Am I A Gigolo Chapter 393-394

Chapter 393

The Ling family left first with Ling Long, and Lei Yu, as a doctor, accompanied him throughout the whole process.

Night Sen was worried about the old man’s blood pressure coming up and coaxed him home, while also notifying the people from Taiji Hospital to go over and check on him.

Everyone gradually left and it was as if the matter was starting to fall into place.

Ling Fengye was the last to leave, and the night army sent him downstairs.

Before he got into the car, Ling Fengye smiled gently, “I wanted to talk to Zhen Ting, but at this time, he shouldn’t want to see me, so please convey my apologies for me, our Ling family is also at fault for things going this way.”

“If you say so, we are too ashamed.” Night Army was very apologetic.

“No, the one who should be ashamed is me.” Ling Fengye sighed, “If I had known that ZhenTing’s heart belonged to someone, I would not have deliberately facilitated his marriage to Long’er.”

“Er….” Night Jun was a little embarra*sed and was speechless for a moment.

Ling Fengye was worthy of being in big business, and although he didn’t know anything beforehand, he could see that Night Zhenting had stepped in to take the blame in order to defend Feng Qianxue.

In fact, when things came to the end, it didn’t matter who had poisoned her, what mattered was that whoever had Night Zhen Ting’s heart towards, won!

“That girl is called Feng Qianxue?” Ling Fengye suddenly asked.

“Yes.” Night Jun nodded.

“The wind of wind and rain?” Ling Fengye asked again.

“Yes.” Night Jun was a little surprised that Ling Fengye was asking so carefully, was he trying to investigate Feng Qianxue?

“This surname is quite rare.” Ling Fengye said thoughtfully, “Twenty years ago, I had an old friend whose surname was also Feng!”

“Oh?” Only when Night Jun heard him say that did he put his mind at ease, so he was inquiring about an old friend.

“Alright, I won’t get in your way, I’ll leave now.”

Ling Fengye patted Night Jun’s shoulder and turned around to get into the car.

Night Jun saw him off, and then went upstairs to see Night Zhen Ting.

The president’s office was in a mess, Night Zhen Ting had dropped everything he could, and Night Hui almost had his head smashed in, and had to dodge fast.

Night Jun was about to knock on the door when Night Hui reminded in a low voice, “Are you knocking on the door now, are you looking for death?”

“Then what? I have to go in to report the situation even if I die.” Night Army frowned, “By the way, what about Miss Feng’s side?”

“Someone was sent to send her back.” Night Hui said in a low voice, “I think we can’t let her stay at the company anymore, otherwise Miss Ling will make things happen twice in three days, it’s quite scary.”

“I feel the same way.” Night Jun took a deep breath and knocked on the door of the study.

There was no response inside, and Night Army hesitated to back off, when the door opened.

Night Army and Night Fai exchanged glances and cautiously walked in.

The black president’s leather chair had its back to him, and Night Zhen Ting’s handsome silhouette looked a little lonely against the floor-to-ceiling window.

“Night King, the people have all left.” Night Jun said in a low voice, “The old man was so angry that Night Sen coaxed him back, worried that his blood pressure was coming up and called a doctor over.”

Night Zhen Ting did not reply, his eyes lowered and he was fiddling with the Rubik’s Cube in his hand.

“Lei Yu escorted Miss Ling home and treated her.” Night Jun continued to report, “I just walked Mr. Ling downstairs, he asked me to express his apologies to you on his behalf, and said …… that if he had known that you had your heart set on something else, he would not have facilitated the marriage.”

Night Zhen Ting still did not respond ……

“Finally, Mr. Ling also confirmed Miss Feng’s name to me.” Night Jun observed Night Zhen Ting’s reaction and said carefully, “He said that twenty years ago, he had an old friend whose surname was also Feng!”

After a pause, Night Jun added, “By the way, Night Hui arranged for someone, to send Miss Wind back!”

“Tell her not to come to the company in the future.” Night Zhen Ting finally spoke up.

