Am I A Gigolo Chapter 599-600

Chapter 599

Phoenix is a famous ancient city with beautiful scenery and simple folklore.

Feng Qianxue had just got off the train and fell in love with the place, with its blue sky, white clouds, long old city and fresh and pleasant air.

Zhu Ma looked at the surrounding scenery and couldn’t help but sigh, “I haven’t been here for almost twenty years, I once followed my old man once when I was young.”

“My father?” Feng Qianxue was curious.

“Yes, with three-year-old you.” Zhu Ma said with emotion, “At that time you were even younger than San Bao, not well and always sick, so Master and I brought you here to see Dr Hua for treatment.

Strangely enough, you were not well after seeing so many doctors at the big hospital, and after coming to Dr. Hua for two days and taking a few herbs, you were soon well.”

“Is that so? I don’t even remember.” Feng Qianxue laughed, “So, we came to the right doctor, Dr. Hua.”

“Of course.” Mother Zhu nodded her head repeatedly, “Dr. Hua will definitely be able to cure you, just don’t worry!”

“Mm-hmm.” Feng Qianxue’s heart lit up with hope, “Mama Zhu, let’s go get a taxi and go straight to Dr. Hua’s house.”

“This place is rather pristine and not well developed, so there are no regular taxis either, but I know which ones are aborigines, they are simple and won’t rip off customers, follow me.”

Zhu Ma pulled Feng Qianxue with one hand and dragged her suitcase with the other as she walked forward. Remember the website

Feng Qianxue followed closely behind Zhu’s mother, but for some reason, she always felt that someone in the crowd was staring at her, she looked back, but could not find anyone strange.

After all, the crowd was crowded and there were travellers coming and going, so she couldn’t see anything wrong.

Thinking she was being paranoid, she withdrew her gaze and followed Zhu’s mother out of the station.

Zhu’s mother found a shabby little car by the roadside, negotiated a price and was about to get into it when suddenly a van sped by and several men in black got out of it and lunged directly at Feng Qianxue.

Feng Qianxue was so shocked that she didn’t even want her luggage, so she grabbed Zhu’s mother and ran.

But the men were obviously very skilled and soon caught up with them and were about to attack, when another group of men appeared in time to fight with them.

Feng Qianxue took the opportunity to pull Zhu’s mother to escape, when the civilian car driver who had negotiated the price earlier drove over and said in Mandarin with a dialect, “Get in!”

The two hurriedly got into the car, with their luggage on top.

The driver sped off in his car and soon left the two gangs behind.

Feng Qianxue noticed through the rear-view mirror that the group of people who appeared behind her in time were the Night Family’s bodyguards, and it seemed that Night Zhen Ting had sent someone to protect her secretly.

But who were those people who rushed down from the van to arrest her?

“I’m scared to death.” Zhu Ma covered her heart with a pang of fear, “Miss, what kind of people were those just now? They didn’t look like locals, they weren’t from the city, were they?”

“I think so.” Feng Qianxue frowned, could it be that Night Zhen Yun’s people?

“I thought it was a business hustler, thinking, are all outsiders so ruthless in hustling business?” The local driver who was driving said jokingly, “Then I took a look, good guys, all wearing straight suits, definitely not business pullers.”

“Yeah oh, I see that car seems pretty expensive too.” Zhu’s mother thought back, “What kind of people are they anyway?”

“I don’t know, whatever, let’s find Dr. Hua first.”

Feng Qianxue secretly sighed, fortunately Night Zhen Ting had sent someone to secretly protect her, or else something would have happened just now.

This local driver was familiar with the road and had good skills, but even so, the mountain road behind was as treacherous as a roller coaster.

After three and a half hours of driving, Feng Qianxue almost threw up and leaned against Zhu’s mother, her face pale.

After all, she had grown up in the mountains, so instead of feeling uncomfortable, she felt kind to the mountain roads.

Chapter 600

It was already dark when they arrived at Dr. Hua’s place.

