Am I A Gigolo Chapter 415-416

Chapter 415

Night Zhen Ting stared at Feng Qian Xue’s grasped hand, narrowing his eyes dangerously.

“Still don’t let go?” Night Hui barked coldly, “Don’t you want your hand anymore?”

The man let go of Feng Qianxue in a panic, took half a step back and fell onto the sofa, asking in fear and anxiety, “You, who are you?”

The others on the sofa were all stunned, not daring to breathe a word.

“Which hand touched it, scrap it for me!”

Night Zhen Ting left these words and turned to leave.

Feng Qianxue froze in place, her eyes widened in shock, and before she could react, the man’s miserable scream came from behind her, “Ah —-”

Feng Qianxue subconsciously turned around, only to see Night Fai stepping on the man’s hand viciously against the wall, the sound of bones breaking came from ……

The man’s expression twisted in pain and struggled, but there was no room for resistance.

The others were scared to death and curled up in the corner, not daring to say a word.

The princesses had never seen such a scene before, all covering their eyes and trembling with fear.

“Seek death!” Night Fai shouted coldly and withdrew his foot.

The man slid to the ground and fainted from the pain.

Feng Qianxue was still dumbfounded and stunned in place, not even coming back to her senses for half a second.

“Why are you still frozen?” Night Fai said, “Please!”

So far, Night Fai could not be sure that this girl who was covered in vulgarity was Feng Qianxue.

Feng Qianxue forced herself to stay calm and followed Night Fai towards the box.

On this journey, she was terrified and anxious, had Night Zhen Ting already recognised her? How was he going to punish her?

When she arrived at the box, Night Zhen Ting was already sitting on the sofa drinking silently, his eyes downcast, looking calm and aloof.

Feng Qianxue stood at the door, not daring to enter.

“Please!” Night Fai made a hand gesture.

She had to take a few steps forward and stood in the middle of the box, looking at Night ZhenTing with apprehension.

Night Zhen Ting didn’t say anything or look at her, he just drank quietly.

When he finished the wine in his cup and put it down, he finally spoke and ordered, “Go wash your hands.”

Feng Qianxue froze for a moment and walked to the bar behind the screen to wash her hands.

Night Fai stood next to him, unsure.

“Okay.” Feng Qianxue washed her hands and walked over, standing timidly, unsure of what Night ZhenTing was going to do.

“Wake up another bottle.” Night Zhen Ting teased his chin.

Feng Qianxue squatted down, opened a bottle of red wine and began to skilfully wake it up.

And Night Zhen Ting, kept his eyes on her hands.

Feng Qianxue understood in her heart that she had just been told to wash her hands because one, her hands had been touched and he was too dirty, and two, he wanted to distinguish her identity through the scars on her hands.

She was nervous inside, but, fortunately, the wound on the back of her hand had healed and there were no scars.

And the scar on her palm where she had been burned by the cigar was still visible ……

It’s just that you can’t see the palm when you’re sobering up, and as long as he doesn’t pull her hand over to inspect it, he won’t notice.

When the bottle of wine was sober, Feng Qianxue poured half a gla*s for Night Zhen Ting.

Then standing up, she took a half step back and stood quietly, head bowed, waiting for his instructions.

From the beginning to the end, she did not even look up at him.

Acting extremely calm!

Night Zhen Ting didn’t say anything either, lifting his wine gla*s and taking a sip, then drinking in silence.

Night Fai stood to the side, frowning and observing everything, his heart very puzzled.

What exactly did the Night King want?

Was this girl Miss Feng or not?

Soon, the gla*s of wine was at the bottom again.

Night Zhen Ting spoke indifferently, “You can go now.”

“Huh?” Feng Qianxue froze, she didn’t understand, did Night Zhenting see her identity or not?

If he did, why didn’t he expose her?

If he hadn’t seen it, why did he go to the trouble of finding her?

And break a man’s hand for her?

“Get lost!” Night Zhen Ting ordered.

Night Fai hurriedly stepped forward to see the guest off, “Please!”

