Am I A Gigolo Chapter 611-612

Chapter 611

Love can welcome all difficulties and family peace.

A marriage without love will eventually lead to a split, even if the foundation is good, it will be just as problematic, and once there is conflict in the marriage and family, the career will follow and be implicated ……

“Unfilial son, I’ll beat you to death!”

The old man was furious, waving his cane and hitting Night Zhen Ting fiercely.

“Which of my words are wrong?” My father married someone who was a good match according to your wishes, but what did he end up with? What happened to his family?”

Hearing this sentence, Old Master Night paused in his movements ……

The tragedy of his son Night Zhentian was indirectly caused by him, this was his lifelong regret, he did not allow anyone to mention it, but only Night Zhentian, the one who was not afraid of death, insisted on revealing his scars!

Beneath the scars is endless remorse ……

In an instant, all of the arrogance of Old Master Night was gone, and he sadly fell into his wheelchair: “I do have an unshirkable responsibility, but mainly your father was too stubborn and had to like that demon girl from the Leng family, which is why it led to a tragedy ……”

Speaking of this, Old Master Night looked up at Night Zhen Ting, “I just don’t want you to repeat his mistake, that’s why I’m controlling you, do you understand?”

When Night Zhen Ting saw that Old Master Night was so sad, he couldn’t help but feel a little guilty, he knew that his father was the deepest pain in his grandfather’s heart, still using this to sting his old man seemed a little cruel. Remember the website

“In short, I will not allow this woman to enter the door.”

Old Master Night put down his words and made a hand gesture, and Night Sen hurriedly pushed him away.

Night Zhen Ting looked at the old man’s back, his brow furrowed tightly.

Night Jun bowed his head and opened the door.

Night Sen pushed Old Master Night out, and at that moment, the children’s tender and cheerful voices came from outside: “Grandpa Zeng, Grandpa Zeng!”

“Hey, the children are back!”

Hearing the children’s call, Old Master Night’s face immediately lifted into a smile, and the gloom he had just felt vanished.

“Grandpa Zeng, what brings you here?” Long Long ran over on his little short legs before he could put down his little school bag, “Daddy said that Mummy is coming home today, are you here to see Mummy?”

“Uh ……”

Old Master Night froze for a moment, not knowing how to answer the question.

Although he was one of the world’s leading experts in psychological tactics plus negotiation, when faced with children, all the tricks and tactics would be gone.

There is just sincerity!

“Great Grandpa, Grandma has made lots of good food and what I always call piggy buns.” Yue Yue ran over from the table with two steaming little piggy buns and handed them to Old Master Night, “They’re so hot, try them!”

“Aiyo, don’t burn your little hands.”

Old Master Night hurriedly took the little piggy bag and even blew on Yue Yue’s little chubby hand.

“Great grandpa, daddy said you were discharged from the hospital today, are you feeling better?” Chen Chen walked over and greeted with concern.

“Much better.” Old Master Night gently stroked Chen Chen’s little head, “I heard that you recently helped your daddy develop a new software?”

“Yes, specially developed for kindergarten children.” Chen Chen was so excited to talk about it that he immediately introduced it to Old Master Night, “It can prevent children from getting lost, it’s a software developed based on the principle of a tracker.”

“Great!” Old Master Night was very happy, looking at the three children, it was as if he saw hope, even if he pa*sed away in a hundred years, the Night Family would not have to worry about having no successor ……

“Mummy!” At this time, Yue Yue saw Feng Qian Xue who came out from the study and immediately ran over excitedly, “Mommy, I miss you so much!”


“Mommy ……”

Both Chen Chen and Long Long were also very excited to see Feng Qianxue and immediately ran towards her.

Feng Qianxue squatted down, hugged the three children in her arms, and said with a touching voice, “Mommy misses you guys too.”

