Am I A Gigolo Chapter 561-562

Chapter 561

Said Ling Long and slashed the fruit knife down towards his wrist ……

“Miss Ling don’t be impulsive!” Night Hui subconsciously discouraged.

But Night Zhen Ting did not have the slightest intention to stop, but sat on the sofa with his legs crossed and elegantly lit his cigar.

A knife went down, shallow blood marks came out and blood slowly flowed out ……

Ling Long exaggeratedly fell to the ground, crying pearly tears.

“Still experience ah, so shallow, how can someone die?” Night Zhen Ting held a cigar in his mouth and raised his eyebrows coldly and arrogantly, “How about I teach you?”

He grabbed Ling Long’s hand, picked up the fruit knife again and pressed it against her injured wrist, following the instructions, “Be hard, use all your strength, let me hear the sound of the knife hitting your meridians so that you can die fast!”

“You ……” Ling Long’s eyes widened in shock, looking at Night ZhenTing incredulously, as if he was looking at a stranger.

The world knew that Night Zhen Ting was cold, ruthless and murderous, but once upon a time she only saw his perfect conditions standing at the top of the world, always thinking that she could leverage on her father’s connections and become his wife.

But now she realised how desperate he was when he was ruthless!!!

“What?” Night Zhen Ting had a mocking look on his face, “Aren’t you going to die to show me? Go on!”

“You ……” Ling Long was about to go mad, her whole body was shaking, “You’re good, you wait and see!”

She flung to the fruit knife and left angrily, throwing the door loudly ……

A few secretaries screamed in horror from outside, followed by Wen Li hurrying in and saying, “Mr. Night, Miss Ling she ……”

“Let her be.” Night Zhen Ting replied cold-bloodedly and ruthlessly.

Night Fai made a hand gesture.

Wen Li hurriedly withdrew and scolded the terrified secretaries, “Stand down, what’s there to see?”

The secretaries returned to their positions, and someone couldn’t help but ask in a low voice, “Miss Ling has slit her wrists, for goodness sake, she actually walked down alone, no one will be killed, right?”

“I don’t see much blood flowing, it shouldn’t be a deep cut ……”

“It should be, if there is a real danger to life, the president will not care, no matter what, it is also a matter of human life ah.”

“Right, I guess it’s a cry and a hanging, deliberately scaring the night president.”

“The president of the night is not going to be threatened.”

“That’s right, Mr. Night doesn’t care about her at all, so it seems to be a complete breakdown.”

“That’s good, thank God we won’t have such a terrible boss’s wife.”

“That’s right, too.”

“Calm down all, and get to work.” Wen Li reminded and added to Sissy, “Go get Auntie Cleaner to come over and clean up these blood stains.”

“Uh-huh.” Sissy ran as fast as she could.

The secretaries were all sn*ggering in their hearts that they would finally not have to serve Ling Long anymore!!!


In the president’s office, Night Fai asked cautiously, “What if she turns to Leng’s in a fit of anger?”

“There are collaborative projects sitting there, defecting to Leng at this time would cost Ling a lot, she’s not stupid, she naturally knows how to weigh the pros and cons, besides, even if she’s really stupid, she still needs the other shareholders to be willing.”

Night Zhen Ting puffed on his cigar carelessly, looking as if he was in control.

“That’s true.” Night Fai breathed a sigh of relief, then added, “But, weren’t you too desperate just now? I’m afraid she’ll go to the old man and tell him off.”

“The old master has great-grandchildren, what does he care about her?” Night Zhen Ting gave him a blank look, “Cut the crap, have someone clean up the place, the child will be scared when he comes later.”


Night Hui was about to inform when Wen Li had already brought someone in to tidy up.

Night Zhen Ting was about to go to the next room to stay with the child, when the night army hurriedly came to report, “Night King, the old master has woken up!!!”

“Hmm?” Night Zhen Ting frowned.

“Not temporarily awake, but completely awake, very clear consciousness, and says he wants to see you.” Night Jun said joyfully, “You should go take a look quickly.”

