Am I A Gigolo Chapter 345-346

Chapter 345

In the morning, when Feng Qianxue was still sleeping, Yue Yue rushed into her room and jumped into her arms.

“San Bao!” Feng Qianxue woke up at once and before she could react, Yue Yue hugged her face and kept kissing and kissing her, causing Feng Qianxue to drool all over her face, “Mommy, San Bao misses you so much!!!”

“Mommy misses you too!” Feng Qianxue hugged Yue Yue tightly, “San Bao is good, Mommy will never leave you guys again.”

“Woo woo woo, mummy’s word is good.” Yue Yue’s little mouth deflated and her eyes filled with tears, “If Mommy leaves San Bao again, San Bao will never leave Mommy again.”

“Mommy didn’t leave you, Mommy just came late and didn’t receive you.” Feng Qianxue held Yue Yue’s little chubby face and explained eagerly, “Mommy apologizes to you, San Bao is not angry with Mommy, okay?”

“Humph!” Yue Yue deliberately turned her head away and pouted, “I won’t forgive you unless you make me little piggy bags!”

“Fine, fine, Mommy will make you a little piggy bag right now.” Feng Qianxue hurriedly got up.

“Mummy, Mummy ……” came Long Long’s anxious call from the opposite room, “Dabao help me over to see Mummy!”

“Hold on, the doorbell is ringing outside, I’ll go see who’s here.”

Tenzin put on his little slippers and went to open the door first.

“San Bao, let’s go see Er Bao together, okay.” Feng Qianxue picked up Yue Yue and walked outside on her bare feet.

Yue Yue wrapped one arm around Feng Qianxue’s neck and waved her other hand at Long Long, “Er Bao we’re coming!”

“Mummy ……” Longlong unfolded his arms and called out to Feng Qianxue.

“Mommy!” In the living room, Tenzin was shouting, “Dr. Huang and Sister Nurse are here.”

“Good morning!” The doctors and nurses greeted Feng Qianxue and the others.

“Good morning, come on in.” Feng Qianxue hurriedly greeted.

“Oops, Yue Yue come down quickly.” The doctor saw Feng Qianxue holding Yue Yue and hurriedly said, “Your mommy has an injury on her waist, she can’t hold heavy things.”

A medical nurse hurriedly went forward to carry Yue Yue and gently coaxed, “Yue Yue is good, mummy has an injury on her waist, will you let sister take care of you for the next few days?”

“Okay.” Yue Yue nodded her head, tilted her little head and asked Feng Qian Xue, “Mommy, what happened to your waist?”

“It’s a little injured, it’s nothing serious, it will be fine in a few days.” Feng Qianxue pulled Dr. Huang and asked, “How do you know I have an injury on my waist?”

“General Hui said so.” Dr. Huang explained in a low voice, “He said that you have an injury on your waist, so you can’t do heavy work and told us to be careful, and that he would arrange for a doctor to come over today to treat your waist injury.”

As she was saying this, Zhu’s mother’s excited voice came from outside, “Are the children back? Dabao, Erbao, Sanbao ……”

“Granny-” Tenzin and Yueyue heard Zhu’s voice and immediately ran out.

Yue Yue jumped into Zhu Ma’s arms like a little meatball and hugged her neck to pamper her, “Grandma, we missed you so much!”

“San Bao is good, Grandma misses you too.” When she saw the children, she couldn’t help but tear up, pulling Yue Yue and Chen Chen to examine them carefully, “Let grandma take a look, are you hurt? Did anyone bully you?”

“No, we’re fine.” Chen immediately noticed Zhu Ma’s injured stitches and gauze, “What’s wrong with you, Grandma? Are you sick?”

“Granny is fine, granny will be well as long as she sees you.” Zhu Ma was holding Yue Yue in one hand and Chen Chen in the other, she couldn’t stop the tears from falling down, “Where is Er Bao?”

“Erbao is in the room.” Yue Yue pointed into the room, “His leg is injured and he can’t get out of bed.”

“Huh? What’s wrong with Erbao?” Zhu’s mother was instantly anxious, “Take me to see quickly.”

“It’s just a small injury, don’t you worry about it.” Feng Qianxue walked over with red eyes, pulled Zhu’s mother and asked, “Why have you come back? Aren’t you in hospital?”

