightly, “Naturally not as affable as you.”

“That is.” Ling Long raised an eyebrow and smiled.

The interaction between the two was ambiguous and intimate, along with a rare tacit understanding.

The people around them all looked at them with quite deep interest, rarely looking favourably on this pair.

After all, they were childhood sweethearts, and their families were well-matched, so if they were united, it would be like a tiger adding wings to both sides!

The Ling family, in particular, was incomparably looking forward to this marriage.

Feng Qianxue watched this scene in her eyes, her heart was like being scratched by countless wild cats, it was unbearable ……

But she repeatedly reminded herself to calm down, to calm down, to calm down!

She followed the other secretaries, carefully and respectfully laid out the documents in front of the executives, and then prepared to retire.

At that moment, Jiang Dong recognised her and asked casually, “Xiao Feng? You’re back at work?”

“Yes, Jiang Dong.” Feng Qianxue smiled and nodded her head.

“It’s good to be back.” Jiang Dong said gratefully, “Do your best!”

“Mm.” Feng Qianxue put down the file and subconsciously looked at Night Zhen Ting, finding him looking at Ling Long, the two of them making eye contact with a very tacit understanding.

Feng Qianxue’s hand shook and touched the document, which in turn smashed into Jiang Dong’s teacup.

“With a bang, the teacup fell on the table, spilling hot tea on Jiang Dong’s body and Feng Qianxue’s legs ……

A hot pain came from Feng Qianxue’s leg.

“Oops!” Jiang Dong jumped up all of a sudden, sucking in his breath from the scalding.

“Sorry, sorry!”

Feng Qianxue couldn’t care about the pain and hurriedly apologised to Jiang Dong while scrambling to clean up.

“Jiang Dong, are you alright?” Wen Li immediately walked over to deal with it and barked down at Feng Qianxue, “What’s wrong with you? Get out!”

“It’s fine, it’s fine, don’t blame her.”

Jiang Dong immediately rounded up for Feng Qianxue, who was in fact wearing trousers and indeed had no burns.

“I’m sorry ……” Feng Qianxue apologized again, then backed off with her head bowed.

It was then that Night Zhen Ting looked up at her, but quickly withdrew it again.

Ling Long also took a deep look at Feng Qianxue and then greeted Jiang Dong with concern, “Jiang Dong, are you alright? Are there any burns? Do you need to go to the hospital?”

“No burns, just wet clothes.” Jiang Dong said.

“Go back to the office and take care of it.” Night Zhen Ting instructed.

“Okay.” Jiang Dong left with his a*sistant.

“We’ll start with a meeting ……,” Night ZhenTing announced.


Feng Qianxue went to the washroom and soaked a disposable towel with cold water, then put it on the burned area.

It didn’t look much worse now, just a patch of skin that turned red and then came with a hot pain.

She thought that maybe it would heal after a while, and didn’t care.

“Little Feng!” At that moment, Wen Li walked in quickly, holding the burn cream, “Rub it on first.”

“Thank you, Sister Wen.” Feng Qianxue was very ashamed.

Wen Li was a good leader, every time she made a mistake, although she would also criticise her severely, she still helped her solve the problem afterwards.

“What’s wrong with you today? You’re distracted.” Wen Li asked with concern, “Is it something at home, or are you not feeling well?”

“Maybe my aunt came and I’m a bit uncomfortable, so I’m not in good shape.” Feng Qianxue made an excuse, “I’m really sorry just now, did Jiang Dong get burned?”

“I just came from Jiang Dong’s side, he didn’t get burned, just his clothes got wet.” Wen Li frowned and said, “It’s lucky you got him today, if it was another shareholder, or a guest from an outside company, you’d be in big trouble.”

“Yes ……” Feng Qianxue bowed her head in shame.

“You’re not in good shape today, so don’t go to the front desk, do some logistical work.” Wen Li instructed, “Sort out the pantry later, and go to the conference room at eleven o’clock to pack the papers.”



