Am I A Gigolo Chapter 45-46

Chapter 45

Feng Qianxue felt a chill, her heart inexplicably tense ……

Si Hao Xuan let go of Feng Qianxue and moved half a step to the side, keeping a certain distance from her.

It seemed to be avoiding suspicion.

“Chief Si, is everything alright?” Night Zhen Ting walked over slowly.

Behind him, Night Fai had already directed the bodyguards to investigate the cause of that accident just now.

“It’s fine, it’s fine, just a slight injury.”

Si Hao Xuan’s forehead was covered in sweat, yet he still smiled with great poise.

“Mr. Si’s heroic rescue is admirable.” Night Zhen Ting hooked his lips, “Although this little security guard of mine is not a beauty, but I, being the boss, have to thank you for her!”

Feng Qianxue frowned, why did this sentence sound strange?

“You’re welcome, it’s a hand up.” Si Haoxuan glanced at Feng Qianxue and said to Night Zhen Ting, “I was just about to go up to you, you’re ……”

“Something came up, had to go out.” Night Zhen Ting was polite but cold and arrogant, “It’s hard for Mr. Si to make a trip for nothing.”

“Uh ……” Si Haoxuan stiffened for a moment, then smiled, “That’s okay, I’ll come back when Mr. Night is free ……”

“Hmm.” Night Zhen Ting faintly responded and turned around to get into the car.

Si Haoxuan stayed where he was, very embarra*sed.

Si Yuan whispered, “Didn’t Mr. Night have an appointment with you?”

“Don’t pay any attention to him, he’s just like that.” When Feng Qianxue saw that Si Haoxuan was being left out, her heart was not too comfortable, “Let’s go to the hospital first ……”

“Chief Si!” At this time, Night Hui came over and said politely, “Mr. Night has an urgent matter today and has to go out first, next time we will make an appointment?”

“Okay, I’ll contact you later.” Si Hao Xuan smiled and nodded his head.

“Mr. Si is injured, right? I’ll send someone to take you to the hospital.”

Night Fai waved his hand and called for his bodyguard.

“Nothing, nothing, I’ll handle it myself.” Si Hao Xuan was poised, “Go and get busy, Chief Night is still waiting for you.”

“That ……”

“General Hui.” Feng Qianxue took the opportunity to ask Night Fai, “Chief Si was injured to save me, I want to send him to the hospital, is that okay?”

“This ……” Night Fai turned back to look at Night Zhen Ting in the car, then nodded, “Yes!”

“Thanks.” Feng Qianxue immediately helped Si Haoxuan.

This time, Si Haoxuan did not push back.

“What’s happened?”

David hurriedly arrived and was dumbfounded when he saw the situation in front of him.

“A box fell down just now and almost hit me, it was Mr. Si who saved me.” Feng Qianxue said simply, “Mr. Hui asked me to take Mr. Si to the hospital, David, please report to Manager Chen for me.”

“Oh, good.” David nodded his head repeatedly.

“Be careful, don’t touch your arm.”

Feng Qianxue escorted Si Haoxuan to the car.

The Rolls Royce Phantom just happened to drive by, Si Haoxuan raised his eyes to look at the car, in which, Night Zhen Ting was staring at Feng Qianxue, his gaze was dark and cold ……

“Si Yuan, you drive, the others take the back car.” Si Haoxuan instructed.


The white Bentley drove out of the car park before Si Yuan couldn’t help but catch up with Feng Qianxue: “Miss Feng, we haven’t seen each other for many years, do you still remember me?”

“How could I not remember.” Feng Qianxue laughed and blurted out, “Back then when I was dating Hao Xuan, you always followed behind and he always scolded you for being a light bulb.”

“Hahahaha ……,” Si Yuan laughed out loud.

“I thought you’d forgotten all about it.” Si Hao Xuan’s voice carried the tenderness of the past, and his gaze looked at Feng Qianxue with deep affection.

Feng Qianxue’s heart trembled as she lowered her head and said, “It’s all in the past ……”

The atmosphere became stiff all of a sudden.

Si Yuan coughed dryly a few times and drove seriously, no longer daring to talk more.

“You know Mr. Night ……?”