“It was Dr. Lei who sent me back.” Zhu Ma pointed to Lei Yu and the two medical nurses behind her.


Chapter 346

“Good morning, Miss Wind!”

Lei Yu smiled as he walked in, followed by two medical nurses carrying medical kits.

“Good morning!” Feng Qianxue understood at once that it was Lei Yu who had come to treat her back injury as Night Fai had said.

“I’m coming to treat your back injury tonight, so I’ll bring Zhu Ma back to see the children, she still has to go back to the hospital later to continue her treatment.” Lei Yu explained with a smile.

“Aiya, a little illness, there’s no need to be hospitalised at all.” Zhu Ma hurriedly said, “I’m still more comfortable at home, I’m happy when I look at Miss and the children.”

“Zhu Ma, no.” Feng Qianxue was very serious with a stern face, “You must be hospitalised and receive proper treatment, you have to set a good example for the children.”

“Miss ……”

“Granny, we can visit you in the hospital often, you have to be well treated oh.”

Tinker tilted her little head and encouraged Zhu Ma.

“Is Granny sick?” Yue Yue then understood and hurriedly held Zhu Ma’s face and said, “Grandma, when you are sick you have to be good and see the doctor oh, you used to encourage me like this when Yue Yue was sick.”

“Good, good!” Seeing that the children were saying that, Zhu Ma only had to smile and nod, “Granny do as you’re told!”

“That’s right ……” Feng Qianxue smiled gratefully, “Today is sort of a half day off, so you can spend some time with the children.”

“Yes, yes, you guys haven’t had breakfast yet, right? Granny will go and make it for you guys right now.”

Zhu Ma was a laborious person and hurriedly rolled up her sleeves and headed for the kitchen.

“Hey!” Feng Qianxue immediately pulled her back, “You are a patient, you have to rest.”

“Yes, yes, we’ve contracted the kitchen now, so you can play with the children without worry.”

The three medical ladies said with a smile.

“This is ……” Zhu Ma pointed at them and looked at Feng Qianxue in confusion.

“It’s the one ……” Feng Qianxue choked for a moment and said, “the one who arranged for the three children.”

“We were sent by the Night Chief.” Dr. Huang hurriedly explained.

Zhu’s mother frowned and didn’t say anything.

“Granny, Mummy, don’t you forget about me.”

In the room, Long Long’s anxious call came.

“Hahaha, I almost forgot, Erbao is still in his room, let’s go keep him company.” Feng Qianxue took Zhu’s mother by the arm.

“Fine, fine!” Zhu Ma was in a good mood when she saw the children.

The family met briefly in the children’s room, then Feng Qianxue went back to the main bedroom while Lei Yu checked and medicated her lower back.

“Dr Lei, please.” Feng Qianxue asked softly, “How is Zhu’s mother’s health?”

“She can’t eat or sleep these two days, and she’s not cooperating with the treatment.” Lei Yu smiled bitterly, “It might be better now that she has seen you and the children, but she has a big misunderstanding about the Night King, so you might still need to work on her.”

“Understood.” Feng Qianxue nodded, “Thank you!”

“What about you? The misunderstanding with the Night King should have been cleared up, right?” Lei Yu asked.

Feng Qianxue frowned and did not speak, unsettled? Night Zhen Ting used the children to threaten her, causing her to break down in despair several times, this knot, how should it be untied?

No matter what kind of hidden agenda was behind it, she was really scared.

At least in the future, she would not dare to mess with him or go against his wishes.

Otherwise, the truth will turn out to be true in the end ……

She can’t afford to lose!

“Alas ……” Lei Yu sighed and said in a serious tone, “I don’t know why you have such a big misunderstanding of the Night King, in fact he ……”

“Knock knock knock!”

Before Lei Yu could finish his words, there was a knock on the door from outside.

Immediately after that, Zhu Ma pushed the door in, “Miss, how is your back injury?”

“Much better.” Feng Qianxue hurriedly said, “Zhu Ma, please sit down.”

“We’ll go out first.” Lei Yu led the medical nurse out.

Closing the door, Zhu Ma hurriedly pulled Feng Qianxue and said, “Did that bad man hit you with your injury?”

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