Am I A Gigolo Chapter 319-320

Chapter 319

The hospital’s entrance saw all this, Lei Yu could not help but “pfft” laugh.

But when she saw the icy look in the eyes of the Night King, she immediately covered her mouth, quickly put her expression back together and walked over quickly ……

“Cough cough, Night King, Miss Feng is just weak and overly worried, that’s why she fainted, she should wake up soon.”

“Overly worried?”

Night Zhen Ting frowned, just because Zhu Ma was sick, she was so worried that she fainted?

It seemed that that Zhu Ma had a much higher status in her mind than he did.

“Well, it’s probably more tiring too.” Lei Yu was thoughtful, “With her own injuries and Zhu Ma being sick, plus taking care of three kids, it must be hard.”

“That Zhu Ma, what’s the problem?” Night Zhen Ting asked.

“Moderate brain infarction, needs to be treated slowly.” Lei Yu said.

“Arrange for the best treatment plan, and if necessary, deploy a foreign specialist to come over.” Night ZhenTing ordered.

“I will do it even if you don’t say so.” Lei Yu smiled, “Night King, you really love the house!”

“I’m just kinder!”

Night Zhen Ting said coldly, but it was a statement that even he himself didn’t believe.

Lei Yu hid his mouth and snickered, but he didn’t dare to laugh out loud.

“Keep an eye on this bird.”

Night Zhen Ting pointed at Little Four Treasures, then gingerly walked into the ward.

At this moment, the medical nurse had changed Feng Qianxue into a clean dress and was wiping her body.

When they saw Night ZhenTing coming, they hurriedly bowed and saluted.

Night Zhen Ting made a gesture, indicating that they did not need to be polite, and then sat on the side, quietly looking at Feng Qianxue.

This woman, it seems, has really been injured and sick ……

Is the body really that weak?

Or is it that her calamity came when she met him?

At this time, the nurse opened the door and went out.

Little Four Treasures took the opportunity to fly in, landing on the edge of the pillow, gently pecking at Feng Qianxue’s hair and calling out in a small voice: “Mommy, Mommy ……”

“Don’t disturb her!” Night Zhen Ting barked lowly.

Little Four Treasures timidly glanced at him, not daring to make any more noise, only nestling beside Feng Qianxue in resignation, gently stroking her hair with her wings.

Seeing this scene, Night Thunder could not help but be a little touched, this silly bird, was truly protective of its master.

He remembered that last time, when Feng Qianxue was attacked, it was also this silly bird that rushed over to save her, and ended up with an injured wing that has not yet healed ……

Thinking of this, Night Zhen Ting instructed the medical nurse, “Go get some parrot food.”


The medical nurse quickly brought in parrot food.

Night Zhen Ting poured the grain into his palm and held out his hand to Little Four Treasures.

Little Four Treasures looked at him timidly, hesitated for a moment, but still flew over and ate it in his palm.

It was really hungry, Feng Qianxue had only fed it a little bit of grain this evening, then rushed back to her room to answer the phone, and then didn’t come out.

It thought she was asleep and didn’t dare to disturb her.

It wasn’t until this bad guy barged in that it knew Mummy had fainted ……

“Night King!” Lei Yu brought in the iced wine and pastries and set them aside, whispering, “Night Fai sent them from home.”

“Hmm.” Night Zhen Ting responded and made a gesture.

Lei Yu led the healers to retreat.

At the door, Night Fai was waiting outside with a few bodyguards.

Tonight, Night Zhen Ting was driving out alone, and although Night Hui was worried, he didn’t dare to ask more questions.

It was only when Lei Yu called that Night Fai realised that Timothy was at the hospital. Thinking that his master had not eaten at night and was used to drinking iced wine, he brought his bodyguards to bring something over.

By the way, he was waiting here, ready for orders.

The night Zhen Ting drink while watching the little four treasure eat, his gaze gradually softened up, little thing, kinda cute ……

Pecking and pecking, in a short while, the food in its palm was eaten up by it.

“Water, water!” Little SiBao fluttered its wings and called softly from his palm.

