Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1592

Hearing this, the crowd was stunned.

No one had expected that the Crown Prince was actually backing up Chen Baiyu.

Qian Yong’an’s face immediately changed when he remembered what had happened before.

He said in a deep voice, “Crown Prince, since when did Chen Baiyu become your friend?”

“My family Liang Wen and Chen Baiyu’s matter, that’s their private matter.”

“You insist on meddling in it, what kind of sense is that?”

The prince said aloud, “Chen Baiyu was not my friend before, but he is Lin Mo’s friend!”

“Everyone knows that Lin Mo is my brother.”

“My brother’s friend is my friend.”

“He was bullied by your nephew, so I’m helping him to get a statement today, what’s wrong with that?”

“Qian Yong’an, your nephew can take someone’s fiancée and make them kneel down and apologise, so what’s wrong with me asking your nephew to park my car?”

“Does it mean that only your Qian family’s people are allowed to bully others, but not others to bully you?”

“What kind of reasoning is that?”

Hearing these words, there were quite a few people around who were secretly shouting in approval.

Qian Liangwen, the fop young master, hadn’t done many good deeds in Su Province, and there were not a few people who had been bullied by him.

Today, when the crown prince said this, it simply spoke to the hearts of many people.

When you bully someone, you have to think that there will be someone stronger than you who can bully you, that’s called karma!

Of course, more people were still in shock.

They didn’t expect that the Crown Prince had such an iron relationship with Lin Mo.

The crown prince would actually stand up for Lin Mo’s friend on such an occasion?

It seemed that this time, the matter was probably going to be a big deal.

Qian Yong’an’s face was ironic.

The prince had definitely come for Lin Mo’s matter this time, and the fact that Huo Hua had personally come was clearly to back up Lin Mo.

This time, could this launch of Wanchun Hall still go on normally?

He couldn’t help but look at Wan Zifeng next to him, nowadays he was no longer capable of handling this matter, he could only expect the Wan family to step in.

Wan Zifeng frowned and said in a deep voice, “There is a reason for injustice.”

“Since this matter is Chen Baiyu’s business, then let Chen Baiyu settle it himself!”

“Crown Prince, you are not Master Xue Wu, do you really think that you can manage all the matters in these six southern provinces?”

Huo Hua snorted, “You’re absolutely right.”

“You’re not Master Xue Wu either, you can’t manage the affairs of these Southern Six Provinces either!”

Wan Zifeng burst out in anger.

As a member of the Wan Family, he prided himself on the fact that the Wan Family could be on par with the Fifth Master Xue.

Therefore, in his opinion, Huo Hua should be full of respect for him.

But now, Huo Hua was talking to him like this, clearly looking down on him!

“Zhang Ye, don’t go too far!”

“I, Wan Zifeng, am just saying a fair word, what do you mean by that?”

Wan Zifeng said in a deep voice.

Huo Hua: “I don’t mean anything else.”

“I just want to say that what my nephew wants to do, I will definitely give him my full support!”

“So, today, either Qian Liangwen comes down and helps my nephew park.”

“Either that or, heck, this launch today, don’t even think about continuing!”

Wan Zifeng was furious: “Zhang Ye, who do you think you are?”

“I still have to let this launch go on today!”

Huo Hua laughed coldly, “Is that so?”

“You’ve made up your mind to back Qian Liangwen up?”

“Wan Zifeng, do you have the strength to do so?”

Wan Zifeng gritted his teeth and said, “Are you looking down on my Wan family?”

Huo Hua: “Wan Zifeng, if you’re capable, settle this matter yourself, don’t involve the Wan Family in everything!”

“If you really want to involve the Wan Family, then I have to ask you the same thing.”

“You, the Wan family, are you looking down on Master Xue Wu?”

Wan Zifeng: “You ……”

Huo Hua waved his hand, “You what you!”

“Wan Zifeng, if you want to stand up for the Qian family, use your strength to speak!”

“If you can last ten moves in my hands, I’ll let Qian Liangwen go, how about that?”

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