Feng Qianxue gave a salute to Night ZhenTing and turned to leave ……

As she walked to the door, Night Hui casually took a few stacks of cash from the box and handed them to her, “Hard work!”

Feng Qianxue took a look, 50,000, if Night Fai’s hands were bigger, there might have been more ……


Chapter 416

Feng Qianxue was so excited to get her 50,000 tips that she invited Gao Ting and Qiu Bobo to join her for a snack in the evening after work.

Qiu Bobo’s eyes were red with jealousy when she found out that she had 50,000 tips.

Gao Ting is happy for her. At this rate, they will soon be able to save enough money to leave the night.

Qiu Bobo doesn’t like what they think, she says she likes the night, it’s quick and easy to make money here and she wants to save up more money to buy a house in Haicheng.

She wants to save up more money and buy a house in Haicheng. Maybe she can even get a big money in the nightclub and become a rich wife in the future, that’s the life she wants.

Gao Ting advised her that it was not easy to be a rich wife.

However, Feng Qianxue thinks that everyone has his or her own wish, as long as he or she likes it.

Feng Qianxue makes an appointment with Gao Ting to go to see her mother at 2pm tomorrow and then go home separately.

Gao Ting and Qiu Bobo shared a house together, going to school during the day and working at night, it was very hard, but they were both struggling for their respective goals.

It was already 5:30am when Feng Qianxue got home. She took a shower, changed her clothes, made the morning for her three babies by hand, and left handwritten sticky notes for them on the dining table ……

The first two and third babies, Mummy has been busy with work recently and has not had time to spend with you. You are very good and obedient, you go to school with your nurses and sisters every day and never have a tantrum, Mummy is very pleased. Remember the website

When Mummy is done with her work, I will spend some time with you.

She put on a heart and a red lip, then went back to her room and went to bed exhausted.

She could only sleep for five hours now, she had made an appointment with Gao Ting to meet at the city hospital at 1pm ……

When the three babies woke up from their nap, the nurses and sisters had already come over, and the three of them looked after the three of them separately, and told them that Mummy had already made breakfast, and that they could start eating when they had washed up.

The babies were overjoyed, it had been a long time since they had had breakfast made by Mummy.

They came into the living room and were all warmed by the sight of the scrumptious breakfast and the sticky notes written by Mummy herself.

The three babies gingerly went into Mummy’s room and kissed her sleeping face, then carefully closed the door and ate their breakfast.

Before leaving, Tatsu left a sticky note on the dining table: “Mommy, we love you!”

“Dabao, write me on the end note.” Yue reminded as she stood on tiptoe and looked at the sticky note.

“And me, I love Mummy too.” Long Long reminded hastily, afraid to leave him out.

“Love Mummy, love Mummy!” Little SiBao chanted after them.

“Shhh~~” Yue Yue made the shhh gesture, her little face stern with a serious warning, “Little Four-Bo, no noise to Mommy, okay?”

Little SiBao followed her example and covered her pointy mouth with her wings, making a “shhh” sound.

Since the last time she got drunk, Little Four-Bo had been asleep for a few days, but when she woke up a few days ago, she had become very active, chattering non-stop every day.

“It’s better to take Little Four-Bo to school.” Longlong furrowed his little brow and suggested seriously, “Or it will make noise to Mummy.”

“Agreed.” Yue Yue raised her little chubby hand.

“Okay.” Boss Tatsu nodded and said to the medical sister, “Nurse, please open the cage for me.”

“Yes!” The nurse hurriedly went to the balcony to open the cage.

Little BMW fluttered its wings and flew to Chen Chen’s shoulder, rubbing its furry head against his handsome face: “Dabao, Dabao!”

“Don’t make any noise.” Chen Chen taught seriously, “Today brother is taking you to school, you have to be obedient, understand?”

“Yes, I know.” Little Four Treasures squealed happily, he just wanted to go to kindergarten with the three of them, he didn’t want to stay at home alone.

“Haha, Little Four Treasures is so cute!” The nurse sisters laughed, “Come on, let’s go to school.”

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