I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1245

“Be obedient and don’t allow it to be too much trouble.” Fearing that Rongshu was still unwilling to put it on obediently, Fu Jingting added another sentence.

The down jacket was draped over her body unexpectedly, and it did make her less cold all of a sudden.

But she really didn’t mean to wear it either.

“It’s not that I don’t mind the trouble, I just feel a bit embarra*sed when I see that everyone isn’t wearing it and I’m wearing it by myself, they’ll laugh, and where will I put my clothes in later?”

This was also a problem.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the clothes you’re wearing, and you don’t have to compare yourself to them. And who do you think is more important, sickness or jokes?”

“That goes without saying. Of course it’s being sick.” Rongshu didn’t think much about it and blurted it out.

Fu Jingting gave her a look, “You let yourself know that being sick is the most important, so why don’t you put it on?”

His tone revealed that he could not be denied.

Rongshu also knew that he was concerned about herself and understood that what he said had merit, indeed jokes and being sick, it was still more important to be sick.

There was really no need for her to joke about her body either, preferring to freeze for the sake of a moment of beauty.

That wasn’t cost effective.

And the man had said something that spoke to her heart.

With him around, who would dare to laugh at her!

Since no one dared to laugh at her, she naturally didn’t need to be psychologically burdened and just put it on.

With this in mind, Rongshu, under the man’s care, obediently put the down jacket back on.

After putting it on, Fu Jingting’s tightly furrowed brow relaxed a little.

But then his gaze went down and he saw her exposed calves and the backs of her bare feet, and the frown that had softened rose once more.

If he hadn’t known it was impossible, he would have wanted to ask Zhang Cheng to buy cotton shoes and trousers for her to put on.

Of course, he knew that if he did, those people would laugh at Little Yezi even if they were in his way.

After all, it was okay to wear just a duvet, and although it was a little weirder than what other beautiful, frozen women wore, anyone could tell by Little Leaf’s bare calves that she was also wearing a dress underneath, and could guess that she was only temporarily wearing the duvet and would have to take it off later.

So they were able to refrain from making jokes and at most cast some surprised glances.

But if he really let Little Leaf wear cotton shoes and trousers, then people would really think that Little Leaf was not wearing a dress to the party, but really dressed as such a maverick to the party.

At that time, even if he was there, they would dare to laugh at Little Leaf.

And he wouldn’t be justified in getting angry, after all, others would say that it was Little Yezi herself who dressed like this and didn’t let others laugh?

Thinking about this, Fu Jingting rubbed his temples in annoyance.

Who in the world invented the idea that women must wear so little to a party?

Even if it’s summer, it’s winter too, is she sick in the head?

“What’s on your mind?” Rongshu zipped up her down jacket, seeing the man beside her with his eyes flickering, she knew the man was lost in thought, and couldn’t help but wave her hand in front of the man to call him back.

The man’s eyes flashed and his thoughts came back to him.

He gently took her hand, which was starting to get cold again, and put it to his lips and breathed in, before tucking her hand straight into his own suit pocket, “No, let’s go in first, it’s too cold outside.”

“Well, it’s really time to go inside, it’s almost half past eight, most people have already arrived and we’re kind of late, I hope Madame and the others haven’t attended yet.” Rongshu said with some concern as she looked at the staff who were checking the invitations at the front door of the hotel.

They were definitely already late at this point.

If the party host couple hadn’t shown up at the party yet, then it would be fine and she wouldn’t have to worry about befriending them later and making them think in her mind.

But if they were already present, then she would be embarra*sed to go back to them herself.

Anyway, if she herself is the host of the banquet, and someone comes to beg herself and comes later than she does, it is enough to show that the person who comes to beg herself is not sincere in her heart, so who would be willing to befriend that person.

Fu Jingting knew what Rong Shu was worried about, the large hand in the pocket of her suit, gently squeezed her soft little hand, “Don’t worry, the couple is not present at this time, it will be at nine o’clock.”

“How do you know?” Rongshu turned her head curiously to look at the man.

The man pulled her towards the front door of the hotel, “It’s not easy for me to know? Just find a random person attending the banquet to keep an eye out for me, I had Zhang Cheng contact a business partner when he was in the car, he went in before us, he promised to send me a message if the person you’re looking for attends early, now he hasn’t even sent a message, that means the person hasn’t attended yet.”

“So that’s it.” Rongshu breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Fu Jingting handed the invitation to the staff.

However, the staff member didn’t even look at it and directly made a respectful gesture to invite him and Rong Shu in.

After all, Fu Jingting’s face was much more valuable than an invitation.

Even if he did not have an invitation, these people would not stop him and would respectfully invite him in.

Fu Jingting took the invitation back and casually dropped it into the other side of his suit pocket before saying, “Don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye on your affairs, I won’t let your affairs slip through the cracks.”

In short, whenever it came to her affairs, he would make some arrangements in advance, arranging the details that she had not expected.

He would not let her have any worries.

Seeing that the man had done so much for her again, where she didn’t know, Rongshu was touched in her heart, “I was thinking, you’re doing so much for me now, what would I do without you in the future?”

“It won’t be without me, we will grow old together, and even if I do lose it one day, our children, will protect you for me.” The man stopped and turned his head to look at her with a serious look of a*surance.

The no more he spoke of was not the kind of no more that would separate him from her without feelings.

Rather, it was death.

Barring death, no one could separate them, not even himself.

Naturally, Rongshu read the seriousness and paranoia in the man’s eyes, and should have been afraid.

After all, paranoid people were sick and should be kept away.

But this paranoia of the man made her not only not afraid and not want to stay away, but also feel heartbroken.

Because men’s paranoia, like hers, is not much security said to arise ah.

She is not convinced that there is permanent love in this world, not convinced that she and he can really love each other for life, so now the mentality is as long as they still love each other, then together, no longer in love, then separate.

Never really took to heart, or even believed, a man’s long words that he would love her for the rest of her life and be together for the rest of her life.

After all, the future is too long, no one can see what the future is really like, and she doesn’t dare to plug it.

Fu Jingting is also well aware of these thoughts in her heart, which is why she is insecure, and over time, people become a little paranoid.

In the end, this is also her fault, it is she who did not give him enough security.

But even so, she still couldn’t lie to herself, nor did she want to deliberately go against her heart and say that she believed they could really be together for the rest of their lives, that they could really love each other for the rest of their lives, just to make him happy.

That would be too false.

So Rongshu eventually avoided the man’s eyes and his words of promise, looking away from the phase with a heartfelt smile and said, “Alright, I get it, let’s just keep walking, don’t stand here in the block, there are people behind us.”

Having said that, she took the first step and walked forward.

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