I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1252

Fu Jingting’s face was unsightly, and the low pressure around him was about to freeze the air.

Rongshu knew that he was really furious.

She did not advise him not to get angry either.

After all, the people outside were abominable.

Not to mention his anger, even she was upset.

No one else would have looked good if they had smashed the door like that.

“You step back a little.” Fu Jingting lowered his voice and spoke to Rong Shu.

Rongshu knew that he was about to open the door and was ready to catch the person outside in flagrante delicto, and was afraid that he would be mistakenly injured by the person outside at the moment he opened the door, so he told her to back off.

She nodded her head and agreed with a hint, “You be careful.”

She took a few steps back to the side after admonishing her.

Fu Jingting lifted his chin, indicating that he would be careful, before directly pulling the door of the room open.

The people outside did not expect Fu Jingting to wait behind the door for them to come to the door.

When Fu Jingting saw the two women fall in, he unhurriedly turned to the side and directly avoided the situation where the two women almost fell on him.

The two women then fell straight forward and ended up on the cold floor, one on top of the other.

The woman at the top was fine, there was another woman underneath her as a cushion of flesh, so she was unhurt, just stunned.

The woman at the bottom was in trouble, she fell face down on the floor, her teeth even hit the floor, directly knocking out her porcelain teeth, her mouth was full of blood and she cried out in pain.

The cries and screams annoyed Fu Jingting, his eyes were cold as he stared at these two clown-like women, and he chided them in a deep voice, “Shut up!”

The man’s tone carried an endless majesty and killing intent towards the two women.

The two women instantly felt as if they were in a horrible hell, shivering, not daring to cry or scream.

Because at that moment, they felt as if a knife was placed on their necks, making them not dare to move.

It was as if they would be killed at any moment if they moved.

Rongshu also didn’t expect that there were actually two women.

She had thought that there was only one.

She took two steps forward and stood beside Fu Jingting again.

When Fu Jingting saw her coming, his icy aura tightened considerably and he took her hand, “Not scared, are you?”

He asked gently.

Rongshu shook her head, “A small scene, it’s fine.”

She had even experienced things like being kidnapped and torn apart, so this little scene was nothing.

Fu Jingting nodded, relieved to see that he was not frightened.

Even if the two women couldn’t see him at the moment, they could still feel the horrible aura coming from him, and they were shivering with fear for a while.

“Who sent you here?” Fu Jingting closed the door behind him, his voice questioning without a trace of emotion.

The two women’s bodies trembled even more, stammering and unable to speak clearly.

Fu Jingting was extremely impatient, “Get up and say, who told you to come over and bash the door?”

The two women dared not disobey him and hurriedly got up from the ground.

The one who got up first didn’t forget to pull up the one who had used herself as a meat cushion.

After pulling herself up, she even helped the other one pick up her porcelain teeth.

But the woman who had lost her porcelain teeth had blood in her mouth, and the bleeding hadn’t even stopped yet and was still flowing, so she didn’t dare to open her mouth at all.

Rongshu also did not want to see her mouth full of blood, disgustedly averted her eyes and looked at the other woman who had her head down, shivering and not daring to look up at them, “You come and tell me, who the hell told you to come and bash the door? You better tell the truth, or you know what the consequences are!”

The woman’s voice was very light, but the warning and threat in her tone was indeed real.

But anyone with a little less guts would also be intimidated.

After all, no matter what, she has been the chairman of the board for a few months, and there is more or less the majesty of a higher power in her body.

But only if someone was afraid of her.

But obviously, the two women in front of her were not among those who feared her.

They were convinced by Liu Linlin’s words and insisted on believing that the reason why Rong Shu and Fu Jingting got back together was definitely not because of their feelings, but because Rong Shu had something on Fu Jingting in her hands.

So for a despicable and shameless person like Rong Shu, they naturally had nothing to fear and did not put it in their eyes.

In their view, even if they treated Rong Shu with a bad attitude, it would still be fine, as Mr. Fu was under the control of this woman, and if they targeted Rong Shu, perhaps Mr. Fu would be more than happy.

Once they were happy, maybe Mr. Fu wouldn’t mind their rude actions of banging on the door.

The more I thought about it, the more I felt this was the case, the woman who was a little chubby and uninjured suddenly branched out and looked at Rong Shu as if she was looking at rubbish, “What does it matter to you, a woman, whether we tell the truth or not, what are you worthy of asking us, you ah ……”

The woman’s words were not finished when she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her abdomen, followed by a scream, her entire body flew out, flying at least two meters away, and finally fell heavily to the ground, covering her stomach in pain and rolling on the ground.

This shocked Rongshu and another woman who had lost her teeth and was a little thinner.

Rongshu was fine and soon recovered.

But the thin woman stood there, her mouth growing in shock, looking at the fat woman who was still rolling on the ground, her face pale with pain and sweating profusely, her body shaking constantly, her eyes full of panic.

Fu …… I actually struck out and hit someone.

Yes, the reason why the fat woman just now flew out was because she was kicked by Fu Jingting.

To be honest, even Rong Shu did not expect that the man would suddenly strike.

But the reason for the man’s strike was as clear as her mind and she was happy about it.

Fu Jingting stopped Rong Shu’s shoulders, slightly lifting his chin, looking at this fat and thin two women like ants from above, the killing intent in his voice, pressing these two women to the point of being unable to kick their breath.

“My baby, I can’t even spare a heavy word to her, you guys actually dare to scold her, even in front of me, since you guys want death so badly, then I’ll make it happen.”

It was then that the two women realised that Fu Jingting had suddenly made a move against them, actually because of their faulty attitude towards Rong Shu.

Mr. Fu was still saying that that woman, Rong Shu, was his baby.

How could this be possible!

The two women looked at Rong Shu in disbelief.

The thin woman who had been kicked to the ground by Fu Jingting couldn’t care less about the cramping pain in her stomach at this moment, and looked at Rong Shu and muttered incredulously, “How can this be, this is impossible, how is this possible?”

Didn’t Miss Liu say that Mr. Fu was with Rong Shu not because he had feelings for her, but because he was threatened by Rong Shu?

So what is the situation now?

Rongshu was the baby that Mr. Fu had admitted to himself, and this was still called not having feelings?

If they didn’t have feelings, then Mr. Fu wouldn’t have been angry at the way they treated Rongshu, let alone hit them, but should have supported them.

But instead of feeling that they had helped him by doing so, Mr. Fu felt that they had hurt his baby.

What does this mean? It means that what Miss Liu said is wrong, and that Mr. Fu and Rongshu are back together, not because they don’t have feelings.

On the contrary, they do have feelings!

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