“You’re not too polite, you want water again after eating.” Night Zhen Ting casually handed over the gla*s of wine and fed it, “Drink, this is good wine!”


Chapter 320

Little four treasure is too thirsty, into the gla*s of wine and began to gulp up ……

Night Zhen Ting had a generous look on his face, such a good wine, he didn’t even share it with Night Hui!

The little four treasures drank the wine, burped, then fluttered their wings and flew to Feng Qianxue’s pillow to sleep.

Night Zhen Ting changed his wine gla*s and drank two gla*ses of wine, then walked over to the bed and gazed at Feng Qianxue quietly.

Looking at her weak and haggard appearance, he reminded himself in his heart that in the future, when things come up, he must hold back his temper ……

Never strike at her again!

He attached himself and branded a soft kiss on Feng Qianxue’s forehead, then leaned back on the sofa next to him and drifted off to sleep.

Lei Yu knocked on the door, no one answered inside, and she didn’t dare to disturb Night Zhen Ting, so she had to retreat.

“What’s wrong?” Night Fai asked in a low voice.

“Zhu Ma is sick and hospitalised, Miss Feng has fainted, there’s no one at home, what about the three children?” Lei Yu frowned and said worriedly, “I wanted to report to the Night King and send someone to take care of those three children, but the Night King is asleep and I don’t dare to disturb him.”

“This …… is not really a good idea for me.” Remember the website

Night Hui hesitated, without instructions from Night Zhen Ting, they didn’t dare to act without permission.

After all, those three children were not Night ZhenTing’s, in case afterwards, he launched into a rage, no one could bear it.

However, if they didn’t go, they wouldn’t be able to give a good account of themselves in case anything happened to the children.

“No matter, I’d better go and take a look.” Lei Yu thought again and again and finally decided to go over there, “If the Night King pursues the blame afterwards, I’ll take the blame alone!”

“Hard work.” Night Fai patted her shoulder.

Lei Yu brought two childcare experts to Feng Qianxue’s house and found the house empty, no children at all, she was shocked, could something have happened to the children?

Lei Yu hurriedly returned to the hospital, intending to report the matter to Night Zhending.

However, he was still sleeping in the ward.

When Night Fai learnt of the situation, he said hesitantly, “Maybe Miss Feng has put the children elsewhere? Or perhaps, someone from the Chu family has picked it up? In case it’s the latter, wouldn’t you be doing Miss Feng a disservice by rashly reporting to the Night King?”

“That’s also right ……” Lei Yu was apprehensive, “Let’s wait until the morning, when Miss Feng wakes up.”

“Well, that’s safer.”


In the morning, Feng Qianxue woke up from her nightmare and screamed, “No, don’t hurt my child.”

Night Zhen Ting immediately rushed over and held her hand tightly, “It’s alright, don’t be afraid!”

Feng Qianxue opened her eyes in a daze, her eyes filled with panic as she gasped and cried out, “The baby, my baby ……”

“What happened?” Night Zhen Ting frowned at her.

“My child is missing.” Feng Qianxue took his hand and cried out in agitation, “Night ZhenTing, help me, please help me ……”

Night Zhen Ting looked at her broken and helpless look, he couldn’t help but feel some heartache, but thinking of those three children being the seeds of the Chu family.

He was a little hesitant ……

“Please ……”

Feng Qianxue grabbed his hand with a deadly grasp, crying and begging as if she was grasping for the last straw to save her life.

Night Zhen Ting finally went soft and shouted to the outside, “Night Hui!”

Night Fai immediately came in, “Night King!”

“You go to ……”

“What are you guys stopping me for? Let me in.”

Outside, suddenly came Chu Zi Mo’s excited voice, interrupting Night Zhen Ting’s words.

In this instant, reason came back!

It completely took over all thinking.

Night Zhen Ting coldly withdrew his hand and said desperately, “It’s not my seed, why should I help you?”

“You ……” Feng Qianxue’s body shook, looking at him incredulously.

Is this what a human being says?

This is your seed do you know that?

If anything happens to the child, it will be too late for you to regret ……

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