I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1264

This man, from the beginning to the end, did not believe her half a word.

It was always believed that she and Su Cheng came together, and that she was not merely being coerced by Su Cheng to do something for her.

Rather, she herself, originally wanted to do the same.

Sure enough, this man had always been suspicious and was not easy to fool.

But even if he was not easy to fool, she had to continue to do so.

After all, she had already come this far, so if she gave up halfway, the situation would obviously be even worse.

Taking a deep breath, Su Man squeezed the armrest of her wheelchair and squeezed out a forced smile on her face, “Mr. Fu, I …… I know that what I did to Miss Rong before made you not believe my words at all, but this is indeed the truth, I also feel very sorry for Miss Rong in my heart, but I can only help Su Cheng to do so ah, if you did not reveal my identity now, know that I am not Su Cheng’s daughter, these I also do not dare to tell you, now I will tell you these facts, but also plucked up a lot of courage, once by Su Cheng Once Su Cheng knows that I have betrayed him, I will definitely not end up well, so Mr. Fu, my situation is now very dangerous, can you ……”

“All right.” She still wanted to say something.

Fu Jingting stood up, his hands in his trouser pockets, his eyes slightly downcast, looking down at her indifferently, “It’s useless for you to say any more to me, I don’t believe a word of it, so you’d better put away your intentions that you shouldn’t have, otherwise I’ll make you pay the price before Su Cheng can make you pay the price.”

Su Man’s pupils shrank, her face went white and her mouth moved, unable to speak.

Clearly, it was the man’s eyes and words that intimidated her.

The truth was also true.

After saying so much herself, this man was not moved at all.

It was really infuriating to her.

Su Man lowered her head and secretly gritted her teeth.

Fu Jingting was also too lazy to look at her again and withdrew his gaze and said coldly, “I don’t care what your intentions are when you suddenly say these words when I have revealed your identity, but I can tell you clearly that no matter what your intentions are, you will not succeed, but I am now interested in you for a few moments.”

Su Man immediately lifted her head.


What do you mean?

Just when Su Man said she didn’t understand what Fu Jingting meant by this, Fu Jingting narrowed his good-looking eyes and leaned down slightly to gaze at her, “I would like to know what your true identity is.”

Su Man’s face suddenly floated with a trace of horror.

How could she have not expected that what Fu Jingting was interested in, was actually this!

And this one was on the …… side

For a moment, Su Man’s heart beat like thunder, not daring to face Fu Jingting’s dark as if black hole eyes.

It was as if once she met them, she would be sucked in and then be completely seen through.

So Su Man subconsciously controlled the wheelchair back a little, don’t look away, voice a little stiff back, “What identity can I have? I’m just an orphan who happened to have some ambition before being chosen by Su Cheng to work for him.” “If you’re really an orphan born, how can you interest Mr. Fu?”

“If you were really an orphan, you wouldn’t have the courage to come to this kind of place, and you wouldn’t have the guts to come and talk to me, and you don’t even have the inferiority complex of an orphan, instead you have a good temperament and upbringing. Tell me, these things that should not have appeared in you as an orphan have appeared in you, so I am very curious about your identity.” Fu Jingting looked at Su Man, his eyes growing cooler and cooler.

It wasn’t that he looked down on ordinary people and orphans.

This world was like that, being rich and not rich were really two completely different worlds.

The standard of living, the temperament, the talent, the insight and the ability of the rich people are something that ordinary people cannot fully imagine.

So when ordinary people come to the world of the rich, their words and actions will definitely not be as breezy and relaxed as Su Man’s.

Many of the waiters present are from ordinary families, and even after years of working in these places and seeing the lives of these rich people, they are not yet able to be completely calm and used to it.

What’s more, Su Man, who was born an orphan, is worse than an ordinary person’s birth.

Isn’t it worth making people suspicious?

After listening to Fu Jingting’s words, Su Man’s mind was in turmoil and her heart was flustered.

She hadn’t thought at all that her calm performance at the banquet would be a huge identity loophole for Fu Jingting.

All of a sudden, Su Man was no longer just panicking, but was also starting to feel scared in her heart.

Especially Fu Jingting’s eyes, which seemed to be able to see through everything, made her feel a huge fear and pressure.

The pressure was so great that she could barely kick her breath.

No, I can’t stay here.

Let’s go, let’s go!

If she didn’t leave, she was afraid that she would be exposed even more.

Maybe in the end, after not being able to withstand the pressure exerted by this man, she would simply admit everything and it would be over.

So now she had to leave as soon as possible.

Thinking about this, Su Man clenched her palms, so tight that her nails were about to pierce her palms, but the sharp pain also calmed her down a little.

She maintained the stiff expression on her face and said back in a somewhat shaky voice, “I’m quite happy to hear Mr. Fu say that, it means that Su Cheng’s training for me was successful.”

“Training? ” Fu Jingting narrowed his eyes.

Su Man ruffled her hair, “Yes, Su Cheng let me approach you, naturally he would have trained me a bit, if I let me approach you just like that, not to mention impressing you, I wouldn’t have had the courage myself, so now that you are saying that my every move is not at all like an ordinary person who was born an orphan and hasn’t seen the world, I am really quite happy, it means that my efforts have not been in vain.”

Fu Jingting gave a heave, not sure if he believed it or not.

Su Man also did not dare to ask, asking would instead be a sign of her own weakness, putting her hand down from her hair, “Well Mr. Fu, it’s getting late, I came here today mainly to say hello to you, now that the greeting is over, I should also leave, we’ll see you next time.”

After saying that, she nodded politely towards Fu Jingting and controlled her wheelchair to leave.

And at the moment she turned around, the polite smile on Su Man’s face instantly disappeared, replaced by a face full of distortion and resentment.

She had come here tonight, apart from wanting to say hello to Fu Jingting and Rong Shu, to tell them that from now on, she would make her official debut as the Su family’s thousandth daughter, and that they would see each other anytime from now on.

The other purpose was to create some trouble for the two of them, to pit them against each other, to make them misunderstand, to avenge the shame of her time in the detention centre.

But what she did not expect was that these two plans, before she had even started to implement them, had already been killed by Fu Jingting.

Instead, Fu Jingting knew that she was not the Su family’s daughter, so it would be the biggest joke if she still used the identity of the Su family’s daughter to make an appearance.

What made her feel tingly and nervous was the fact that Fu Jingting had become very interested in her past identity.

In order to prevent Fu Jingting from continuing to suspect who she really was, she could only keep lying and covering up, trying to dispel his suspicions.

She didn’t know whether this man’s suspicions had been dispelled or not after all she had said, but she knew that she couldn’t continue to stay here for the two purposes she had come for.

What she had to do now was to hurry back to Su Cheng and tell him about it, to see if Su Cheng had any way to clear her past identity completely, otherwise when Fu Jingting found out, she would be completely finished.


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