Si Hao Xuan is how smart, just a few glances, he could see that Night Zhen Ting was not normal to Feng Qianxue.

“He is my boss, how could I not know him?” Feng Qianxue didn’t think of those-

“You’re here to talk business with him? With Si’s status today, there should be no need to beg, right? Even if you do business, it’s a fair deal, you don’t need to look at his face.”


Chapter 46

“It seems that you don’t understand the strength of the Night Chief.” Si Haoxuan looked at her deeply, “You and him, you just have a working relationship?”

“What else?” Feng Qianxue frowned.

Si Haoxuan was silent for a moment and said meaningfully, “He is a very dangerous person, you’d better stay away from him!”

“How can someone as unbeatable as him get close to a small person like me?” Feng Qianxue didn’t think so, “You’re thinking too much.”

“That’s good ……” Si Haoxuan seemed relieved, “Didn’t I tell you not to work part-time? Why did you go back to work as a security guard?”

“You should leave these things alone.” Feng Qianxue made her stance clear, “If it wasn’t for you saving me today, I wouldn’t have come out with you alone.”

“Alright, let’s not talk about that.” Si Hao Xuan changed the topic, “My son hasn’t gone to school these few days. He’s very resistant because of the school transfer, and at his young age, he’s got a temper, going so far as to go on a hunger strike in protest!”

“Ah?” Feng Qianxue was a bit surprised, “Don’t hurt the child ……”

“Let him be, he is so hungry that he can’t stand it, naturally he knows how to eat.” Si Hao Xuan sighed, “Over the years, I’ve been busy with work, not much time to spend with him, the family all pampered and spoiled, developed this kind of rampant stink today, take this opportunity, I have to cure him properly.”

“You have to teach children slowly, you can’t teach them well in just one step.” Feng Qianxue is somewhat unforgiving, “The matter of transferring to another school, you should not push too fast, deal with it slowly, if it really does not work, it is fine not to transfer to another school, but ……”

“He said, as long as he is not allowed to transfer to another school, he is willing to do anything.” Si Haoxuan hurriedly said, “I know what you are concerned about, I have already told Bai Lu to not go to school in the future, and there will be no more conflict with you.”

“Well, there’s no problem then.”

In fact, Feng Qianxue mainly did not want to have conflicts with Bai Lu, the rest was nothing, a three-year-old child, what bad intentions could she have.

“You’re still as understanding as ever ……,” Si Haoxuan looked at her tenderly.

“Here it is.” Feng Qianxue changed the subject, “Is this your family’s private hospital?”

“Yes, Mr. Si usually sees the doctor here.”

Si Yuan drove the car to the entrance, and the security guard immediately came over to greet her, “Hello, Mr. Si.”

Feng Qianxue got out of the car and then helped the injured Si Haoxuan down, “Be careful with your arm.”

“Husband!” Suddenly, a familiar voice came ……

Feng Qianxue subconsciously looked back and met Bai Lu’s stunned eyes, and hastily withdrew the hand holding Si Hao Xuan.

“Feng Qianxue, it’s you again!!!” Bai Lu rushed over and pointed at Feng Qianxue and cursed, “You b*tch, you know that Hao Xuan is already married, but you are still pestering him with your dead skin, do you want to be shameless??”

“Bai Lu you misunderstood ……” Feng Qian Xue frowned and explained, “He was injured in our company, so ……”

“Misunderstand what?” Bai Lu was very agitated, “I knew you were up to no good as soon as you came back, you did it on purpose, didn’t you, deliberately placed the child in the same kindergarten as my son, and now you’re here to seduce my husband, why are you such a b*tch? You’re so cheap!”

“Bai Lu, shut up!” Si Hao Xuan shouted angrily, “How can you behave in public?”

“Honey, you’re still yelling at me?” Bai Lu was trembling with excitement, “Have you forgotten how she treated you back then? On the day of her engagement, she went to the night to call a duck and made you lose face, and now she has three wild children with another man, she is a woman who is a man’s husband ……”

“Shut up!” Si Hao Xuan threw a slap across the face.

Bai Lu’s whole body froze, covering her face and looking at him incredulously, “You hit me? You hit me for this woman who is a man’s wife?”

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