I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1258

Hearing Rong Shu’s words, the man folded his hands onto his equally folded knees, moving like a medieval aristocrat, dripping with elegance and nobility, looking very pleasing to the eye.

“Since you’re so distressed with me, then go back to your …… home.”

“You don’t even think about it.” Rong Shu probably guessed what the dog man was going to say next, darted a glance at a*sistant Zhang, small face slightly red quickly interrupted him.

When Fu Jingting saw this vain and shy appearance of hers, a hint of laughter flashed in his eyes, “I just want you to go back and rub my temples to help me alleviate the various noises I used to cache in my head, nothing more, you even have to interrupt me?”

He sounded pretentiously aggrieved.

Rong Shu froze, “Rubbing …… Rub your temples?”

“Or what?” The man leaned closer to her, “Hardly, what did you think I wanted you to do?”

“Of course I thought you wanted to ……”

At this point, Rong Shu suddenly reacted and hastily covered her mouth, swallowing back the words that followed.

Both eyes, however, were wide and glared at the man without good grace.

The dog man was trapping her words, causing her to almost say it.

If it was just the two of them here, it would be fine.

If she had said it and a*sistant Zhang heard it, how embarra*sing would it have been?

Fortunately, she had reacted in time, otherwise she would have wanted to find a crack in the ground.

The dog man, too, knew what she was likely to say, but he was still trying to get the word out in front of outsiders.

This kind of cheek is really no match for ordinary people.

Rongshu grunted, “Alright, let’s not talk about that, just go back and rub it for you, I’m going to go to the washroom.”

After saying that, she stood up and jogged towards the bathroom like she was running away.

She needed a separate space at this moment to properly relieve her inner embarra*sment.

Fu Jingting also knew that Rong Shu’s going to the washroom was an excuse, so he didn’t break her down, and after giving a low laugh, he looked at a*sistant Zhang.

a*sistant Zhang was standing there, his entire face expressionless, with an unhappy look.

No way, from his point of view, the way Mr. Fu and Miss Rong were getting along just now was spreading dog food.

Who was the dog food being spilled to?

It was not for him, a single dog!

So, was he happy?

If he had known, he would have gone out with them just now.

In his heart, he sighed bitterly, but a*sistant Zhang quickly resumed his serious appearance as a special a*sistant, pushing his gla*ses and asking, “Mr. Fu, what was the situation with those two women just now?”

He had only seen those two women banging on the door of Mr. Fu’s lounge like a psychopath on the CCTV.

But he didn’t know the reason for the smashing, let alone what had happened after Mr. Fu opened the door and got these two women in.

So, now he could only ask.

Fu Jingting picked up the water that Rong Shu had just drunk and took another sip before speaking in an icy voice, “Those two women are Liu Linlin’s spies, helping Liu Linlin monitor my every move and Xiao Yezi’s at the banquet at all times. Liu Linlin let them come and ruin the ‘intimacy’ between Xiao Yezi and me.”

Hearing this, a*sistant Zhang understood.

Those two women’s action of smashing the door was to destroy the ‘intimacy’ between Mr. Fu and Miss Rong.

To say the least, these two women were really desperate.

Not to mention that Mr. Fu and Miss Rong did not do anything, even if they did, it was still reasonable, after all, they were rightfully lovers.

Liu Linlin and these two women, what qualifications do they have to sabotage?

They are not afraid that Mr. Fu and Miss Rong are really doing something, and then Mr. Fu will not be able to lift from now on after they have made him so much?

If that were to happen, the lives of these two women’s families would not be enough to pay for it.

“This Liu family, they really have a thief’s heart.” a*sistant Zhang said in disgust.

In their eyes Fu Jingting squinted, “I gave them too much face, I originally thought that I should not be so anxious to announce the breakup of my relationship with the Liu family. After all, Mr. Liu is my teacher, and I don’t want to do too much. , I gave them a period of time to let them figure out a way to stabilize the stock market before I announced it, but it turned out that I was thinking about them, but they didn’t take me seriously at all., since that’s the case, then I don’t need to show them any mercy anymore, after the banquet, let’s just announce it.”

“Yes.” a*sistant Zhang nodded his head.

“Also, send someone to keep an eye on the entrance, once the Liu family appears, inform me immediately.” Fu Jingting pursed his lips.

a*sistant Zhang was slightly surprised, “The Liu family shows up? But I’ve seen the list of today’s banquet and the Liu family is not invited.”

“Just because they weren’t invited doesn’t mean they won’t show up, don’t forget that the invitations can be forwarded.” Fu Jingting glanced at him, “Besides, Liu Linlin’s spies have said that Xiao Yezi and I are getting intimate in the lounge, do you think, she won’t want to come over?”

Only then did a*sistant Zhang react and slapped his forehead, “I forgot about that one.”

“Go on.” Fu Jingting waved his hand.

a*sistant Zhang responded and turned around to walk towards the door.

After walking two steps, he suddenly thought of something and stopped and turned around again, “Right Mr. Fu, if the Liu family really comes, should we let them in?”

“What do you think?” Fu Jingting frowned, “Since the banquet host didn’t invite them, then of course we can’t let them show up, lest we make the banquet host look unhappy.”

a*sistant Zhang pushed his gla*ses and smiled, “Got it, I’m on my way.”

After he left, Fu Jingting was the only one left in the lounge.

Fu Jingting was spinning his water gla*s with one hand, as if he was spinning not a gla*s of white water but a gla*s of red wine, his movements were lazy and nice.

Rongshu came out of the washroom and walked towards the man, “Has a*sistant Zhang left?”

“Gone.” Fu Jingting nodded, then looked at her and snickered, “Shed come out.”

“And you say that.” Rongshu grabbed the a*surance on the sofa and smashed it at the man.

The force was not too strong, and the man grabbed the a*surance and tossed it aside before pulling her wrist towards him.

Rongshu let out a cry, her body lost its weight and she fell backwards into the man’s arms on the sofa.

The man was smiling from start to finish, and after she fell back down, he wrapped his arms directly around her waist and caught her, letting her sit down on his lap.

Rongshu was relieved at last, but still a little stunned, so naturally she had to find the man to vent her frustration.

She slapped the man’s chest with no good grace, “Fu Jingting, you scared me to death, I thought I had fallen.”

The man grabbed her hand, put it to his lips and kissed it, his voice was low and pleasant, “You won’t fall, I’m here, I’ll catch you.”

Rongshu gave him a blank look and pulled her hand back.

Fu Jingting was about to say something when his phone rang.

He frowned, obviously not too happy about the phone ringing at this time.

But he didn’t hesitate either, freeing a hand from Rong Shu’s waist and taking the phone out of his suit pocket.

Once he read the caller ID, he raised the end of his eyebrow and hung up the phone.

Then he patted Rong Shu’s small bottom and made her stand up.

“What’s wrong?” Rongshu asked, still a little confused, after she stood up.

Fu Jingting straightened his suit for a moment before he returned, “Your target has appeared.”

At those words, Rongshu’s eyes instantly lit up, “Appeared? That’s great, then let’s hurry back to the banquet.”

She couldn’t wait to go and make friends with the lady who was the host of the banquet.

With this in mind, she stepped away and was about to head out the door.

“Wait a minute.” Fu Jingting, however, took her hand again at that moment.

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