Am I A Gigolo Chapter 501-502

Chapter 501

Night Zhen Ting arrived at Mercy Hospital with his three children.

Outside the ward, Night Zhen Ting was holding one in one hand and sitting with another on his shoulder, like a big tree full of little monkeys climbing on it.

The children were just staring through the gla*s door at the sleeping Feng Qianxue.

Yue Yue had her hands on the gla*s window, her eyes tearing up and her little mouth puckered up.

Tenzin and Longlong’s eyes were red, not daring to cry, but their eyes were full of worry.

“Babies, Mummy is just too tired to fall asleep, Mummy will be able to go home in a couple of days.” Lei Yu soothed gently, “You guys be good and go home and rest, okay?”

“Doctor Lei, what’s wrong with Mummy? What’s wrong with her.” Cinnabar asked anxiously, his eyes red.

“Mummy has a cold, rest for a few days and she’ll be fine.” Lei Yu smiled and said, “Children can catch a cold, adults can catch a cold too, right? It’s just a small problem, don’t worry.”

“A cold?” Tenzin felt something was wrong and looked up at Night Zhen Ting, “Didn’t Uncle Night say that Mummy was injured?”

Night Zhen Ting’s face stiffened a little, he wouldn’t lie, especially not to a small child.

“Uh, this ……” Lei Yu paused for a moment and immediately found an excuse, “Just because I had a cold and wasn’t feeling well, so I fell while walking and got hurt.”

“Mommy is so pitiful, oooh ……”

Yue Yue’s heart ached for her mommy, deflating her little mouth and crying sadly.

“I want to go in and see mummy.” Dragon tapped anxiously on the gla*s window, “Can we go in?”

“It’s better not to go in, Mummy is particularly weak now, she needs to be quiet.” Lei Yu advised in a small voice, “You guys don’t want to disturb Mummy either do you?”

“But ……” Long Long was a bit lost, but nodded his head because his heart ached for Mummy, “Okay, I won’t disturb Mummy.”

Yue Yue covered her little mouth, not daring to cry out again, only her crystal clear tears were still flowing down.

Night Zhen Ting let out a sigh of relief, it was still Lei Yu who had the solution, a few words coaxed the children to quieten down.

“Okay, it’s time to go back to bed.”

Night Zhen Ting didn’t want the children to wake Feng Qian Xue, she could hardly fall asleep, if she woke up again and went crazy like before, not only would she scare the children, she would also be uncomfortable.

“So can we still come and visit mummy tomorrow?” Chen Chen tilted his little head and asked Night Zhen Ting.

“As long as you guys are good, you can come and visit mummy.” Night Zhen Ting hugged the three children and left, “Go back and eat well, sleep well and don’t mess around anymore.”

“Mmmmmm, I will behave.” Longlong made a promise in a hurry so that he could come and see mummy.

“Me too.” Yue Yue held up her little chubby hands to promise, but for fear she would fall, she immediately hugged Night Shocking’s head again.

“I’ll keep them in check.” Chen Chen took charge as the big brother, “Uncle Night, thank you for helping to look after Mummy, we will thank you properly when Mummy wakes up.”

“The best thanks you can give is to be obedient.” Night Zhen Ting was all scared by their antics.

“We will be obedient.” Tenzin a*sured him repeatedly.

“Me too.” Long Long gave Night Zhen Ting a weak look and apologised in a small voice, “I’ll never use shoes to smash people again.”

“I won’t wipe tears and snot on you either ……”

Yue Yue spoke, and sucked hard on her nose.

“。。。。。” Night Zhen Ting cried and laughed, “Good boy!”

The children are always heartless, probably because seeing their mommy has made them feel a little more secure, one minute they were talking to Night Zhen Ting, now they are already dozing in his arms.

Yueyue was afraid of falling off, so she grabbed Nightingale’s hair with both hands and fell asleep with her soft little body lying on top of him.

Night Zhen Ting hurriedly handed the dozing Dragon to Night Fai, and gave Tatsu to Lei Yu, then carefully carried Yue Yue in his arms.

