Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1585

Downstairs, the launch was about to begin and was already packed with people.

Lin Mo walked among the crowd, listening to the conversations of the people to gather some information.

In the middle of the walk, Lin Mo suddenly saw an old acquaintance – He Qianxue!

He Qianxue had several people with her, and she was angrily talking to the people around her.

“This Recycle Pill, which Lin Mo personally refined, was proposed by Xu Pharmaceutical a long time ago, so how come it’s suddenly his Wanchun Hall’s?”

“In a moment, you guys give me a clear look, when Wan Chun Tang’s launch begins, make sure to expose their conspiracy, understand?”

The next few people nodded their heads one after another.

He Qianxue was still full of anger, as if it was her own stuff that had been stolen.

Lin Mo couldn’t help but be moved in his heart as he listened to these words.

He Qianxue, to personally come to Su Province’s territory to voice his grievances, was something he hadn’t expected!

He had to know that although the He family was not weak, it was not comparable to the top ten families in the province.

Moreover, the He family had no connections at all on this side of Suzhou Province.

If He Qianxue came here to cause trouble, what was the difference between that and seeking death?

Lin Mo couldn’t help but sigh, this time, it was lucky that he had come.

Otherwise, He Qianxue really might not be able to tell what would happen to her!

Lin Mo pondered for a moment and planned to go over to stop He Qianxue and not let her clash with the people of Su Province.

However, before he could walk over, there was another familiar face coming from afar, none other than Wan Chongshan.

Seeing Wan Chongshan, Lin Mo was also stunned.

One should know that Wan Chongshan was still an agent on Xu’s side of the pharmaceutical industry right now.

According to the rules of Wan Chun Tang, after Wan Chong Shan had represented Xu Pharmaceutical, he could not represent Wan Chun Tang anymore.

He was here now, what was this situation?

Wan Chun Tang, would it still send him an invitation? This was unlikely, right?

Just when he was puzzled, another group of people came to meet him, it was Yuan De and the others.

These people, were the group of agents who had destroyed the contract from Xu Pharmaceutical before.

Now, they had people from the Ten Great Families leading them, each one of them proud and full of smugness.

Especially Yuan De, who, as the leader of this broken contract with Xu Pharmaceutical, had been treated with courtesy by the Ten Great Families, and his face was overflowing with joy.

Wanchun Hall had already sent out the word that Yuan De and the rest of them would become the first agents of Wanchun Hall.

Therefore, as they walked along, many people around them greeted them, making it seem as if they were also the owners of this launch.

In fact, all these people, too, just wanted to get some share from Yuan De and his group.

Yuan De was in high spirits, greeting people as he walked over.

As it happened, he saw Wan Chongshan standing in the crowd.

Yuan De first froze, and then immediately stopped and looked at Wan Chongshan with a smirk, “Yo, isn’t this our General Manager Wan?”

“What’s wrong? Mr. Wan is also here for the launch of Wan Chun Tang?”

When those other agents saw Wan Chongshan, they all had mockery on their faces as well.

The last time they went to Xu Pharmaceutical to break the contract, Wan Chongshan was the only one who didn’t tear up the contract, which made these agents feel betrayed by Wan Chongshan.

Therefore, all of them did not have any good looks towards Wan Chongshan!

Wan Chongshan’s expression was calm: “Come over and study and learn.”

One person beside Yuan De said directly, “Learn what?”

“You shameless traitor, what qualifications do you have to come to the launch of the Wanchun Hall?”

“The rules of Wanchun Hall say very clearly that if you don’t break your contract with Xu Pharmaceutical, you can’t represent Wanchun Hall’s reconstructive pills.”

“You are still an agent of Xu Pharmaceutical, what makes you qualified to come to this launch?”

“Say, how on earth did you slip into this launch site?”

Hearing these words, the crowd around suddenly whispered.

The eyes of the crowd looked at Wan Chongshan with hostility.

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