Am I A Gigolo Chapter 427-428

Chapter 427

Feng Qianxue intended to deal with it at home in the evening, but for now, she stewed the soup and accompanied the children for dinner.

After the meal, Feng Qianxue carried the stewed soup and took the children with her, and together they went to visit Zhu’s mother at Lei Yu’s Ci Xin Hospital.

In order not to let the nurses know about her relationship with Night Thunder, Feng Qianxue gave the three nurses half a day off, saying that Zhu’s mother needed peace and quiet and it was not convenient to have too many people there, so she could just take the children herself.

The three nurses were worried that it would be inconvenient for her to take the baby alone, but Feng Qianxue insisted on it, so they didn’t push back.

Feng Qianxue called a car and took the three babies and Little Four Treasures to the hospital.

On the way, she sent a message back to Gao Ting, saying that she was fine and asked her not to worry.

Gao Ting was still not quite sure and called to confirm, “Sister Qianxue, I was scared to death last night, are you really okay?”

“It’s really fine, I’m taking the baby to the hospital to see Zhu’s mother.” Feng Qianxue said soothingly, “How about you? Are you okay with your injuries?”

“I’m fine, my face is a bit swollen, just put ice on it and I’ll be fine.” Gao Ting said with difficulty, “Sister Qianxue, Brother Dong told me to tell you not to go to work at night anymore.”

“I know ……” Feng Qianxue sighed, “Is he alright?”

“He’s fine, but that boyfriend of yours warned him that if he ever lets you go to work again, he’ll be in trouble.” Gao Ting said, “Sister Qianxue, your boyfriend is so mean, did he bully you?”

“No ……” Feng Qianxue couldn’t say much in front of the kids, “Well Ting Ting, I’m with the kids now and getting ready to go to the hospital, I’ll call you later.”

“Mmmmm.” Gao Ting was a little apologetic, “I still have resources for piano playing jobs over here, I’ll keep an eye out for you and I’ll recommend you when I get the chance.”

“That’s great, thank you, Ting Ting.”

“Don’t mention it, go ahead and get busy, I’ll be in touch later.”


Hanging up the phone, Feng Qianxue realised that the car had already driven to Ci Xin Hospital and the driver was pulling over.

Feng Qianxue got out of the car with the children and pushed Longlong’s wheelchair forward.

Chen Chen followed beside him, holding Yue Yue.

Little Four Treasures was lying quietly in Long Long’s arms, stretching his neck and looking around, his eyes full of curiosity.

“Dabao Sanbao, follow Mummy, don’t get lost.”

Feng Qianxue pushed the wheelchair and did not forget to look at Chen Chen and Yue Yue.

On the wheelchair hung some supplies, fruits, and the soup Feng Qianxue had stewed for Zhu’s mother.

People pa*sing by couldn’t help but look over as they watched a pretty young mum with three cute little babies and a parrot.

Some were sighing at how hard it was for the mommy, while many were marvelling at how cute the three babies looked, and the little parrot ……

The Feng Qianxue family was already used to such stares, smiling and nodding in greeting before walking into the lift with the children.

Fortunately, it is a high-end private hospital, not many people, if it was in a crowded public hospital, Feng Qianxue was really afraid that the children would get lost.

Soon, the family arrived at Zhu’s mother’s ward.

Zhu’s mother was lying on the bed receiving an infusion, and when she heard the children’s voices, she was so excited that she almost tumbled off the bed: “Big treasure, second treasure, third treasure, is that you? You’re here?”

“Granny!” Chen Chen and Yue Yue ran over quickly.

“It’s really you guys.” Zhu Ma was excited.

“Grandma!” Chen Chen held Zhu Ma’s hand, stroked her wrinkled face with her little hand, and said heartily, “You’ve lost weight.”

“Hahahaha, yes, I have lost weight, more than thirty pounds.” Zhu’s mother laughed, “I didn’t lose any weight even though I tried desperately to lose weight before, but now I’ve lost weight on my own without having to lose it.”

“Granny, does it hurt?” Yue Yue looked at Zhu Ma’s hand with the needle in it and blew gently, “San Bao will help you blow on it and it won’t hurt anymore.”

