Am I A Gigolo Chapter 603-604

Chapter 603

Feng Qianxue counted the days, ten days had pa*sed now, if she had to delay for another month, Night Zhen Ting would definitely be suspicious ……

She thought about it, but she should have a frank talk with Night Zhen Ting and then receive treatment here without fear.

This evening, Xiaohua prepared the herbs and silver needles for the bath, then went to heat the water.

Dr. Hua was outside confiding something to his young apprentice, who then went out with his backpack.

“Where is Little Apprentice going?” Feng Qianxue asked curiously.

“The herbs will run out until today, I told him to go to the other fortress to collect some back.” Doctor Hua looked up at the sky, “The sky is dark and oppressive, it looks like it’s going to rain, I forgot to ask him to bring an umbrella!”

With that, Dr. Hua chased after him with his umbrella ……

Feng Qianxue had not cared, and was packing up the herbs in the yard with Zhu’s mother, when there was a sudden “bang” outside ……

The first thing that happened was that there was a loud bang outside, and before Feng Qiuxue and Zhu Ma could react, there was another terrifying scream from outside the courtyard.

Feng Qianxue immediately rushed out and found an SUV had knocked Dr. Hua and his young apprentice to the ground, the young apprentice was only injured, while Dr. Hua fell in a pool of blood and was unconscious ……

Xiaohua was stunned and collapsed to the ground.

“Doctor Hua ……” Feng Qianxue was just about to rush over when several men in black came down from the SUV and rushed straight over, dragging her towards the car.

“Who are you people? Let go of me.” Feng Qianxue struggled angrily.

“Let go of our young lady.”

Zhu Ma raised her broom and rushed forward, but before she could get close, she was kicked to the ground by a man in black.

“Zhu Ma-” Feng Qianxue shouted excitedly, struggling desperately.

A man in black waved his hand and was about to hit her. At that moment, a dagger flew over and stabbed the man directly in the wrist.

The man screamed in agony and fell to the ground.

Several other men in black immediately took out their weapons and prepared to meet the fight, but before they could start moving, they were taken down by the Night Family’s bodyguards.

“Miss Wind, is everything alright?” Night Army stepped forward with an arrow and asked anxiously.

“I’m fine, call an ambulance.” Feng Qianxue was in a state of anxiety.


There was only one old doctor on the mountain, Dr. Hua. Although Little Apprentice and Little Flower also knew some medical skills, Dr. Hua was too badly injured and they could only stop the bleeding and bandage him.

It took more than half an hour for the ambulance to drive from the county, and they soon took Dr. Hua to the hospital for emergency treatment.

Feng Qianxue and Zhu’s mother followed closely, fearing that something might happen to Dr. Hua.

The hospital saved Dr. Hua’s life for the time being, but because of the poor medical equipment, he could only be transferred to a hospital in the city, and was transferred overnight that night.

Feng Qianxue wanted to follow, but the toxicity suddenly kicked in and the intense pain instantly spread throughout her body, blood slowly flowed down, she covered her nose and tried to avoid the night family’s bodyguards ……

But she was still discovered by the night army.


A day later.

When Feng Qianxue woke up, she was lying in a spacious and bright ward, and what she saw in her blurred vision was a familiar face …… Lei Yu!

“Doctor Lei?” Feng Qianxue looked at Lei Yu in a daze, thinking she was blind, “How come you’re here?”

Lei Yu didn’t say a word, just owed away.

He was discussing something with a few experts at the side, turned his head to look at Feng Qianxue, and then told those people to back off first.

“Night Zhen Ting?” Feng Qianxue panicked at once, “Why are you here?”

“It’s not that I’m here, it’s that you’re back.” Night Zhen Ting walked over and sat on the edge of the bed, reaching out to cup her face, “Phoenix’s medical equipment is too backward, and Dr. Hua has turned up!”

“Oh ……” Feng Qianxue was a little flustered, she was thinking, what did Night Zhen Ting know? How much did he know? The matter of her poisoning, could it still be concealed?

