Am I A Gigolo Chapter 449-450

Chapter 449

Feng Qianxue was vaguely uneasy in her heart, these part-time jobs were all contacted by Sister Fang for her and had been working happily together, so she didn’t ask about the specifics.

Feng Qianxue hadn’t seen Chu Zihan for a long time, in fact they hadn’t had any problems, but Chu Zihan had counted on her and was hostile to her because of Si Hao Xuan.

Therefore, Feng Qianxue did not want to cross paths with Chu Zihan.

I never thought I would meet him here today ……

Luckily, Feng Qianxue had the foresight to perform with a mask on all the time to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Hopefully, Chu Zihan would not recognize her.

Feng Qianxue couldn’t care less, Sister Fang made hand signals below and she went on stage and started playing.

On stage, many celebrities and nobles came forward to greet Chu Zihan, and Chu Zihan also enjoyed the feeling of being surrounded by the stars.

Feng Qianxue’s playing also attracted the attention of some people, with some guests asking Chu Zihan where this pianist had been hired from, and her piano attainment was extraordinary.

Chu Zihan only took it as a compliment to her and didn’t care.

Soon, the male host of tonight’s dinner appeared, and Chu Zihan personally took him with her and introduced him to all the guests, “This is my boyfriend Si Hao Xuan, please give more guidance and support to all the uncles!” Remember the website

Feng Qianxue twisted her head and swept a glance, the tune in her hand slowed down a beat ……

Unexpectedly, it was actually Si Hao Xuan!

It had only been a month or so since he had divorced Bai Lu, and he was actually openly with Chu Zi Han.

Si Hao Xuan used to be the white moonlight in Feng Qianxue’s heart, a modest gentleman with poise and flawless white jade, and now, his image has completely collapsed ……

four years ago abandoning her for his own future and family interests and marrying Bai Lu in a moment of confusion.

Four years later, he didn’t run his family properly and had an affair, causing his marriage to break up and his career to hit rock bottom ……

Now, I don’t know what it is that makes him entangled with Chu Zihan.

Such a screwed up, indistinct nature will only make him go further and further down the wrong path ……

Feng Qianxue was extremely disappointed with him.

However, this is his own choice of life, Feng Qianxue has no right to interfere.

Feng Qianxue withdrew her gaze and continued playing the zither.

“The zither sounds good.” Si Hao Xuan noticed the pianist on stage as soon as he entered the venue.

“That’s certainly true.” Chu Zihan intimately held Si Haoxuan’s arm and said proudly, “I’ve put a lot of effort into preparing this dinner party.”

“Hard work!” Si Haoxuan tenderly kissed her forehead.

The two were as close as a pair of newlyweds, and several guests came up to congratulate them.

Chu Zihan recommended Si Haoxuan to every guest, doing his best to pave the way for him and find new business opportunities for him, and told everyone that the Chu family had reached a sense of cooperation with the Si family and planned to develop projects together.

Many of the guests were interested and exchanged contact details with Si Haoxuan on the spot, agreeing on follow-up cooperation plans.

A few guests also discussed in private whispers –

“The Chu family is growing and developing rapidly, and Miss Chu is a magnificent beauty and talent, why would she fall in love with the down-and-out Si Hao Xuan?”

“I can’t figure it out either, Si’s industry has been going downhill and if it wasn’t for the support of the Chu family, I’m afraid it would have been declared bankrupt long ago.”

“Not only that, Si Haoxuan’s personal reputation is not good either, four years ago he saw the wind and abandoned his childhood fiancée when he saw that the Feng family was bankrupt, and four years later he abandoned his wife and son and climbed into the Chu family, such a moral person is not worthy of being the Chu family’s son-in-law at all.”

“Miss Chu is young, so it’s just as well that she doesn’t know people well, why doesn’t Mr. Chu advise her? Why didn’t he advise her? He allowed his daughter to fool around.”

“Perhaps it was Miss Chu who took the liberty.”

