Am I A Gigolo Chapter 523-524

Chapter 523

“Uh 。。。。。”


Night Zhen Ting looked at the music teacher, who looked very young and innocent and pretty, but he quickly withdrew his gaze and said with a tearful smile, “Kid, study hard!”


“I have studied well, but it doesn’t stop me from finding a girlfriend.” Dragon threw a flying kiss at the music teacher, “Good morning Mr. Ye!”


“Good morning Dragon!” That teacher Ye came this way, like a fresh breeze with the scent of cherry blossoms, “Good morning, Tatsu, Yueyue!”


“Good morning, Mr. Ye!”


The children greeted each other with great affection with their teacher, and it was obvious that they all liked this teacher Ye very much.


“This is ……” Teacher Ye looked timidly at Night Zhen Ting.


“He is ……”


“He’s my mommy’s boyfriend.”


Without waiting for Tenzin to speak, Long Long blurted out.


“Uh ……” Teacher Ye froze for a moment and hurriedly greeted with a smile, “Hello!”


“Hello!” Night ZhenTing responded indifferently.


At this time, Principal Liu hurried over with several school executives and sunflower-like other teachers, greeting respectfully from afar, “Hello hello hello, Mr. Night!”


“Mr. Night, I didn’t know you were here, I didn’t have time to greet you, I’m so sorry!”


“Don’t mention it.” Night Zhen Ting said politely, “I sent the children to school today and brought a gift for the other students and teachers by the way!”


Night Fai made a gesture and the bodyguards immediately opened the car door, which was piled full of all the gifts.


“This ……” Principal Liu froze for a moment and hurriedly responded, “This, how can this be a good idea ……”


“Take it and distribute it to the children and teachers.”


Night Zhen Ting was used to this tone of indifferent command, as if these things were not worth mentioning.


“Yes, yes, yes.” Headmaster Liu was flattered and immediately had the security guard come over to help carry the gifts.


“I’ll send you guys to cla*s.”


Night Zhen Ting twisted up Chen Chen and Yue Yue on his shoulder and pushed Long Long’s wheelchair with his other hand.


And it was customary for Chen Chen and Yue Yue to grab his hair to prevent themselves from falling off.


Long Long sat in the wheelchair with Little Four Treasures in his arms.


The three medical nurses were helping them with their little school bags and following behind.


The bodyguards were stationed next to them, not following but with cold faces and full body alert, protecting the young master and the little princess.


Headmaster Liu and Teacher Chen were all stunned at the sight of this gesture.


Mr. Chen whispered and asked medical nurse Xiao Zi, “What’s going on? Why is Nightmaster with these three kids?”


“Night Chief is with Miss Feng.” Paramedic Xiao Zi whispered, “That’s all I know ……”


“Oh my god, no wonder ……”


Teacher Chen covered her mouth, dumbfounded with shock.


It was no wonder, in their minds, Night Zhen Ting was a god on high, while Feng Qianxue was a single mother who was dragging her three children and couldn’t even take care of her food and clothing.


The only reason why there is a crossover between these two is also because Old Master Night accidentally bumped into Long Long ……


How is it that in such a short period of time, they actually got together?


Mr. Chen couldn’t help but heartily envy Feng Qianxue, what a lucky life!


“Mr. Night, San Bao is a student of Sunflower cla*s, their cla*sroom is over here.”


Headmaster Liu led the way in front and led them into Sunflower Cla*s.


At this moment, the janitor and the life teacher were handing out gifts to the students, and introduced them one by one, “These are gifts from three students, Feng Qianchen, Feng Qianlong and Feng Qian Yue, I hope you like them!”


“Thank you, I like it very much.”


“I like it too, it’s a Barbie doll that I’ve wanted for a long time!”


“This is the tablet I’ve wanted for a long time ……”


“Why are they giving us presents?”


The students asked curiously.


“They’re coming.”


A child shouted and all the students gathered around.


Chapter 524

“Tatsun ……”

“Long Long ……”

“Yue Yue ……”

A group of children shouted the names of the three babies, chattering, causing Night Zhen Ting’s brain to ache.

He narrowed his eyes out of habit, and an overpowering aura of dominance poured out from him.

The children immediately stopped in their tracks, not daring to come any closer.

A little girl with a ponytail cried out in fear.

“Doduo, don’t be afraid, he’s not a bad guy.” Yue Yue wiggled her little legs and gestured for Night Thunder to put her down, then ran over and said soothingly, “He’s my ……”

“I’m their daddy!”

Night Zhen Ting suddenly spoke up, interrupting Yue Yue’s words.

“Mummy’s boyfriend” is too unpleasant a term to use and is not suitable to be promoted in a kindergarten. Remember the website

He still felt that he should be brave and generous enough to admit his identity.

This identity is for life anyway and will never change!

The three children were shocked and dumbfounded, not daring to look at Night ZhenTing with disbelief.

Although they had accepted Night Tremor as their mummy’s boyfriend and had come to like him and were willing to play with him, but ……


This identity was too sudden for them!

Chen Chen looked at Night Zhen Ting in a daze, looking very dismayed, his clever little brain seemed to be racing as he analyzed the truth of this statement!

He thought he had heard wrong, or that Uncle Night had said that on purpose to make them look good in front of their cla*smates?

Yueyue’s little mouth was wide open and her eyes were wide open as she looked at Timothy Night with a stunned expression, unable to believe her ears ……

All of the children looked at Night Shocking with a stunned expression, because, since the three babies started kindergarten, they had never seen their father, even they themselves didn’t know who their father was!

How come today, all of a sudden, a daddy appeared?

And he was so tall, so fierce, so …… scary!

And the teachers, doctors and nurses were all stunned!

This is the third piece of exciting news for them so far today.

The first is that Night Zhen Ting personally sent San Bao to the kindergarten.

The second is to learn that night Zhen Ting is Feng Qian Xue’s boyfriend.

The third one, the identity of mommy’s boyfriend, directly became daddy ……

Fortunately, there was no media around, otherwise, these news would have shocked the world and caused an uproar by now.

“Daddy, daddy, hiccup~~”

Little SiBao, drunk and confused, suddenly called out in LongLong’s arms.

This cry pulled the three babies back to reality.

Chen Chen gathered his thoughts and politely said, “Uncle Night, please put me down.”

Night Zhen Ting set him down, and for a moment the father and son looked at each other with some panicked nervousness in their eyes.

Chen Chen landed on the ground and looked at Night ZhenTing apprehensively, then politely bowed and thanked him, “Uncle Night, thank you for sending us to school!”

“Uh, thank you!”

Long Long and Yue Yue hurriedly followed Chen Chen and thanked him.

In their minds, apart from Mummy and Granny, Da Bao did everything right and they would naturally follow his lead.

“Thank you also for the gifts for my cla*smates and teachers.” Chen Chen said politely and courteously, “You are busy with work, so I won’t take up your time!”

Night Zhen Ting looked at Chen Chen’s pretend mature look and was a little ashamed in his heart, he shouldn’t have said this on impulse and on such an occasion.

He should have discussed it with Feng Qianxue, and then together, he would have told the children openly and honestly about the causes and consequences, or at least given them a mental acceptance process ……

However, the words had already been said, and it was useless to repent now.

“Okay, I’ll go first then.”

Night Zhen Ting squatted down and prepared to hug the three children, but the children timidly backed away, not daring to approach ……

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