Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1559

Several of the prince’s men immediately rushed up and dragged Li Shun down.

Seeing this, Li Ying hurriedly jumped up and begged in a trembling voice, “Crown Prince, Crown Prince, will you spare him?”

“He didn’t mean it, he …… is still a child ……”

“Crown Prince, please please ……”

Saying that, she looked at Ma Tiancheng again, “Old Ma, you …… help say something ……”

Ma Tiancheng did not say anything as he stood up and walked over to Li Ying.

Suddenly, he pulled out a dagger from his body and stabbed it directly into Li Ying’s neck.

Li Ying covered her neck and stared at Ma Tiancheng with a deadly stare, “You …… you ……”

Li Shun, on the other hand, directly roared madly, “Ma Tiancheng, you dare to kill my sister!?”

“I’ll fight with you!”

He hissed and tried to rush over, but was held down for dear life.

Ma Tiancheng wiped the blood off the dagger before looking at Li Ying coldly, “My biggest mistake in my life, Ma Tiancheng, is that I have been too indulgent with you two siblings!”

“But if you could have controlled him a bit and let him know what he could and couldn’t do, what happened today wouldn’t have happened!”

“At this point, you’re still pleading on his behalf and asking me to save him?”

“I f*cking hate to kill him with my own hands!”

As Li Ying listened to Ma Tiancheng’s words, the expression on her face, she didn’t know whether it was regret or resignation.

In the end, she covered her neck and collapsed in a pool of blood, dying a horrible death on the spot.

Li Shun, was dragged down hard.

As for Ma Tiancheng, Lin Mo did not pay any attention to him, but only threw him a dagger.

Under the tiger’s gaze, Ma Tiancheng could only pick up the dagger in the end and slowly stabbed it into his heart.

This underground big brother of Guang Province had, in the end, put his own life on the line because of his family’s indulgence.

Lin Mo, on the other hand, did not even look at these people and went straight into the private room.

At this moment, Liu Bo was still sitting in the corner with Tian Tian in his arms, his face full of bewilderment.

Too many things had happened outside in the past few moments, and too many people had come, so he had no idea what was going on.

Mouse was following Lin Mo, and although he had witnessed the whole process, he didn’t know what was going on here either.

However, his intuition told him that Lin Mo was a big shot, a really big shot!

Lin Mo had a calm expression, as he entered the room and sat down at the table.

“Uncle Liu, let’s continue eating!”

Uncle Liu gave the rat a bewildered look, he didn’t dare to sit towards the table.

The rat also stood straight next to him, not daring to breathe a single breath.

At that moment, the Prince walked in from outside.

“What are you all doing standing around? Eat!”

The prince slapped the mouse.

The rat shivered in fear and looked at the Crown Prince and then at Lin Mo, not daring to say a word.

Lin Mo: “Sit down.”

“What’s the matter, it’s only been a while and you don’t even recognize me anymore?”

The rat trembled and sat down at the table, his heart becoming even more apprehensive.

Lin Mo, on the other hand, continued to dish out food to Tian Tian as before, and talked and laughed with the Crown Prince.

As for the Ten Great Family Masters, they were outside dealing with the matters behind them.

Half an hour later, the meal was over.

The crown prince stood up first, “Old man Liu, TianTian, you two, come with me!”

Uncle Liu and TenTian looked at each other, both of them were full of bewilderment, not knowing what was going on.

Rat was also a bit flustered and hurriedly looked at Lin Mo: “Master Lin, this ……”

Lin Mo waved his hand, “Don’t call me Master Lin!”

“Same as before, call me Brother Lin.”

The rat scratched his head and called out tentatively, “Brother Lin.”

Lin Mo smiled and nodded, “As I said, I’ll help you cure your sister if you do me a favour.”

“I’m done with the Fangchuan County side of things, but I still have a bit of other things to do.”

“Mouse, would you like to be my driver for a while and go and do something for me in the meantime?”

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