Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1613

Wan Chongshan also happened to be standing next to these agents, and looking at those figures on the screen, Wan couldn’t help but smile.

He looked at those agents and said with a smile, “Everyone, it looks like I made a bit more of the right choice after all.”

“It was really lucky that I didn’t break the contract with you guys at that time!”

“It’s just a pity for you guys, it was so hard to get the agency of Xu Pharmaceutical, you were able to make a big profit.”

“It turned out to be a good thing that such a good opportunity was ruined by yourselves.”

“Hey, people, once you make the wrong decision, there is no turning back!”

These were all the words that these agents had mocked Wan Chongshan with before.

Now, Wan Chongshan returned them intact, which sounded even more ridiculing.

However, these agents no longer had the heart to pay attention to Wan Chongshan now.

Everyone was looking at Yuan De in anger, after all, it was Yuan De who had led this matter!

Yuan De himself was on the verge of tears, he had never dreamed that after all his efforts, he would end up with such a result.

If he had known this, he should not have colluded with Wan Chun Tang.

If he had continued to work with Xu Pharmaceutical and seized this opportunity, Yuan De’s value would have increased tenfold!

However, now that things had come to this point, there was no point in regretting it anymore.

He had already fallen out with Xu Pharmaceuticals to this point, and it was impossible to turn back.

Looking at the angry eyes of the crowd, Yuan De also felt a little panic in his heart.

He could only try to remain calm and said in a low voice, “Everyone, take it easy.”

“This is just experimental data, it doesn’t mean anything.”

“Let’s see what Divine Doctor Qian has to say first.”

“Lin Mo is just a milquetoast brat, how can the drug he developed be comparable to Divine Doctor Qian?”

“Maybe, the data is all faked?”

“Besides, this is the launch of Wan Chun Tang, the ten major families in Su Province, they wouldn’t just sit back and do nothing!”

With these words, the crowd was finally put at ease a little.

The crowd looked at Qian Yong’an in unison, wanting to see how he would solve this matter.

Qian Yong’an’s eyes were also wide, filled with an incredulous expression.

He thought that after he had stolen the secret recipe from Xu Pharmaceutical and developed this Recycle Pill, he would be able to completely steal this miracle medicine.

But he had never dreamed that the medicine he had developed was far inferior to Xu’s Pharmaceutical’s Recycle Pill.

How could he accept the fact that he had worked for so long and ended up with a basket full of water?

He had originally planned to use this medicine to raise the Qian family’s status by another level, surpa*sing the Zhao family and becoming the true number one family in Suzhou Province.

At that time, with his merits and strength, he would definitely be able to become the head of the Qian family, and then he would be the veritable number one person in Su Province.

As a result, things have come to this point, and everything he has done has been in vain. The most crucial thing is that the heads of the ten families are eyeing him intently, putting all the blame on him.

You have to know that the ten families in the province of Suzhou have paid a huge price for this rebuilding pill.

If the development of the reconstructive pill was successful, naturally all would be happy and the financial power of the ten families of Su Province would be multiplied several times.

However, if it fails, the Ten Families will never get back what they paid for.

In such a situation, everyone naturally took their anger out on Qian Yongan.

If he could not solve this matter, then naturally the crowd would not let him go.

Qian Yong’an understood these circumstances very well in his heart, so he did not dare to hesitate.

He coughed and suddenly exclaimed, “Surnamed Lin, you have a lot of nerve!”

“As a company that develops drugs, it is just as well that you are not truthful, but now you dare to falsify these experimental data, have you eaten the heart of a bear and the guts of a leopard?”

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