Chapter 272

After Wen Li went out, Feng Qianxue washed her face at the sink, reminding herself to be a little more calm and not to be rude again.

When she thought of Night Thunder, her heart was filled with indignation.

It was obvious that he was the one who was in two different boats, and he was the one who was cheating on her in front of her, but he was so calm and collected, why should she panic as if she had done something wrong?

The relationship was already abnormal, it started as a contractual relationship, it was always an underground affair that was never seen ……

The actual fact is that you can’t be sure that you’re going to be able to get a good deal on your own.

In fact, when you think about it the other way around, from the beginning, she didn’t want to be with him properly either.

It was only because she was forced to resist him by his lustful authority that she reluctantly obeyed him ……

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

Why is it that now when she sees him getting a little closer to another woman, she gets confused?

This is not okay, no, it’s not okay!!!

Feng Qianxue took a deep breath and used her fingers to prop up a smile, saying to herself, be calm, be easy, be free of desire …… Remember the website

As long as she doesn’t care, she won’t be affected!

Feng Qianxue repeatedly mumbled these words in her heart, then walked out of the bathroom and began to work in earnest.

After finishing tidying up the pantry, it was exactly eleven o’clock and the meeting had already ended.

A few cleaners were cleaning up, and Feng Qianxue was working with her secretary, Xi Xi, to sort out the post-meeting documents and prepare them for destruction.

As they were busy, a familiar figure walked in, his shadow cast in front of Feng Qianxue, tall and upright.

“President!” Everyone bowed their heads in greeting.

Feng Qianxue looked up at him and lowered her head again, continuing to work.

Night Zhen Ting made a gesture and everyone retreated, Feng Qian Xue was also ready to retreat, but was pulled by him and pushed straight down on the black president’s chair.

The president’s chair was pushed backwards by inertia, and Night Zhen Ting hooked it with his foot, and the chair slid back in front of him.

He braced his hands on the armrests of the chair and attached himself to Feng Qianxue, like a wild animal trapping her underneath him.

Feng Qianxue did not speak, raising her large, clear eyes to glare at him indignantly.

She was full of anger, full of questions, waiting for him to explain.

“Heh!” Night Zhen Ting looked at her like this and actually smiled, cupping her chin and asking, “Jealous? Hmm?”

Feng Qianxue did not say anything, but her face was extremely ugly.

Shouldn’t you be jealous?

You’re like a lion when you’re jealous, roaring and cursing, and you want to do so and so and so.

I can’t have a f*cking temper?

“Like a frog!”

Night Vibrant pinched her puffy face and came over to bite her on her puffy red lips.

“Woo-” Feng Qianxue pushed him away angrily.

“Let me see, is it burnt?”

Night ZhenTing reached up her one-step skirt, ready to check her thighs ……

“Zhen Ting!”

Outside, Ling Long’s shout suddenly came, followed by the door of the meeting room being pushed open ……

He withdrew his hand at once, straightened up, and kicked the president’s chair away ……

The president’s chair slid open in style, and Feng Qianxue almost fell off, but luckily she grabbed the armrest in time.

“I’ve been looking all over for you.” Ling Long smiled as he walked in, “Is it convenient to invite me to sit in your office?”


Night Zhen Ting made a graceful gesture of invitation, then led Ling Long out.

Ling Long gave Feng Qianxue a deep look, his gaze full of chill.

Feng Qianxue sat in her chair and watched their backs, gritting her teeth and cursing angrily in her heart: scum !!!!

The colleagues came back to work, and Feng Qianxue also forced herself to hold back her depressed mood and continued to pack the documents.

After a while, Wen Li walked in and ordered, “Xiao Feng, go clean the president’s office.”

“I ……”

“Hurry up and bring a rag and mop.”

Wen Li finished her instructions and hurriedly left again.

Feng Qianxue only had to go to the tool room and fetch the cleaning tools, then go to the president’s office.

A few steps away, she was wondering if she would meet Night Zhen Ting and Ling Long ……

Would she see any scene that she shouldn’t see?

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