“Yes.” Night Jun knew that the Night King had thought of the same thing as him and Night Fai, as long as he left Shengtian, he could avoid meeting with Ling Long, and Old Master Night ……

That way, she would be safe!


Chapter 394

“No matter what method you use, take care of the people around Ling Long and find out for me, that poison, who actually gave it!”

Night Zhen Ting finally turned around, his eyes lowered as he continued to fiddle with the Rubik’s Cube in his hands, only that look was as cold as the scimitar of hell!

“Understood!” Night Army bowed his head and led the order.

In fact, both Night Jun and Night Hui understood that Night Zhen Ting had decided in his heart that this poison was put down by Ling Long herself, but in this situation today, without evidence, it was impossible to expose her.

Of course, they both knew that Ling Long was targeting Feng Qianxue, and she wanted to use this opportunity to settle Feng Qianxue once and for all in front of Old Master Night and her father.

It was just that she never expected that Night Zhen Ting would prefer to stand up and take the blame himself in order to save Feng Qianxue!

This led to the Old Master losing his temper in front of everyone and giving him a slap on the wrist.

What kind of a man is Night Thunder?

He has a vengeance for revenge!

If anyone dares to touch a hair on his head, he will tear that person’s nest apart.

Not to mention a slap on the wrist.

Although this slap was from the old man, Night Zhen Ting must be counted on Ling Long.

In fact, it didn’t matter if they were married or not, but …… if this poison was really laid by Ling Long, then there was no way in hell that Night Zhen Ting would keep such a sinister and calculating woman around!

“Then, my subordinate will go do it.” Night Jun turned around and prepared to leave, then remembered something and cautiously asked, “Mr. Ling seems to be very interested in Miss Feng’s situation, should we send someone to protect Miss Feng?”

“No need.” Night Zhen Ting replied decisively, “There is nothing to question about Ling Fengye’s character, but not necessarily his daughter.”

“Yes.” Night Jun nodded, “Then, after dismissing Miss Feng, should we arrange a new job for her?”

“No need.” Night Zhen Ting’s eyebrows were dark and cold as he gritted his teeth, “Not only is it not needed, but she should also be made unable to find a job, this kind of stupid woman should be given a taste of the world’s hardships before she can grow a brain!”

“Understood!” Night Army left with his head bowed.

“Well?” Night Fai asked apprehensively.

“Much calmer.” Night Army sighed, “I’ll go run an errand, you keep a careful watch on him.”



Feng Qianxue asked the driver to stop at the corner of No.1 Happiness Street and walked home alone.

A lot of things happened today, her emotions were very complicated, and the scene of Night Zhen Ting defending her repeatedly surfaced in her mind ……

The mood was like a tumbling sea, complicated and hard to say, right?

I wonder how he is doing now?

He must be furious.

Is he hiding in his office alone, throwing a tantrum?

The room full of luxury wines, probably all broken by him?

Have the slap marks on his face faded?

Does it hurt?

Probably, it hurts more in his heart.

Feng Qianxue sighed deeply, sometimes she really didn’t understand, he was always brutal and controlling towards her, as long as she disobeyed her slightly, he would torture her like a madman ……

But every time she was in trouble, he would come down to her like a god and save her from the fire ……

Like this incident today, to her understanding, he should have sided with Ling Long, interrogated her harshly and sent her to the police station, why did he go out of his way to help her?

She couldn’t figure it out ……

“DING RING RING!” Suddenly, the phone rang, it was Wen Li calling.

Feng Qianxue immediately answered it, “Hello!”

“Feng Qianxue, I am informing you on behalf of the company that you are officially dismissed, your salary for this month will be credited to your account later, I will send you the things you left at the office, send me your address.”

Wen Li finished this sentence in one breath.

Feng Qianxue froze for a while before she came back to her senses, “Okay, I know, nothing important, you can drop it for me.”

“Alright then.” Wen Li didn’t say much, “You take care!”

“You too, bye!”

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