Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1573

Just as Lin Mo had predicted, that night, Qian Liangwen was furious and gathered his family’s fighters to search for Lin Mo and Chen Baiyu everywhere in Yunan City.

Not knowing Lin Mo’s identity, they could only put all their resentment on Chen Baiyu.

The Qian family’s people even ran directly to the Chen family to ask for someone to hand over Chen Baiyu.

The Chen family, in turn, had no intention of sheltering Chen Baiyu.

Not only did they let the Qian family’s men go and search the old fortress where Chen Baiyu lived, they even sent a group of men to help Qian Liangwen search for Chen Baiyu.

If Lin Mo hadn’t hidden Chen Baiyu in that remote express hotel, it is estimated that Chen Baiyu would have been found long ago.

In the end, they were unable to find him and the matter was dropped.

However, Qian Liangwen also openly said that he would kill Chen Baiyu with his own hands. Anyone who dared to shelter Chen Baiyu would be an enemy of the Qian family!

Not only that, the Xue family, but also the Chen family, had also released the same words, making it clear that they would deal with Chen Baiyu.

The next night, Lin Mo came to the hotel where Chen Baiyu was hiding.

He told Chen Baiyu exactly what had happened outside.

After hearing these events, Chen Baiyu fell into a dead silence.

Although last night at Dynasty International, he had already died.

However, he really didn’t expect that the Xue and Chen families would be able to take things so far!

You know, the Chen family, that was his own family.

The Chen family’s old man, was still his own grandfather.

And the current Chen family head, that was his own uncle.

These were his closest relatives!

As a result, these people had now turned out to be like this. In order to maintain the relationship with the Qian family, they could even openly deal with him, where was the slightest bit of kinship left?

As for what the Xue family had done, this was something he had expected.

It was just that he had not expected that the Xue family head, who had once claimed to have a close relationship with his father, would fall on his sword so quickly.

After a long silence, Chen Baiyu sighed despondently, “When my father was alive, he often said a phrase to me.”

“When the tree falls, the wall falls and the people push.”

“Nowadays, it seems that this saying is true at all!”

Lin Mo: “People, they always have to experience something before they can understand some truth.”

“Your father sees things more thoroughly than you do, but the world is unpredictable, and it’s hard to grasp many things.”

“In this world, the only reliable thing is your own strength.”

“The only way you can control your own destiny is to have enough strength!”

Chen Baiyu looked at Lin Mo and nodded slowly, “You’re right!”

“All these years, under my father’s patronage, I was just a dude who couldn’t do anything.”

“I originally thought that all of this, all of this could be maintained for a long time, I originally thought that everything was deserved.”

“But when my father was gone, I realised.”

“Everything that I had was all because my father had used his strength to give me back!”

“All these years, the only thing I had going for me was that I had cast a good birth and had a father who was capable.”

“Now that he’s gone, the only thing I can do is to fight for this life and avenge him!”

Chen Baiyu clenched his fists and stood up straight away, “Brother Lin, you are the person I admire the most and have saved me several times.”

“From now on, this life of mine is in your hands.”

“As long as you can help me take revenge, even if you ask me to go through fire and water, I will not hesitate to do so!”

Lin Mo smiled lightly and waved his hand: “Chen Baiyu, as I said, you have to take your own revenge!”

“I came to Su Province, one, to get back what belongs to my Xu Pharmaceutical.”

“Secondly, I came to help you rise again!”

Chen Baiyu couldn’t help but stare: “East …… rise again?”

Lin Mo slowly nodded: “Chen Baiyu, don’t you want to trample the top ten families in Su Province under your feet?”

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