Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1552

Since Lin Mo had re-defined the top ten families in Guangdong Province, Ma Tiancheng knew that Lin Mo had completely taken control of the province.

Under such circumstances, Ma Tiancheng, in Lin Mo’s eyes, was just an ant, so how could he be qualified to plead with Lin Mo!

Lin Mo still smiled lightly: “Aiya, what’s the hurry?”

“There’s a good show coming up here, don’t spoil the atmosphere.”

“Come on, let’s eat first, we’ll wait for the good show later.”

Ma Tiancheng and Li Ying were sitting here on pins and needles.

With their phones taken away and sitting in front of Lin Mo, the two of them didn’t even have the possibility to report the news, they could only listen to God.


Li Shun ran back to the teahouse and immediately had his men go and gather their men.

Wang Jichun is sitting on the ground floor, he did not go to the hotel, because he is in charge of the reception thing.

When he saw Li Shun return, he immediately greeted him, “Master Li, the situation is a bit off.”

“Just now, Big Sister sent a message saying that they have arrived near Fangchuan County.”

“But, for a while, Big Sister didn’t send any more messages.”

“I called and no one answered either.”

“I don’t even know where to arrange to meet them!”

Li Shun was getting annoyed, and upon hearing this, he said angrily straight away, “Forget it if no one picks up.”

“D*mn it, I don’t believe it, what big shot is there that can compare to the top ten families in Su Province?”

“You don’t need to prepare, gather everyone back immediately!”

“D*mn it, I have to get this outsider to death today!”

Wang Jichun froze and whispered, “Master Li, this is what Big Sister personally instructed ……”

Li Shun said angrily, “So what?”

“She ordered something and she didn’t answer the phone, so how can you blame me for that?”

Wang Jichun didn’t dare to speak again.

At this moment, the henchmen from the hotel side also called.

When Li Shun heard it, he was even more annoyed: “D*mn, how dare you call someone?”

“Heh, I just don’t believe it, in this mu of Fangchuan County, who can compete with me for more people?”

“Chunzi, call more people for me.”

“D*mn it, today I’m going to show these outsiders, the might of my Crown Prince of Guang Province!”

Wang Jichun hurriedly followed the Crown Prince’s instructions and went out to arrange the men once again.

It didn’t take long for Wang Jichun to gather a large number of men.

With these men, Li Shun rushed over to the hotel in an aggressive manner.

This time, Li Shun brought at least hundreds of people with him, surrounding the entire hotel in the middle, even the inside of the courtyard was full.

Seeing the scene outside, Ma Tiancheng was only scared to the point of cold sweat.

He finally knew how big this incident had become.

Li Shun had called so many people here to kill Lin Mo!

When something like this happened, was Li Shun not seeking his own death?

Ma Tiancheng directly slapped the table, “D*mn, this son of a b*tch, he’s got some nerve, how dare he rush Master Lin!”

“Master Lin, wait a moment, I’ll have him come in now and kneel and kowtow to you!”

Ma Tiancheng finished speaking and got up to leave, but was pressed by Lin Mo on his shoulder.

“Boss Ma, don’t be in a hurry.”

“You sit here for a while, the good show will start soon!”

Lin Mo finished speaking and walked straight out of the private room with his hands behind his back.

Ma Tiancheng and Li Ying looked at each other, the two of them were now extremely apprehensive.

The more Lin Mo didn’t let them both go out, the more it meant that this time things were in trouble!

After Li Shun brought the men in, he didn’t pay attention to the situation in the private room, let alone seeing Ma Tiancheng and Li Ying sitting inside.

Of course, Tiger was now deliberately standing in front of these two, blocking these two from Li Shun’s sight.

When he saw Lin Mo come out, a fierce smile wiped across Li Shun’s face.

He stood in front of these men and looked at Lin Mo with a lofty manner, “Kid, didn’t you tell me to call someone?”

“My men are here!”

“Now, are you convinced?”

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