“San Bao is good.” Zhu Ma was so moved by Yue Yue that her eyes were red, but she was smiling, it was a smile of relief ……


Chapter 428

“Grandma, Mummy made the soup for you.” Long Long put the thermos on the table and said in a pretend relaxed voice, “Mummy’s cooking skills have all improved with your absence lately, this soup stew smells so good, she won’t even let us try a bite, saying she’s saving it for you!”

“Hahahaha ……” Zhu Ma laughed, “Miss, has your cooking really improved?”

“Yes, yes, it’s improved quite a lot.” Feng Qianxue was a little embarra*sed, “When you go back, I will cook for you everyday.”

“That’s great ……” Zhu’s mother breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile, “You can also take good care of yourself and the children in the future when I’m gone.”

“Blah blah blah, no nonsense.” Feng Qianxue’s eyes turned red with anxiety, “What’s not around anymore? You only have a small problem, you will be cured soon.”

“Granny ……” Tenzin’s voice was choked up as she held Zhu Ma’s hand, “You won’t be gone, you’ll always be there.”

“Yes, our mother-in-law is going to live a long life.”

Tears welled up in Yue’s eyes and her little mouth puckered up in resignation.

“Granny, you still have to see me get a daughter-in-law.”

Longlong teased Zhu’s mother in a feigned light-hearted manner, although his eyes were also red.

“Marry your daughter-in-law, marry your daughter-in-law!” Little SiBao fluttered his wings and called after him. Remember the website

“Hahahaha …… Yes, yes, mother-in-law wants to see the big treasure and the second treasure marry their daughter-in-law and see the third treasure find the man of her choice!”

Zhu’s mother laughed, hugging the big treasure, hugging the second treasure, and hugging the third treasure again ……

Each baby was so snug.

She really wanted to get well soon and go back to take care of her three babies ……

Little four babies flew into her arms and rubbed their furry little heads against Zhu’s mother’s face, as if they were comforting her in this way.

Zhu Ma’s tears couldn’t help but fall down, but she immediately wiped them away, raised her smiling face and said, “Aiya, people are old, they are just pretentious, they said they wouldn’t cry, but as soon as I saw you guys, I just ……”

“We will visit you often from now on.” Feng Qianxue wiped her tears for her, “A lot of things happened during this period of time, and Longlong is in treatment, so we have too little time to spend with you.”

“Granny, we will come to keep you company after school from now on.” Tenzin hurriedly stated, “I’ll bring you an IPAD, so you can send us videos when we’re not around.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Long Long slid his wheelchair forward, “Grandma, next time I come, I’ll bring your favourite green bean cake.”

“I’ll bring my little pink comb to wash your hair.” Yue Yue hurriedly raised her little chubby hand.

“Good, good, all good children.” Zhu’s mother hugged the three children and was so happy that she could not stop talking.

Feng Qianxue watched the scene from the side and felt very emotional in her heart, she really hoped that Zhu Ma would get well sooner and their family could live together again like before ……

“Miss Feng!”

At this time, Lei Yu did not disturb Zhu Ma’s reunion with the children and waved quietly to her from the doorway.

Feng Qianxue hurriedly followed Lei Yu out to the deserted corridor, where Lei Yu explained to her about Zhu’s mother’s condition, which was now fairly well controlled because of timely medical treatment.

It was just that this kind of treatment required a long period of cooperation and could not be completely cured in a few days. Even if she was discharged from the hospital later, she still had to come for regular follow-ups.

Feng Qianxue hurriedly said that she must give the best treatment, time and money were not a problem, as long as she could cure Zhu’s mother, everything else was fine.

He then said that he had brought another 50,000 yuan with him today and would go ahead and pay the hospital fees, and the other expenses would definitely be paid by the end of the month.

Lei Yu froze at the sound of it: “What medical fees? Zhu’s mother was treated here, and I signed all the bills myself, so how could there be charges? Did someone recover the fees from you?”

“No, no, no, you should not sign the bill, when you are sick and hospitalized, you should pay the bill, you cannot be made to bear it personally.” Feng Qianxue hastily stated, “Don’t you go after your subordinates, what’s right is right, otherwise I’d be embarra*sed to bother you.”

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