Dr. Hua was waiting for them at the entrance of the village. From afar, Feng Qianxue saw a white-bearded, green-shirted old man standing under a wutong tree, holding a stick of dry tobacco and looking into the distance as he smoked.

“It’s Dr. Hua.” Zhu Ma recognised it at a glance, “Twenty years on, he hasn’t changed a bit.”

“Yes, I remember when I was a child, Dr. Hua came to our house and looked the same, father said he was full of immortal bones and would not age.”

When Feng Qianxue remembered her childhood, she also remembered her father, and her heart could not help but feel some emotions.

When the car stopped, Dr. Hua immediately greeted him with his young apprentice and looked Feng Qianxue up and down, “Haven’t seen you for more than ten years, you’ve grown up.”

“Dr. Hua, do you still remember me?” Feng Qianxue asked excitedly.

“I remember.” Dr. Hua nodded repeatedly, “You look exactly like your mother!”

Suddenly mentioning her mother, Feng Qianxue was a little caught off guard.

“Doctor Hua, do you still remember me? I’m Zhu’s mother.” Zhu Ma said excitedly, “Twenty years ago I, I once came to your place with the master, when Miss was only three years old.”

“I remember.” Dr. Hua smiled and nodded, looking at Zhu Ma carefully, “You are not well, right? It’s a good time to recuperate together at my place.”

“Yes, thank you, thank you!” Zhu Ma thanked her repeatedly.

“Come on, come inside.” Dr. Hua’s smile was very kind, like a family member after a long time, “Did you have a good trip?”

“Yes, it went well!”

Zhu’s mother and Dr. Hua chatted first along the way and soon, the group arrived at Dr. Hua’s house.

The backyard was planted with all kinds of herbs and the front yard was planted with cinnamon trees, under which a flock of fowls were taking a leisurely stroll with their little babies.

A little girl in a flowered cotton jacket, tied with an apron and holding a spatula in her hand, ran out of the kitchen and smiled happily when she saw Feng Qianxue and Zhu Ma: “Your benefactor is here!”

“Hmm?” Feng Qianxue froze.

“When this child was seriously ill and needed a kidney replacement, it was your father who paid for her treatment and later paid for her education, so she has always been grateful to your Feng family.”

Dr Hua introduced.

“Oh, father seems to have mentioned it.”

Feng Qianxue was not impressed, when her father was alive, he had rescued many people, this little girl, and Gao Ting, were just one of them.

“Give me your hand!” Dr. Hua led Feng Qianxue inside and did not busy himself with hospitality, but first examined her condition.

Feng Qianxue hurriedly held out her hand, and Dr. Hua carefully observed her physique, took her pulse again, and then took some blood with a silver needle, before going to the inner room for laboratory tests.

“Let me take you to your rooms first.” The little girl from earlier said enthusiastically, “My name is Little Flower!”

“Little Flower, thank you.”

Feng Qianxue and Zhu’s mother followed Xiaohua to the inner room, a cla*sical style house, not as luxurious as the city, but still clean and tidy, with a unique flavour.

Little Flower made their beds, packed their luggage and prepared to take the two around the courtyard when the young apprentice arrived, “Sister Feng, Master invites you over.”

“Good.” Feng Qianxue hurriedly went to the pharmacy, and Zhu Ma hurriedly followed.

Doctor Hua took the blood from the test and looked very grave: “This poison, it’s too strong!”

Feng Qianxue was shocked in her heart, no wonder she was a divine doctor, she knew so quickly that she was poisoned.

“Doctor Hua, can this poison be cured?” Zhu Ma hurriedly inquired.

“It’s not clear.” Doctor Hua frowned, “I rarely come across such a strong poison, whether it can be cured or not, I have to research and study it first, it will take some time.”

“About how long will it take?” Feng Qianxue asked.

“It depends on your destiny, maybe a few hours, maybe a few days, maybe a few months, maybe a few years, or, it will never be solved ……”

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