Yue Yue rolled over and faced him, her little chubby hands tugging at his lapels as she drifted off to sleep.


Chapter 502

“Dr. Lei, put me down, I’ll walk by myself.”

Chen Chen was always exceptionally well-behaved and understanding, with a composure beyond his peers.

Lei Yu put him down and held his little hand as he walked forward.

Night Hui hugged the sleeping Long Long, remembering that this boy had even hit himself with his little leather shoes earlier, his heart was terrified, in the future when this young master grows up, there is no telling what kind of a b*****d he will be!

Little SiBao looked at NightFai timidly in LongLong’s arms, his little eyes darting around, probably thinking, “I pooped on his head earlier, will he break my neck now?

Night Fai deliberately glared at it, and the little four-pointed treasure hurriedly flew to Tenzin’s shoulder in fear.

Chen Chen looked over at Night Fai.

Night Fai immediately smiled, eager and ingratiating.

This young master would probably be the heir apparent in the future, so he could not be offended.

The group was about to walk out of the hospital building when a familiar voice suddenly came out, “Young master!”

Night Zhen Ting turned around and saw Night Sen standing in a corridor, looking at him with a smile.

“Good day, Grandpa Sen!” Chen Chen greeted politely.

“Good boy, Chen Chen!” Night Sen walked over and said gently, “Why are you still up so late?”

“I came to visit Mummy.” Chen Chen was a little tired but still poised, “Thank you for taking care of me.”

“Silly boy, you should.” Night Sen knelt down to God and lovingly stroked his hair, “Are you getting used to living over at Uncle Night’s place?”

“Fine.” Chen Chen replied good-naturedly, “Grandpa Sen, Erbao and Sanbao are sleepy, I’ll go back to rest with them first, see you next time.”

“Okay, see you next time!” Night Sen patted his little shoulder, “If there’s anything, feel free to contact me, grandpa’s phone is off, you have my number.”

“Got it, thanks Grandpa Sen.” Tenzin saluted gratefully.

“Send them back.” Night Zhen Ting handed Yue Yue to Lei Yu and turned his head to say to Chen Chen, “I’ll stay with Mummy in the hospital, I’ll go back to see you guys tomorrow, be good!”

“Mmm.” Chen Chen nodded and turned to leave.

“Yes.” Lei Yu and Night Fai took the children to the car with a few bodyguards escorting them.

Night Sen watched their backs as they left and said with a smile, “Young master, a few words?”

“What does Uncle Sen want to talk about?” Night Tremor turned around and walked into the hospital building.

“The mother of these three children is Miss Feng Qianxue?” Night Sen asked softly.

“Yes.” Night Zhen Ting did not intend to hide it, he knew that it was no longer possible to hide it, besides, since the three children were his, the old man could no longer object to Feng Qian Xue entering the house.

“So, the three children are ……” asked Night Sen tentatively.

“When grandfather wakes up, I will personally give him an account.”

Night Zhen Ting felt that he should speak to Old Master Night personally about this matter, it was better to keep a low profile now.

“Yes.” Night Sen nodded in a hurry, “Excuse me.”


Night Zhen Ting came to Feng Qian Xue’s ward, she was sleeping heavily and should have been sedated.

Night Zhen Ting lay on his side on the bed, wrapped his arms around Feng Qian Xue, gently combed her messy hair with his fingers, and said in her ear, “Don’t be afraid, I will never leave you again.”

This night, it seemed that everything was calm, but there seemed to be a stone weighing down in the heart of Night Zhen Ting, there was always a sense of foreboding, as if something was about to happen ……

The time pa*sed little by little and the day dawned.

Night Zhen Ting was very tired from being so busy these days, and was originally guarding Feng Qianxue, but he actually fell asleep holding her.

In the morning, he felt something gently stroking his brow and woke up with a jolt to see Feng Qianxue’s beautiful and gentle face.

Feng Qianxue did not go crazy and out of control again like yesterday, but gazed at him calmly, her hand was gently caressing his face ……

“You’re awake ……”

Before Night Zhen Ting could finish his words, he was blocked by Feng Qianxue’s deep and pa*sionate kiss ……

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