Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1583

Lin Mo couldn’t help but give Zhou Ling a deep look, this girl, she saw things quite clearly.

She appreciated beauty, yet she also understood herself, not at all one of those self-righteous nymphomaniacs.

Looking at the girls next to her, they were all smitten, and some even screamed in a vain attempt to draw a glance back from Duke Wan.

But they didn’t know that in the eyes of Wan Gongzi, they weren’t even ants!

Even in Cinderella’s fairy tale, Cinderella was at least pretty.

How could they be worthy of Mr. Wan, who was at the peak of his status and beauty?

As the Wan family entered the venue, other foreign agents also entered the venue, and the launch site suddenly became lively.

Most of the key members of the ten major families were upstairs at this time, receiving Mr. Wan.

Among them, the heads of the ten families, the elders of the ten families, and the heirs of the ten families were basically all inside.

Qian Liangwen was also among them, and he and Xue Yuting were sitting together, their hands still tightly clasped.

When the people from the Wan family walked into the hall, they all immediately stood up and greeted them respectfully.

Zhao Tianyuan, as the host, introduced these important members of the Ten Great Families to the Wan family members.

Wan Zifeng did not shake hands with these people either, but merely nodded his head in greeting.

And with this situation, no one from the Ten Great Families dared to say anything.

It could not be helped that Wan Zifeng’s status was simply too high.

Any one of the Ten Great Families of China could compete with the Six Kings of the World.

In the Wan Zifeng family, he belonged to the top five real power figures.

His position was similar to that of the current Huohua. In any province, he would be an existence capable of oppressing the heads of the ten local families.

Those young people from the ten great families were all full of excitement as they looked at the people from the Wan family.

They had only heard about these Ten Great Families of China, but basically no one had ever met them.

Meeting them today also made the crowd curious.

During this introduction process, the gazes of those girls from the ten families basically rested on Duke Wan.

It could not be helped that Duke Wan was too striking!

Those boys, on the other hand, had their eyes mostly on Duke Wan’s cousin.

His cousin’s name was Wan Zhi, and she was extremely pretty, probably only half a step behind Xu Hanxia, but she was also a stunning beauty.

Moreover, she was a princess from the Wan family, so her status was extremely high.

In addition, she was extremely seductive herself, with her flirtatious eyes, full of suggestive temptation, which naturally made people’s hearts beat even faster.

Even Qian Liangwen’s eyes kept darting over Wan Zhi’s body.

After the introduction, Zhao Tianyuan took Wan Zifeng to the inner room.

At the same time, he instructed the young people on this side to take Prince Wan and Wan Zi Feng down for a spin, to do their best as hosts.

The young men from the ten great families’ side had been waiting for a long time.

After Zhao Tianyuan and the others left, Zhao Yu Ling, the eldest Miss of the Zhao Family, immediately walked over to Duke Wan, smiling and extending her slender hand, “Duke Wan, it’s an honour to meet you!”

Zhao Yuling, the only daughter of Zhao Tianyuan, was very much favoured by Zhao Tianyuan.

Coupled with the fact that the Zhao family was the number one family in Su Province, Zhao Yuling, could also be said to be the number one young lady in Su Province.

In Su Province, there was no girl who could compare to her, Zhao Yuling!

Therefore, Zhao Yuling had her eyes on Duke Wan from the very beginning.

When the other girls saw that Zhao Yuling had stepped in, they could only secretly sigh, no one dared to grab it from Zhao Yuling!

However, Wan Gongzi only glanced at Zhao Yuring, didn’t even say a word, and directly turned around and sat down by the sofa, as if Zhao Yuring was just air.

At this moment, Zhao Yuring’s face instantly became extremely embarra*sed.

One hand was hanging in the air, not knowing whether to take it back or what to do!

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