Am I A Gigolo Chapter 39-40

Chapter 39

On the way home, Feng Qianxue praised Chen Chen and Long Long, “Big Bao and Second Bao, you did the right thing today, that is, you protected your sister and kept your sanity, mommy is proud of you!”

“Mummy, San Bao is our sister, it’s our duty to protect her!”

Tenzin patted his chest, full of manly responsibility.

“If it wasn’t for Dabao pulling me back today, I would have beaten up Simu Feng long ago.” Long Long squeezed his little fist with a look of anger, “Simu Feng is always bullying Yue Yue, I’ve warned him many times, but he doesn’t listen.”

“He usually runs roughshod over the school, the headmaster and teachers protect him, the students are all afraid of him, he thinks he’s right in everything he does.” Tenzin said with righteous indignation.

“So we have to protect ourselves, not to bully people and not to be bullied, okay?”

Feng Qianxue taught in a serious tone.

“Got it, Mummy.” Chen Chen and Long Long nodded their heads in unison.

“San Bao, you must also learn to protect yourself.” Feng Qianxue put her arm around Yue Yue and said gently, “Now you have two brothers to protect you, but what if they are not by your side?”

“I know.” Little Yue Yue pouted her little mouth and wrinkled her brow with a milky, fierce look, “I want to be fierce from now on, I can’t let anyone put paint in my hair!”

“Yue Yue, it’s not just paint.” Zhu’s mother said with a smile, “Anything that bullies you is not okay, you must resolutely refuse!”

“Mmmmmm, Yue Yue knows.” Little Yue Yue nodded seriously.

“San Bao is so good!” Feng Qianxue stroked Yue Yue’s hair and deliberately lightened the mood –

“We’ve been through a struggle together as a family today, and because of our unity, things have worked out perfectly! Let’s go out for a nice meal together to celebrate, okay?”

“Yes!!!” All three little ones cheered happily, “Long live Mummy!!!”

Mama Zhu looked at the children’s bright smiling faces and felt very relieved.

Feng Qianxue was a spoilt child and her father had taught her to be a decent and kind person with a sound personality and to grow up healthy and happy!

She has also pa*sed this education on to her own children, and will protect them well no matter what happens ……

The family of five went out for the children’s favourite pizza and fried chicken. The three little ones went home with their little bellies bulging and burping.

Feng Qianxue and Zhu’s mother took care of the children’s bath and went to bed together until after 9pm.

Feng Qianxue took a bath, dried her hair and got ready for bed.

Zhu’s mother brought her cold medicine and warm water, and affectionately admonished, “Don’t just remember to take care of the children, but take care of yourself too!”

“If you hadn’t said it, I would have forgotten.” Feng Qianxue hurriedly took the cold medicine, “Thank you, Zhu Ma!”

“Miss, did Young Master Si tell you? Why would he marry Miss Cousin?” Zhu Ma couldn’t help but ask.

“Didn’t say.” Feng Qianxue shook her head.

“Why didn’t you ask?” Zhu Ma was anxious, “I always feel that Miss Cousin is different from before, no, it should be that she has revealed her true face, I used to feel that she was very fake ……”

“It has pa*sed.” Feng Qianxue smiled bitterly, “No matter what, she is now the young grandmother of the Si family and gave birth to a son to Si Haoxuan, they are the family.”

Hearing these words, Zhu Ma’s face darkened and lowered her head, sighing deeply, “What a pity, young master Si and you are the natural pair ……”

“It’s all God’s will.”

Feng Qianxue blurted out, and after she finished, she couldn’t help but be stunned, once upon a time she didn’t like to hear people say this, always thinking that it was an excuse for cowardly and incompetent people to make for themselves.

And now, she said so herself ……

It is probably because she has been sharpened by life and has begun to accept the vagaries of life.


Chapter 40

“Anyway, you now have three lovely children, which is a gift from God.” Zhu’s mother comforted, “If you can meet a good man in the future, this life will also be complete.”

“There are not so many …… in this world.”

Before Feng Qianxue could finish her words, she received a text message on her phone, a transfer of five thousand yuan from the “debt repayment duck”.

“What a good man!” Feng Qianxue exclaimed with a smile.

“Huh? Have you met him already?” Zhu’s mother hurriedly asked.

“Go to bed early, Zhu Ma, I’m going to my room.”

Feng Qianxue greeted Zhu’s mother and took her mobile phone and slipped back to her room to send a message to the “debt repayment duck”.

“Is it open today?”


“You’re taking a private night?”


“Good, good, you know how to transfer money.” Feng Qianxue smiled happily, “Keep up the good work, it’s been a few days and you’ve only transferred my money twice, this amount is not enough to buy milk ……”

The money is not enough to buy milk powder”, Feng Qianxue almost said “not enough to buy milk powder”, and quickly amended it to “not enough to eat”.

“You need to work well yourself.”

“Don’t mention it, I just fired that perverted boss today.”


“He’s so perverted, he deliberately screwed me, I don’t even know what exactly offended him.”

Feng Qianxue had a fire in her belly just thinking about the night devil, today had tossed her around enough, she had climbed the stairs until now her legs were hurting, but probably because she had sweated, her cold had gotten a lot better.

“So you’re counting on me for all your future support?”

“Naturally, I can’t. How can I have enough money when you have such poor performance skills and earn so little? I’ll go and look for a job tomorrow, don’t worry.”

“It’s not easy to find a job these days ……”


Feng Qianxue remembered that she had previously put in over thirty resumes and interviewed seventeen companies, and only Shengtian had taken her on, and that was still because of He Wenzhe’s personal release.

She couldn’t help but worry a little, would she really be able to find a job?

“Ugh, I don’t know if it’s still okay for me to go back to Shengtian now, I haven’t submitted my resignation yet, maybe the HR department hasn’t filed it yet ……”

“You can try.”

“But I scolded my boss when I left, he won’t let me go back for sure!”

Feng Qianxue held her chin in worry, she now regretted so much that she should not have quit that job today on a whim.

Although working as a security guard was not very fruitful and tiring, at least the salary had not been reduced.

Besides, what other company is better than Shengtian Group?

“Cursing at the boss is a big sin, it’s not enough to die for!”

“What do you know? Do you know how perverted that boss is?”

“As perverted as you are?”


Feng Qianxue was dumbfounded by the question from the “debt repayment duck”.

Forcing him to serve three rich women who add up to seven hundred pounds, and asking him to find more rich women to keep and share the money with her, even buying kidney treasure only buy one bottle ……

The fact that these actions are harsh and vicious, compared to the night devil is even worse!

Thinking about this, Feng Qianxue suddenly felt that the night devil was not that bad ……


The fact is that there is no place for her in this huge city of the sea!

And the truth is, there is really no place for Feng Qianxue in the huge Hai Cheng!

Early the next morning, Feng Qianxue cast her CV to all the companies in Haicheng, but after waiting for three days, there was not a single interview notice.

She was so anxious that she called one by one to ask them.

The result was that they either didn’t get it, they didn’t have any vacancies, or they said she wasn’t qualified enough.

In the end, she started to take the next best thing and applied for jobs in some shopping malls and shops, but no one wanted her, not even for the restaurant waitress position.

It’s like a date. ……

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