Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1544

These were the words that Yellow Hair had said to Mouse Lin Mo earlier, and now they finally fell to him.

Huang Mao’s face was embarra*sed to the extreme, but in the end, he had to kneel down on the ground.

Because, those brothers he had brought with him were now all seriously injured and couldn’t even crawl up.

This showed that Lin Mo was a truly ruthless person!

Huang Mao had no doubt that if Lin Mo had wanted to, he might have killed him outright!

Huang Mao was usually arrogant and domineering, but he was also a wimp by nature.

When he met a truly ruthless person, he would have to wilt.

Looking at Huang Mao, who was kneeling on the ground, Lin Mo shook his head disdainfully, “You’re really a punk!”

Huang Mao trembled, “Big brother, I …… am a waste, I am trash.”

“Big brother, just treat me like a fart and let me go, I …… I won’t dare to do it again ……”

Lin Mo’s face was calm: “Let you go?”


Huang Mao was like being pardoned, and hurriedly kowtowed, “Thank you big brother, thank you big brother!”

Lin Mo: “No need to thank you!”

“Let you go, you can!”

“But, you have to leave something behind.”

“Mouse, cover Timothy’s eyes.”

The rat was unsure, but still held TianTian in his arms and covered his eyes.

Huang Mao froze for a moment, and before he could regain his senses, Lin Mo directly pulled out a silver needle and stabbed it into one of Huang Mao’s eyes.

Huang Mao let out a wretched scream and rolled on the ground covering his eyes, blood gushing out along his fingers.

This blow was not fatal, but this eye of his was definitely ruined!

Inside the car, Rat and Uncle Liu looked shocked!

Lin Mo had struck, it was too crisp, wasn’t it?

Of course, the two had not the slightest sympathy for Huang Mao in their hearts, instead they felt a sense of hearty pain.

Over the years, Huang Mao’s group had been rampant and unscrupulous, and no one in that area had ever been bullied by them!

Now, seeing that Lin Mo had ruined one of his eyes, they all felt a sense of revenge and revenge.

Yellow Hair rolled on the ground while screaming miserably, “You said you would let me go, you …… you don’t keep your promises ……”

Lin Mo drew out a piece of paper, carefully wiped the silver needle clean, and said softly, “You’ve said it all, you have eyes and no pearls.”

“If you have eyes but no pearls, then why do you keep them?”

“I’m just removing one for you now, but if you don’t want to go, I don’t mind removing one more for you!”

Yellow Hair nearly P*ssed himself in fear when he heard that.

Forcing himself to endure the severe pain, he hurriedly got up, stumbled to the car next to him, and drove away shakily.

As for those brothers of his at the scene, he couldn’t care less now!

As for Lin Mo, he didn’t care about these people either.

He returned to the car, and Rat and Uncle Liu were still in shock.

Lin Mo glanced at Rat: “What are you looking at? Driving the car?”

Only then did Rat come back to his senses: “Drive …… drive, drive where to ah?”

Lin Mo: “Back to the hotel.”

“Timothy and Liu Bo were caught over, they haven’t eaten yet, let’s go back and have something to eat first.”

“We’ve both been running all day, aren’t you hungry?”

Mouse fumbled to get the car started and drove out of the factory, before suddenly realising something: “Brother Lin, we …… can’t go back to the county.”

“Why don’t we just go?”

“Yellow hair will definitely go to Li Shun, if Li Shun knows about this, he …… he will definitely not let you go.”

Lin Mo: “So what?”

“You think I can’t be afraid of him?”

Mouse: “Brother Lin, I’m not saying you’re afraid of him.”

“You’re a big shot, Li Shun certainly can’t compete with you!”

“But this …… Fangchuan County, after all, is the territory of the human Li family.”

“Li Shun has been in Fangchuan County for so many years, and all those gangsters in Fangchuan County listen to him.”

“He also has a group of desperadoes under his own hands.”

“It’s too easy to gather hundreds or thousands of people in the county at a whim.”

“Brother Lin, this …… good man won’t eat his words, why don’t we take shelter for a while?”

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