Chapter 612

“Mommy, you’ve all lost weight.” Yue Yue cupped Feng Qianxue’s face and said heartily, “Is it because you don’t have San Bao around, your appetite is all bad?”

“Yes, now that I see San Bao, Mummy’s appetite will be better.”

Feng Qianxue kissed Yue Yue’s little chubby face, her eyes were wet, but her lips were raised in a gentle smile.

“Mummy, Granny has just made fresh little piggy buns, I’ll go and get them for you.”

Long Long hurriedly ran to the kitchen to get food for Feng Qianxue.

Feng Qianxue looked at his athletic stride and asked, “Is Erbao’s foot well?”

“It’s long gone, now it can jump and bounce, and it’s in great spirits.” Chen Chen hurriedly reported to his mother, “Mummy, I helped Daddy develop a new software and Daddy said he would take me to register the patent and use my name to title it later.”

“Dabao is fantastic.” Feng Qianxue hugged Chen Chen with joy, “Mommy is proud of you!”

“Mummy ……” Chen Chen hugged Feng Qianxue, his eyes red, “Don’t leave us later, okay? We’re all scared that you won’t come back”

“Yes, yes, we discussed leaving home and going to the hospital to look for you ……”

Yue Yue blurted out, and finished hastily covering her small mouth with her little fat hand.

“Run away from home, run away from home!”

Little Four Treasures repeated Yue Yue’s words, fluttering her wings and flying around above Feng Qianxue’s head.

“Run away from home?” Feng Qianxue was frightened, “You mustn’t mess around, Mummy is in the hospital for treatment, isn’t she back now?”

“We can stay with you for the treatment, we can also take care of you.” Chen Chen furrowed his little brow and said sadly, “You were gone for a month, we missed you too much.”

“Mummy you promised us that you wouldn’t leave us again.” Yue Yue’s little mouth dropped and she almost cried out, “Mommy doesn’t mean what she says!”

“No ……” Feng Qianxue didn’t know how to explain to the children.

“Mummy, the little piggy bag is here.”

Longlong carried a plate with a few little piggy buns inside and darted over to this side.

“Little piggy buns, little piggy buns!” Little Four Treasures saw the food and immediately flew over.

“Little Four-Bo, don’t move, let Mummy eat first.” Long Long waved his hand to chase away Little Four Treasures, then brought the Little Piggy Buns to Feng Qian Xue, “Mommy eat more!”

“Thank you Erbao!”

Feng Qianxue stroked his little head and ate the little piggy bun together with the three children.

Seeing this scene, Old Master Night’s brow furrowed, he knew that the children had a deep bond with their mother, but seeing these images with his own eyes, his heart was still more or less moved ……

In order not to let his heart go soft, Old Master Night withdrew his gaze and made a gesture, signaling for Night Sen to push him away.

“Grandpa, are you leaving?” Night Zhen Ting immediately came over to see him off, “Not staying to dine together?”

“No need!” Old Master Night had a sullen face, not even bothering to look at him.

“Great grandpa is leaving, go and see him off.” Feng Qianxue reminded the children.

“Grandpa Zeng, you’re leaving?”

The three children saw that the old grandfather was leaving and immediately came over to stay.

Yue Yue pulled Old Master Night’s hand, milking and pampering him, “Grandpa Zeng isn’t leaving, have dinner with us.”

Her voice was like candy, making people’s hearts sweet.

Old Master Night immediately raised his smile and his gaze became gentle, “Grandpa Zeng is going home, next time he will take you out for dinner.”

“No, no, no ……,” Yue Yue waved Old Master Night’s hand to pout.

“Grandpa Zeng, you can dine here, granny cooks delicious food.” Longlong followed suit and advised, and gestured his little fist and said, “After eating, you can come with us to the garden to play, my feet are well and I can perform kung fu for you.”

“Yes, don’t you want to see the new software I’ve been working on?” Tatsu said as he took Old Master Night’s other hand, “I can show it to you after dinner!”

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