“We all came here today because we gave face to the Chu family, I didn’t expect that Miss Chu was trying to match up Si Hao Xuan, I’m ready to go ……”


Chapter 450

“There’s another insider tip.” A guest covered his mouth with his hand and whispered, “I heard that the Si family had offended the Night Clan and had been banned by the Night Clan.”

“Is this true?” Several guests around them all gathered around excitedly.

“Anyway, the news I received is this.” That guest frowned tightly, “I am not daring to offend the Night’s, I will leave first.”

With that, that guest hurriedly left from the back ……

Several other guests who heard the news were also ready to leave, and at this moment, an agitated and angry shout came from the door, “Let me in, let me in, do you know who I am? I am Madam Si.”

It was a loud voice, almost hissing with force.

Feng Qianxue’s piano sound broke for another beat, and when she looked back, the person who was hysterically tangling with the security guards and shouting angrily at the entrance of the main hall was none other than Bai Lu!

Bai Lu, dressed in an unfashionable suit, with messy hair and rough make-up, was barging in excitedly, but was stopped by two security guards.

The more she was stopped, the more agitated and hysterical she became, making so much noise that she was the only one heard in the whole room.

The whole atmosphere in the room was ruined by Bai Lu’s fuss.

Chu Zihan’s face was clouded with dark clouds, very ugly.

The guests around were talking, and some even asked Si Haoxuan directly, “Mr. Si, is this your ex-wife?”

“Mr. Si, are you divorced or not?” Others were asking.

Si Hao Xuan was so embarra*sed that he could hardly stand up for himself and immediately glared at Si Yuan.

Si Yuan came forward with two bodyguards and wanted to take Bai Lu away.

And at that moment, Bai Lu had already pushed aside the security guards and rushed in excitedly, “Chu Zi Han, you b*tch, you stole my husband, I’m going to kill you-”

With that, she lunged at Chu Zihan with her teeth and claws open ……

Two bodyguards immediately yanked her, allowing her to struggle furiously, but how could she not get close to Chu Zihan.

“We divorced a long time ago, you have no right to interfere with my choice.” Si Hao Xuan had a black face and shouted angrily, “Don’t disgrace yourself here, get lost!”

“You’re saying I’m a disgrace? Haha, hahahahaha ……”

Bai Lu laughed upward, and then, tears flowed down her face, yet she was still laughing and said-

“When I gave birth to your son, why didn’t you say I was a disgrace?”

“When I sold the family fortune to pay your debts, why didn’t you say I was a disgrace?”

“Now that I have nothing left, you kick me away and call me a disgrace?”

“Si Hao Xuan, you’re so cruel!!!”

Hearing these words, all the guests at the scene looked at Si Hao Xuan with complicated eyes, while others were pointing and talking behind his back.

Si Haoxuan’s face turned blue and purple, simply at a loss for words.

Chu Zihan immediately stepped forward and shielded him, shouting angrily at Bai Lu, “Bai Lu, don’t go crazy here.

You and your mother have done so many shameful things, just one of them is enough to put you in jail for the rest of your lives.

Haoxuan was soft-hearted and left you all alive, yet you are shameless and stalking, and you dare to slander Haoxuan!”

Hearing these words, those guests changed their attitudes again, thinking that Chu Zihan was actually defending Si Haoxuan so justifiably, thinking that it must really be Bai Lu who was slandering.

Originally, Bai Lu’s reputation was not good, and everyone had heard about it long ago when she had made a fool of herself and disgraced herself in various public occasions before.

“Who are you to talk to me?” Bai Lu glared at Chu Zihan with hatred, “You’ve been pretending to be a good person in front of me, giving me clues and misleading me in various ways, saying that Haoxuan cheated on Feng Qianxue.

I believed it, and kept staring at Feng Qianxue to fight. Only now did I realize that the person he really cheated on was you, and that the news heroine was also you.

You are really insidious, constantly provoking me and Feng Qianxue, watching us two tigers fighting each other, but in the end, you sit back and reap the benefits ……”

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