Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1600

As this man bellowed, the others stopped hiding and cursed.

“How dare you dare to talk nonsense here when you’re not even hairy?”

“Didn’t your parents teach you the meaning of quality? How dare you make such a rumour in front of the public?

“She’s quite pretty, but unfortunately she doesn’t speak with any sense of propriety, so I guess she’s lacking in upbringing. Why don’t I teach you alone when it’s over later, hahaha ……”

“Divine Doctor Qian, you don’t have to be common sense with this kind of person, I’ll help you get rid of her now!”

The crowd shouted continuously, and some even said obscene words, and some even gathered towards He Qianxue’s side.

Looking at that situation, as soon as Qian Yongan gave the order, these people would definitely join hands to throw He Qianxue out of this conference!

Lin Mo’s face was cold.

He Qianxue was still his friend, so he couldn’t bear it if these people insulted her like that!

If he looked at the people who were talking, most of them were businessmen who were in the medicinal herb business and wanted to become agents for Wan Chun Tang.

These people clearly wanted to curry favour with Qian Yong’an so that they could get the right to act as the agent for this Recycle Pill!

He Qianxue also ignored these people as she looked at Qian Yongan and said loudly, “Qian Yongan, as far as I know, Xu’s Pharmaceutical had already developed the Recycle Pill three months ago.”

“Not only that, at that time, a number of people had already become agents for Xu’s Pharmaceutical’s Recycle Pills.”

“In that case, this Rejuvenation Pill from Xu Pharmaceutical should have been developed a little earlier than Wan Chun Tang.”

“Yet, Wan Chun Tang has registered the patent for the Recycle Pill before anyone else.”

“I just want to ask, what is Wan Chun Tang’s explanation for this matter?”

Qian Yong’an’s face was chilled, He Qianxue had said such a thing in public, it would not have a small impact on Wanchun Hall’s reputation.

He gave He Qianxue a deep look and said aloud, “I have just made it very clear, my Wanchun Hall, more than ten years ago, had already started the research and development of this re-creation pill.”

“If we really want to talk about who was earlier, then I’m afraid that my Wanchun Hall, is much earlier than Xu’s Pharmaceutical!”

“Since that’s the case, what’s wrong with me, Wan Chun Tang, registering the patent for the Recycle Pill?”

He Qianxue exclaimed, “Qian Yongan, you’re completely stealing the concept.”

“I’m not talking about the question of who was earlier, although Wanchun Hall developed it earlier, but Wanchun Hall didn’t develop it successfully at that time.”

“The most crucial thing is who developed it first and succeeded, isn’t it?”

Qian Yong’an smiled lightly, “Girl, then how do you know, when exactly did my Wanchun Hall succeed in developing it?”

Saying that, Qian Yong’an directly stood up straight and said aloud, “My Wanchun Hall had already completed the research and development of the Reconstructing Pill half a year ago, and has been doing clinical tests since then.”

“Everyone is in the medical industry, so they should be well aware of some of the circumstances.”

“For some pharmaceutical companies, the end of the R&D work doesn’t mean that the drug will be completely marketable.”

“It’s the subsequent testing that is the most crucial.”

“And until the tests are completed, not announcing this drug development to the public is also a normal business secret, everyone should understand, right?”

The crowd below nodded their heads.

A man beside Yuan De pointed at He Qianxue and angrily scolded, “Surnamed He, stop it in moderation!”

“Xu Pharmaceutical’s research and development capabilities are nothing compared to Wan Chun Tang, do you think Xu Pharmaceutical can develop a miracle pill like the Recycle Pill?”

“I know that you have a complicated relationship with Lin Mo of Xu Pharmaceuticals, so you want to speak for him.”

“But we should at least act according to our conscience, right?”

“You’re having an affair with a married man, and now you’ve come here to slander Wanchun Hall, do you even have a bottom line?”

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