Chapter 604

“I know all about it.” Night Zhen Ting dismissed her doubts straight away, his brow furrowed in exasperation as he questioned, “Are you a pig? Not even telling me about such a big deal and running off to therapy on your own without telling me?”


Feng Qianxue looked at him in a daze, unable to say a word.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Night Zhen Ting cupped her face, gnashing his teeth in painful hatred, “Did you think I couldn’t solve the problem?”

“No……,” Feng Qianxue shook her head hastily.

“Then why is that?” Night Zhen Ting was furious, “Is it because you’re afraid of dragging me down with you? Affect me?”

Feng Qianxue didn’t say a word, just lowered her head.

“Fool!” Night Zhen Ting held her tightly in his arms and was so angry that he bit her shoulder fiercely.

“Ouch!” Feng Qianxue screamed miserably in pain.

“That’s right, it hurts to make you remember the lesson!”

Night Zhen Ting was angry, anxious and guilty –

“So you had a nosebleed not because of overindulgence, but because of poisoning; so you woke up in the middle of the night not because of a nightmare, but because you were woken up by pain; so you were suffering from the virus every time you hid in the bathroom ……”

He hated himself so much when he thought of the pain she had endured during this time that he wanted to strangle himself.

“It’s okay, Dr. Hua has found a cure.” Feng Qianxue rea*sured him heartily, “After a few days of treatment, I’ve gotten much better, as long as I continue with the treatment, I’ll be fine soon ……”

“Doctor Hua is unconscious right now.” Night Zhen Ting interrupted her and said with a frown, “He’s hurt so badly that he doesn’t even know when he’ll wake up.”


Feng Qianxue’s eyes widened in shock, like a thunderstorm.

The hope that had been easily sparked was now going to be shattered again?

And even dragged Dr. Hua into it!

“Why didn’t you tell me if there was something wrong??” Night ZhenTing was remorseful, “If I had known, things wouldn’t have gotten this far.”

“I’m sorry ……” Feng Qianxue was also regretful, “Will Dr. Hua be alright? It’s all because I dragged him, and my little apprentice ……”

“Little apprentice is fine, he’s just a little injured.” Lei Yu explained softly, “Zhu Ma and Xiao Hua are also fine, they are both in the hospital, only Dr. Hua, is still in the intensive care unit.”

Feng Qianxue lowered her head in frustration, her heart very desperate.

Now that Dr. Hua’s life and death was uncertain, could it be that there was no one to cure her poison?

“It’s alright, don’t worry.” Night Zhen Ting immediately rea*sured her, “I’ve asked, that Little Flower knows how to stick the needles, the little apprentice knows how to dispense the medicine, and with Lei Yu’s a*sistance, we will soon be able to continue treating you.”

“Really?” Feng Qianxue turned her eyes to look at Lei Yu.

“Yes.” Lei Yu nodded, “I have already asked someone to prepare the herbs according to my young apprentice’s prescription, so I will be able to continue the treatment tomorrow.”

“Thank you ……” Feng Qianxue let out a sigh of relief, then added, “No matter what, make sure you cure Dr. Hua, I can’t drag him down.”

“Don’t worry, we have sent the best surgeon to treat him.” Lei Yu felt very guilty in his heart, “I’m sorry, Miss Feng, I gave you a full body checkup before, just not a blood test, it’s all because of my negligence and carelessness, that’s why I got it like this ……”

“You still know you were negligent and careless?” Night Zhen Ting coldly shouted.

“Yes, please punish the Night King.” Lei Yu lowered her head.

“Don’t blame her, how could she not have thought I would be poisoned at that time.” Feng Qianxue spoke up for Lei Yu, “It’s important to solve the problem first now.”

“Rest well tonight, and start the next treatment tomorrow, you will definitely get better.”

Night Zhen Ting tenderly touched her face.

“Mmm.” Feng Qianxue nodded her head.

“Go to sleep.” Night ZhenTing coaxed her to sleep and then hurriedly left.

Just as he walked out of the ward, he ordered in a low voice, “Gather the men and bring that crazy woman to me!”

“Night King ……”

“Now, immediately, get on it now!”


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