I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1260

So, in her heart, Rong Shu could not help but begin to regret a little.

Regret that she shouldn’t have joked around, especially this kind of joke that somewhat hurt a man’s dignity.

“What are you thinking about?” Just when Rongshu was regretting in her heart, Fu Jingting beside her suddenly opened his mouth to ask a question.

Rongshu forced out a smile, “Nothing, just ……”


“It was just ……”

Before Rong Shu could finish her words, Fu Jingting suddenly saw something and pointed to a few middle-aged women not far ahead, “The person you’re looking for is over there.”

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time, and they’ve been in the business for a long time.

The one standing in the middle, in the centre, was the one whom Rongshu was planning to make friends with this time.

Seeing her, Rong Shu was instantly surprised, “It’s really true, so I’ll go over first?”

“Do you need me to accompany you?” The man asked, stopping to look at her.

Rongshu shook her head, “No, you were supposed to accompany me today, so it’s better for me to go by myself, after all, I’m the one who’s asking for it, not you, so I want to try it out on my own, besides, there are all wives over there, why are you going as a big man? It’s not appropriate.”

Fu Jingting stroked her brain, “Okay then, I won’t accompany you there, I’ll go and say hello to one of my grandfather’s elders when he was alive, I’ll wait for you over there later.”

He pointed to the rest area where they had gone at the beginning.

Rongshu nodded, “Okay, you go ahead, I’ll go over there first then.”

“Mm.” Fu Jingting nodded, “Go on, I’ll watch you go over, and I’ll leave when you’re there.”

“Good.” Rongshu smiled at him, then turned around, took a deep breath, patted her chest and plucked up the courage to walk over there.

After walking two steps, a waiter called out to Rong Shu, “Miss Rong, the things you are holding, do you need to hold them for me?”

Rong Shu was stunned, then realised something and looked back at Fu Jingting for confirmation.

Fu Jingting nodded imperceptibly.

Rong Shu was sure that this waiter was the one he had asked a*sistant Zhang to arrange to help her cheat, and was immediately relieved as she handed him the bag in her hand, “Of course I need to, please.”

“Miss Rong is very polite.” The waiter saw Rong Shu smiling politely at herself and was flattered as he bowed, then his eyes fell on Rong Shu’s hand and added, “I see that Miss Rong doesn’t have any wine in her hand, I will bring it to Miss Rong in a moment, what kind of wine does Miss Rong want?”

“Wine.” Rong Shu gently pointed over to the direction of the wife group, “Just send it there later, I’ll wait for you there.”

“Okay.” The waiter nodded in response and turned to leave, carrying her bag.

Rongshu exhaled slightly after seeing him leave.

With a final glance at the man who was still standing at the same spot eyeing her, she reared her feet and walked towards the front.

Fu Jingting kept watching her, watching her work up the courage to greet the wives, watching her take the ‘wine’ that the waiter had just brought to her and clink gla*ses with the wives, watching her successfully penetrate the wives and talk to them, and only then did Fu Jingting walk away at ease.

Unknowingly, she had really grown up a lot.

If she had just taken over Tiansheng, she would never have had the courage to go forward and take the initiative to make friends with the ladies.

Unlike now, after a little pep talk, she was able to go straight up.

Such growth was something he was happy to see, and he was delighted.

So Fu Jingting was relieved to leave Rong Shu among the wives, and went to greet his grandfather’s friends when he was alive.

After the greeting, Fu Jingting stopped paying attention to anyone, declined the invitations of those who wanted to make friends with him, and went to the lounge area alone, waiting for Rongshu to return after making friends with the wives’ group.


Otherwise, they would be annoying him, which is not worth it.

Then, the area where Fu Jingting was sitting became a complete vacuum, and no one dared to approach or disturb him, unless he himself took the initiative to call someone over, denying that no one would come forward.

The older generation, who are not involved with the Fu family and do not need to cooperate, naturally will not put aside their seniority and take the initiative to go up to greet Fu Jingting.

Those of the older generation, although they could put aside their seniority, Fu Jingting’s attitude just now was already very clear, he did not want anyone to disturb him, so naturally they would not go forward either.

As for the younger generation, they were afraid of Fu Jingting, so how could they dare to come forward?

So, Fu Jingting’s side of the table was very clear.

This was exactly what Fu Jingting wanted to see the most.

The host of the party only instructed all the waiters to keep an eye on Fu Jingting at all times, and to come forward immediately when Fu Jingting needed them, not daring to neglect him at all.

Of course, the host of the banquet was not angry at Fu Jingting for not greeting him, the host of the banquet, nor did he have a problem with it.

He knew very well that Fu Jingting had come to the banquet not because he, the host of the banquet, had great face, but to accompany his girlfriend.

If his girlfriend was not with him, there would naturally be no one he needed to greet at the party, even if he was the party host.

After all, Fu Jingting’s status was there.

On the contrary, to the host of the banquet, the fact that Fu Jingting had come was a great favour to him, and made his banquet a great success.

If Fu Jingting didn’t want to greet anyone, then he didn’t. Anyway, Fu Jingting’s girlfriend greeted his wife again, and Mr. Fu didn’t stop him.

It is evident that Mr. Fu also thinks highly of them.

The party host smiled.

Of course, all this was unknown to Fu Jingting, nor did he want to know.

He sat in the corner, sipping his wine while taking out his phone to browse through something.

When he took a closer look, it was a message from a*sistant Zhang.

It said that he had checked out the background of the two women, and that they were the daughter of the Li family and the Zhou family in Hai City.

The Li family and the Zhou family were both small families in the city, in the food business and the garment business respectively, and had only made their fortunes in the last ten years.

They are not considered to be powerful families, but at most, they are not even particularly rich.

The two families were not on the invitation list for the banquet, but they had gone to a lot of trouble to get the invitations, in order to get in with the real gentry, so that their families could go further and become part of the gentry as soon as possible.

But now, the ambitions of these two families are completely lost.

After offending him, they still want to be part of the gentry?

What a fool’s dream!

Fu Jingting’s thin lips were pursed and his eyes were cold to the core.

But the fact that these two families were mixed up in this matter suddenly made him think of the Wang family that Madam Lu had mentioned.

The Wang family, who was in the seafood business, had also gotten an invitation and wanted to mix in and recommend their daughter to him, in an attempt to get in touch with him.

So, now the Wang family had mixed in?

Fu Jingting fumbled with his phone for a moment, then made a call to a*sistant Zhang.

a*sistant Zhang’s phone quickly answered, “Mr. Fu.”

“Check, apart from these two and the Liu family, are there any other families outside the invited list, especially the ones surnamed Wang, when you find them, say hello to the party host and get them under control.” Fu Jingting’s voice was emotionless as he ordered.

He intended, to clean up these few families together.

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