Am I A Gigolo Chapter 305-306

Chapter 305

Every afternoon in the past, Zhu’s mother would be waiting at the street corner to pick up her children.

But today, the children got off the school bus without seeing their mother-in-law.

“Feng Qianchen, Feng Qianlong, Feng Qianxue, are your parents not here?” Chen, the teacher of Sunflower cla*s, inquired, “Do you want me to call the parents?”

“No need.” Chen said rather maturely, “Granny is occasionally a few minutes late these days, so we’ll just wait here for her for a bit.”

“Then you have to be good and wait, don’t wander off oh.” Teacher Chen admonished, “Feng Qianchen, you are the big brother, take care of your younger siblings, got it?”

“Yes, don’t worry, Teacher Chen.” Feng Qianchen patted his chest and said with conviction, “I’ll keep an eye on them.”

“That’s good.” Teacher Chen didn’t think much of it and let the school bus drive away.

These days, Zhu’s mother was occasionally a few minutes late, and the first few times, the school bus had waited until she rushed over to pick up the three babies.

But then, other parents who were late in picking up their children would complain and Teacher Chen dared not be slower.

Thinking that Zhu’s mother would be there soon to pick up her children and that it was close to home, Chen didn’t care so much.

“Granny walks very slowly, she’s probably still on her way.” Longlong kicked the small stones on the road, “Dabao, let’s play a game.” Remember the website

“Not playing.” Tenzin looked in the direction of home and said understandingly, “Grandma is not feeling well these days, she walks with big gulps of air, and every time she comes to pick us up, her clothes are sweaty, so why don’t we walk together in the direction of home, so that she can walk less.”

“Dabao is right.” Yueyue raised her little chubby hand and stated, “We are already big kids in kindergarten, we can’t just think about playing, we have to share the stress for our mother-in-law and mother.”

“Okay, I was wrong.” Long Long lowered his head guiltily and to make amends added, “I remember the way home, I’ll take you guys back.”

“I remember too, let’s go.”

The three children walked home hand in hand and sang a children’s song.

Pa*sers-by looked at them and complimented the three children on how pretty and cute they were, wondering which family’s little ones they belonged to.

For the first few minutes, they were concentrating on walking, but soon the children’s attention was drawn to what was around them.

Longlong was kicking little stones the whole way.

Tatsu was watching the cars on the side of the road to see if Mummy was coming home from work.

And Yue Yue was fascinated by a ragdoll cat on the side of the road, pointing her meaty little finger at the cat and saying, “Look, that ragdoll cat is so pretty, did she get lost with her owner and can’t find her way home?!”

“Hmm.” Tenzin nodded and analysed rationally, “Such a beautiful and clean cat, it shouldn’t be a stray cat.”

“Its owner must be very anxious.” Long Long looked at the cat and guessed, “Probably looking for it everywhere right now.”

“Let’s give it to the police uncle.” Yue Yue suggested seriously, “That way, it can go home.”

“I agree!” Dragon immediately raised his hand and seconded the motion.

“But ……”

“Oops, it’s run off into the woods.” Yue Yue suddenly shouted anxiously.

With a single stride, Dragon rushed into the grove and followed after Ragdoll Cat.

“Erbao wait for me.” Yue Yue hurried to follow, her fleshy little short legs running rather slowly.

“Erbao Sanbao, stop.” Tenzin couldn’t even call out, he just had to follow, “Don’t you guys run around, or grandma won’t be able to find us ……”

The two couldn’t even listen and were still chasing the cat.

Dragon ran fast, chasing the ragdoll cat through the woods and onto another road.

At that moment, a stretch Rolls Royce sped up ……


Chapter 306

The driver saw the little boy and the kitten in the middle of the road and hurriedly applied the emergency brakes.

Unfortunately, it was already too late, the car hit Longlong despite the emergency slowdown ……

Longlong’s tiny body was knocked and bounced several metres, falling to the ground, never to move again.

“Ah…” Yue covered her little face and screamed in horror.

“Erbao, Sanbao!” Tenzin rushed over in a panic.

Inside the car, the driver was scared silly, the person on the pa*senger side was more calm: “Emergency brakes have been applied, it’s inertia, no one should be killed, hurry up and call an ambulance.”

“Yes, yes.” The driver hurriedly called for an ambulance.

“What’s going on?” A pale, low voice came from the back seat of the car.

“Old Ma’am, a child was hit, an ambulance is being called.” Night Sen, the co-driver, reported.

“Erbao!” Tenzin rushed over in panic and looked at Longlong who had fallen in a pool of blood, shouting excitedly, “Help, help-”

“Wooooooooo, Erbao, wooooooooo ……”

Yue was so scared that her whole body was shaking and she was standing on the roadside bawling.

The back seat window opened and Old Master Night poked his head out, looking at a young boy lying in the middle of the road, bleeding profusely from his head.

Another little boy was holding the injured boy and shouting for help, and a little girl was howling next to him ……

This scene immediately gripped the old man’s heart.

The old man himself got out of the car, walked over with his walking stick, probed Longlong’s nose, and then ordered, “Don’t wait for the ambulance, get the children into the car and take them to the hospital immediately.”



It was forty past three and Feng Qianxue was still in the taxi, she was worried that something had happened to the children and hurriedly called the sunflower-like teacher Chen: “Teacher Chen, my mother Zhu is sick and didn’t pick up the children today, I’m on my way back, please ……”

“Ah, Sambo’s mum, the kids got off the bus long ago.” Teacher Chen hurriedly said, “The children got off the bus at the pick-up point at 3:30 on time. I thought that these days Zhu mama would be a few minutes late and thought the children would just wait there, I didn’t know you …… oops, you should have told me in advance.”

“The kids have got off the bus? Then where are they now?” Feng Qianxue was anxious.

“They should still be at the pick-up point.” Teacher Chen panicked, “Before I left, I told them again and again to wait where they were and not to run away, can you go and check first? Call me again if anything happens?”

“Fine, fine, I’ll talk about it when I arrive.”

Feng Qianxue urged the driver again and again and finally arrived at the pick-up point at three fifty.

When she got off the bus, she was dumbfounded, where were the children?

The children were not at the pick-up point at all.

Feng Qianxue wondered if they had gone to play in the woods nearby, and hurriedly searched everywhere in the woods, but they were still not there.

Not caring about her back pain, she searched again on her way home, shouting the children’s names as she searched: “Dabao Erbao Sanbao ……”

No one answered.

Her heart was racing, but she still held on to a glimmer of hope, wondering if the children had returned home.

The three children were smart enough to know their way home, and what’s more, with Dabao around, they should be fine.

When Feng Qianxue hurried home, the house was empty, only Little Four Treasures flew out to greet her: “Mummy, Mummy!”

“Little Four Treasures, have you seen Big Treasure, Two Treasures and Three Treasures?” Feng Qianxue asked anxiously after her.

“No, no.” Little Four Treasures shook his little head.

Feng Qianxue’s heart was cold, but still holding on to hope, she went to each room to look, while shouting, “Big treasure, second treasure, third treasure, come out quickly, don’t scare mummy!”

“Come out, come out!” Little Four Treasures followed suit and shouted.

Unfortunately, the three children were still nowhere to be seen.

At this point, Feng Qianxue was already sweating with anxiety. She held her injured waist and gasped for breath, repeatedly making herself calm, calm, she must be calm.

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