“Good.” Night Zhen Ting immediately extinguished his cigar and got up to go get the children ……


Chapter 562

The president’s office is so well soundproofed that, through a wall, the children have not the slightest idea of what has just happened next door.

The bad mood brought on by an unexpected visitor earlier had long since been dispelled by the game.

The three children are having a great time playing VR games in the lounge.

The equipment is state of the art, with high-tech seats, and the experience is very immersive.

The three children were sitting side by side in their electric seats, wearing gla*ses and experiencing the mysteries of space.

The three children were sitting side by side in the electric seats, wearing gla*ses and experiencing the mysteries of space. They were amazed and squealed from time to time, dancing with joy.

The little four babies also joined in the fun, fluttering their wings and flying around the screen, as if they wanted to rush into the screen and experience the mysteries of the game with the three babies.

When he saw the children’s excitement, he could not help but raise the corners of his lips.

He finally knew why Feng Qianxue, that wealthy fanatic, used to always use every means to get money, and even went so far as to sell him to a rich woman in order for him to earn more money to share with her ……

After all is said and done, it’s all for the sake of raising these three little ones!

No matter how many storms they encounter outside, as long as they come home and see the three of them, there’s nothing to worry about ……

“Mr. Night ……,” the medical staff saw that Night Zhen Ting had arrived and was ready to tell the children.

Night Zhen Ting made a gesture, indicating that they should not disturb the children and let them finish the game properly.

Outside, Night Fai had already prepared the car, and Night Jun walked in and asked in a low voice, “Night King, shall I go back to pick up Miss Feng?”

“There’s no rush.” Night Zhen Ting looked at his watch, “We’ll go there first, she’ll leave an hour later.”


“There’s one more thing to report.” Night Jun attached himself to Night Zhen Ting’s ear and whispered, “Chief Yun has been staying in Hai Cheng and hasn’t left, probably waiting for news that the old man has awakened.”

Hearing these words, Night Zhen Ting’s brow furrowed, he didn’t care about the Ling family or the Chu family, what bothered him most was this aunt.

She was deep-minded and malicious, and liked to play dirty tricks, and would do anything to achieve her goal.

Last time he went to visit his grandfather, she did nothing, he always felt there was something wrong, but he could not guess what medicine she was selling in her gourd ……

It is because of this that he does not dare to relax his vigilance.

“Let’s not pick up Feng Qianxue today.” Night Zhen Ting suddenly changed his mind, “Deploy manpower and protect the child with all your might.”

“Understood.” The night army immediately went to do it.

Night Zhen Ting knew that the last incident had cast a big shadow on Feng Qian Xue, and she already knew that her father’s death was related to Night Zhen Yun, if she bumped into him at the hospital later, there was no telling what would happen ……

It would be troublesome to scare the child.

Why not let her go for now this time, or use all the manpower to protect the children’s safety.

While the children were still playing games, Night Zhen Ting went out to call Feng Qianxue.

“Hello!” The call was quickly answered, Feng Qianxue seemed to be sleeping, her voice was a little lazy, “What’s wrong?”

“Grandpa has woken up.” Night Zhen Ting told her the good news.

“Really?” Feng Qianxue’s doze woke up at once and said joyfully, “Great, so are we going over early? I’ll go and prepare now ……”

“No.” Night Zhen Ting interrupted her and said faintly, “Just rest at home, you won’t be going over today.”

“Huh?” Feng Qianxue hadn’t reacted, “Why? Where are the children?”

“I’ll take them.” Night Zhen Ting replied.

Feng Qianxue froze, he had said in the morning that he would take her with him, and now he wasn’t taking her ……

What does this mean?

He wasn’t going to tell the old man about her yet, or perhaps, wasn’t ready to get married?

“Daddy ……” came the shouts of the children from outside.

“Hang up first.” Night Zhen Ting said, “Get some rest.”

Then he hung up the phone ……

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